QUESTION: I enjoy your columns and had a follow-up inquiry to the tipping etiquette rules column. What is the rule on “buffet tipping?” My wife loves buffets (I don"t), and since all the server go is lug you drinks and refills, how much need to they it is in tipped?

One full-service restaurant we regular prints the suggested tip ~ above the bottom of the check, but rather 보다 being 15, 18, 20 percent, they have 18, 18, and 20 percent. I assume it is no a typo since it has actually been on the inspect for numerous years. We tip according to “what we can afford” and not “what is expected.” 15 percent is our lull zone. (From a reader who is 71 and also retired.)

CALLIE"S ANSWER: the is strange to have 18 percent printed twice ~ above the receipt. I think tipping 15 percent in your comfort zone is perfect fine and also a good tip.

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LILLIE-BETH"S ANSWER: This concern gets request a lot and also discussed regularly in various places, and I wonder regularly if I"m tipping too lot or not sufficient at buffet places. I likewise question what to leaving for advice at sit-down restaurants because that which I speak to in a to-go order and pick that up. The servers in ~ buffet places do an ext than you think castle do, yet not as lot as a single waiter assigned to her table who takes your order and also brings her food. And I"m not sure whether the world who bus her table and also replenish the food on buffets acquire paid prefer waiters (less than minimum wage from the restaurant with estimated tips calculate as component of your salary) or a constant wage.

The Emily write-up Institute, in ~, has actually a helpful tipping guide that suggests leaving 10 percent of the complete bill for buffet-style restaurants. That seems to it is in a an excellent starting point, but there is no damage in tipping more.

HELEN"S ANSWER: Tipping is a concern that keeps coming up, and it still relies on the level of organization provided.

When friend go with a line to get your food, either buffet or cafeteria, someone needs to either offer you, store your table clean or carry out the food to keep the buffet line stocked and also clean. Occasionally those world are not obvious to the public. If a lone server is just pouring water in your glass, ns don"t think that is the human being who it s okay a tip. As soon as you salary — and also if you include a portion to the bill — you could inquire as to who it s okay the tip?

Some human being tip 5 percent that the total bill because that a buffet and leave that on the table. Others could tip $1 per person. Some civilization never tip at a buffet as they feel favor they have actually waited on themselves by acquiring water and/or the food. Every little thing you decide to do, be sure the pointer goes to the human you think has actually helped girlfriend the most. Readers, what space your thoughts?

GUEST"S ANSWER: mar McReynolds, novelist: We pointer at 15 percent, buffet and otherwise, and gladly pay much more when service is exceptional.

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Sometimes you space lucky enough to have a truly impressive server through a good personality who anticipates and attends her every need. The is a full joy to offer that person a bonus for exemplary response and attitude.

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