As the brand-new year loomed end me, i got very early start on my resolution to rid myself that dry, dead skin, and also take better care of mine face. Ns tested out quite a few skincare devices over the course of one month that had been sent out to me because that review consideration — from ultrasonic infusers to battery-powered cleansing brushes — to view if they would certainly make a difference.

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At the finish of the month, only one product actually made the cut: Clarisonic Mia 2 Skin Cleansing System.

If you’re not acquainted with this bestselling product, I wanted to review it come see simply whether the spendy price tag was worth the splurge.

Is it? I think so. At least for several of you.

Here’s an ethical look at exactly how it functioned for me.

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The basics: exactly how it works

The Clarisonic Mia 2 uses “micro-massage” movement with the intent of cleaning her face far better and deeper 보다 that trusty washcloth — the best way to think of it is how an electrical toothbrush is an ext effective 보다 a traditional one.

You don’t press it hard into your skin or anything; just add the included gel cleanser, then let the device “glide” over your face, in your words, and it will carry out the work.

There’s a timer that beeps to indicate how long you have to stay in one face zone and when to switch — from her forehead to her cheeks, and so on. I chosen that this assisted me discover that I was actually rushing with my night time cleansing routine, leave behind a the majority of dirt and makeup in the process.

(Again, sort of like just how a timed electrical toothbrush cycle reminds friend that we all probably don’t brush lengthy enough.)

And it comes with sufficient to get you started — the maker itself, a sensitive brush head, a sample of their cleansing gel, a charger and travel situation — however not all the brush top you could want come use.

Evaluating the Clarisonic Mia 2 brush heads

Essentially you deserve to swap out the brush heads for different kinds that cleansing, i m sorry is likewise what provides this a spendier product; it offers you fairly a couple of uses.

After two straight days using the had radiance brush head (an exfoliator), my face admittedly felt slightly raw and still really dry. Certainly a concern. Yet turns the end a great dose of my favorite nighttime moisturizer from BeautyCounter plus some Hydrating confront Oil helped mine skin feel smooth by morning. (Disclaimer: I’m a BeautyCounter rep yet this stuff is absolutely amazing and I swear by it.)

So if you’re going to use the Clarisonic Mia 2 v this brush head, recognize that it will call for some extra moisturizing to counter the deep cleansing.

I quickly switched over to the cashmere clean high performance brush head instead and also turns out that’s the ideal option because that me for daily use. And also I’d imagine for many of us. Yet they execute offer a wide variety of brush top for specific concerns like acne, sensitive skin, and even men’s skin, the you can buy separate.

Now, I only use the radiance brush head for once-a-week exfoliation, and my skin is feeling great.

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So. Is it worth the splurge?

At $169 v Sephora, this is certainly an invest product. So best off the bat, you have to decide whether that is even in your spending plan or not. Additionally consider that you’re claimed to adjust brush top every 3 month or so, which price you about another $25-27 each with some discounts because that two-packs.

(I uncovered the ideal price ~ above the cashmere cleanse high power brush head on Amazon.)

I would say the you’re mainly satisfied with a super-quick cleansing routine, this an equipment probably isn’t the one for you. Not just because of the price, but the effort.

While the Clarisonic Mia 2 cleans foreheads, cheeks, and t-zones thoroughly, girlfriend still should take care of her eye area and removing her eye-makeup separately.

In fact, girlfriend aren’t an alleged to usage the brush on or near your eye at all — but I threw caution to the wind and also tried to rate things increase by removing my eye makeup with the softer cashmere head. Let’s simply say my experience should be a cautionary warning because that you not to carry out this! the didn’t occupational at all on remove my mascara.

Definitely stick through your old-school, low tech cotton ball and also eye-makeup remover for the step.

I likewise think it’s worth noting that I’m pretty picky about the ingredients i use in my skin care products, for this reason I lot prefer the products in my an individual stash over the cleansing commodities that come through the Clarisonic set. Having actually checked lock out, they’re ranked in the “moderate hazard” group on EWG’s Skin Deep database — and while we always caution readers to take it those ratings through a grain of salt, ns feel an ext comfortable discovering what’s walk on my skin is much more natural.

And yes, you have the right to use any kind of cleanser at all that you prefer with the Clarisonic Mia 2.

In all though, the machine itself functioned wonders ~ above me and yes, ns would absolutely recommend it to those the you ready to invest in stepping up her skincare routine.

Ultimately, I feel favor my skin is brighter, cleaner, and healthier due to the fact that I’ve been exfoliating regularly and also washing more deeply with these brushes. And from lots of reviews I’ve check out online, I see that many people have been using their brushes for years with good results.

Personally, I’ve been making use of Mia 2 for 3 months now and also beyond the as whole glow of mine skin appropriate now, the hormone acne breakouts i usually acquire with the come of my duration each month are gone.

That alone renders me a new fan.

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You have the right to find the Clarisonic Mia 2 brush set at our affiliate Sephora. Here’s come a fresh, new look in the brand-new year! Thanks come Clarisonic for sending us a sample set to try.