When girlfriend don’t have actually an indict packet in ~ hand, making use of a coffee urn deserve to feel intimidating. Fortunately, most models are designed in a pretty simple way. If you follow this guide, you’ll know how to usage a coffee urn in no time. It’ll be no harder than making use of a timeless home coffee maker.

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Setting increase the Coffee Urn

First points first, set up her coffee urn ~ above a stable and also level surface. Everything surface she using demands to be solid enough to organize the load of the coffee machine once it’s full.

Then, open up the lid and remove the stem and also basket. You will pour the water straight into the urn and only climate reattach the stem and basket.

Preparing the Brew

Now comes the time to prepare the brew. You deserve to use both filtered water and also regular madness water. Just make certain you’re always using cold water, together coffee urns don’t run on warm or boiling water.

How plenty of Cups need to I Make?

We indicate making around 1.5 cups of coffee because that every person at your event. This permits room for seconds and also for guests not drinking coffee in ~ all.

Once you know how countless cups come brew, to fill the tank v water up to that line.

Coffee Grounds to Water Ratio

Now that you have water in the tank, ar the quantity of grounds you need on the basket.

For a solid brew, use 8 cup of soil coffee for every 100 cup of coffee you’re serving. Similarly:

24 cup = 2.25 cups of grounds30 cup = 2.75 cups of grounds36 cups = 3.25 cups of grounds40 cup = 3.5 cup of grounds60 cups = 5 cups of grounds80 cup = 6.5 cups of grounds

If she going because that a milder brew, 6.25 cup of grounds because that every 100 cups of coffee is your ideal bet.

Remember the you’ll require coarse grounds because that the impending process. Most filter baskets have slits too large for well or tool grinds. Usage a coffee grinder because that maximum freshness and flavor.

Once the soil coffee is in the basket, insert the stem into the tank and attach it to the basket.


Brewing Times

Each coffee machine is different, but most models have a impending time that one minute every cup. If you’re brewing 60 cups, because that example, start your percolator an hour prior to your event starts.

You’ll know when the coffee is done unavoidable when the indicator light turns on. The coffee urn will revolve itself off and just store your beverages at offer temperature.

Cleaning Up

Thankfully, clean up a large coffee maker isn’t also hard. Every you have to do is monitor the do’s and don’ts the cleanup.

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Safety Tips

Only plug in the coffee urn as soon as you’ve put the water and grounds inside.Don’t let the electrical cord hang off the leaf of a table, so regarding avoid accidents.Keep the coffee pot far from other electric appliances.Don’t touch the exterior of the percolator, together it will be really hot.Turn turn off the coffee urn once there are just a few cups the coffee remaining.Wait till the coffee pot is cool to take care of it.