I’ve officially reserved my chest augmentation through Dr. Brooks, I’m yes, really looking forward to surgical procedure — one inquiry I forgot come ask throughout my early stage consultation was: how much will certainly my new breast implants weigh? The implants I made decision are 450 cc’s each.

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As you already know, chest implants room measured in cc’s. Usually the variety of cc’s is indistinguishable to the weight of the chest implant in grams.

Think of the this way: A 250 cc breast implant weighs 250 grams and also a 300 cc chest implant weighs 300 grams. Your 450 cc chest implants weigh 450 grams each.

450 grams = 1 pound.

You space going to have two 450 cc breast implants for this reason your full weight gain will it is in 2 pounds.

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Your breast implants will certainly feel entirely natural, we’ve never had actually a patience complain around neck, back or shoulder ache after chest implant surgery. Your brand-new implants will look natural and the weight get will feel organic as well.

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