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The respective height and weight of equine jockeys is crucial to their craft. Most jockeys sweet somewhere between 105 and 119 pounds. As soon as it comes to the Kentucky Derby, over there is a weight limit — every jockey need to not weigh an ext than 126 pounds. Follow to animal Planet, the weight consists of the jockey’s garb and equipment.

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Interestingly, there isn’t a maximum elevation requirement for a jockey, though many of them tend to it is in short. Most horse jockeys only stand about 5’3″ tall.

Below is a perform of the heights the the most renowned jockeys in the sport.

Victor Espinoza: 5’2″.John Velazquez: 5’6″.Javier Castellano: 4’11”.Julien Leparoux: 5’5″.Mike Smith: 5’4″.

2. A Jockey deserve to Earn an ext Than $100,000 every Year & Is vested 10 Percent that the Kentucky Derby Purse if His horse Wins

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Gunmetal Gray rallies from critical to first — moves to 4th on the road to #KyDerby Leaderboard. ?: Benoit Photo

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Horse jockeys earn relatively generous salaries. No all jockeys earn six figures yet most of them execute see roughly $100,000 come $200,000 per year.

And then there room some jockeys who collection the standard. The ideal in the company — specifically the ones you will see riding in the Kentucky Derby — have actually earned millions of dollars end the food of your careers.

Jockeys space paid a “mount fee” because that each gyeongju that lock enter. A typical mount fee could be as low as $40, but for the Kentucky Derby, that is usually over $500.

Some jockeys journey in much more than 1,000 races per year so, as you have the right to probably imagine, those mount fees add up.

In addition, horse jockeys knife money when the horses they space riding win. For the Kentucky Derby, because that example, jockeys the ride their equines to a top-five complete earn 10 percent of their horse’s full winnings.

Here is a look at the top 5 earning jockeys that 2019 therefore far, follow to Equibase. You will certainly see many of these males in today’s Derby.

1. Irad Ortiz, Jr.2. Haver Castellano3. Jose L. Ortiz4. Man R. Velazquez5. Louis Saez

3. A Jockeys Uniform Is recognized as a Silk & Is Both Colorful and also Aerodynamic


The colorful uniform a equine jockey attract is described as a silk or occasionally “colors.” as the name suggests, castle were originally made indigenous silk. According to, that’s no much longer the case.

“Today, much more durable and practical fabrics are provided instead. This two types of racing colors are known as traditional and also stretch. Timeless silks room made of nylon and stretch room made indigenous a swimsuit-type fabric. Most silks makers offer both,” the website’s FAQ reads.

Horse jockeys room often figured out by the shade or sample on their uniforms. The jockey attract the colors and patterns associated with the horse’s owner ~ above his silk and on his helmet. If he mounts a steed owned through a various person, he changes his silk.

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A jockey’s silk can cost upwards that $150.

4. Joel Rosario Is Riding video game Winner, a horse That’s Had fantastic Odds every Week