Comparing Keg sizes & Types:

Below, we present a chart the compares eight common species of kegs, including just how much beer they hold, their in its entirety size, shape, dimensions, and their most usual uses and nicknames you might hear castle referred also as.

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Capacity (gal / oz)Cans / party (12oz)Pints (16oz)Height / WeightWidth (Diameter)
Mini Keg1.32 / 1691410.69⅞” / 13lbs.6¾”
Cornelius Keg5.0 / 640534023″ / 49lbs.9″
Sixth Barrel5.16 / 661564223⅜” / 58lbs.9¼”
Quarter Barrel7.75 / 992826213⅞” / 87lbs.16⅛”
Slim Quarter7.75 / 992826223⅜” / 87lbs.11⅛”
Half Barrel15.5 / 198416512423⅜” / 161lbs.16⅛”
Rubber Barrel7.75 / 992826213⅞” / 87lbs.17″
Beveled Barrel7.75 / 992826213⅞” / 87lbs.17″

Keg sizes Detailed:

While the compare chart above gives friend a quick way to compare different sizes of kegs against others, listed below we have actually gone into more detail on each form of keg.

Mini Keg:


Designed for mini barisalcity.orgs, this dimension keg only holds 5 liters the beer, or 169.07 ounces to be exact.

This is the perfect sized keg because that one-time usage and/or portable purposes. This may include watching the game with a couple of friends, weekend camping pilgrimage or a small dinner party through family. The downside of mini-kegs, is that you may have a hard time detect them with a details beer girlfriend want. Here’s a list of the most usual mini keg beers.

Nicknames: Bubba KegCommon Uses: One-time Use, Portable ApplicationsDimensions: 9⅞” x 6¾”Capacity: 1.32 gallons / 169 ounces

Cornelius Keg:


Commonly supplied by homebrewers together an different to bottling their beer, Cornelius kegs were originally developed by the soft drink industry.

While Pepsi and also Coca-Cola both have actually uses because that them, they have grown in popularity by those the brew their very own beer or soda native home. Castle are simple to fill up and also clean.

There space two types of connectors the are obtainable for the Cornelius keg, consisting of ball-lock and pin-lock. Both have different connectors the you would need to end up being familiar with.

Nicknames: Corny Keg, Homebrew Keg, Soda KegCommon Uses: home Brewing, Wine, Coffee, KombuchaDimensions: 23″ x 9″Capacity: 5.0 gallons / 640 ounces

Sixth Barrel Keg:


Commonly offered for personal use in dual or triple-tap barisalcity.orgs, the 6th barrel is approximately the same size as the Corny Keg, simply slightly larger. This smaller sized sized keg functions similar to their larger counterparts through the only distinction being that it holds less beer than other species of kegs.

This dimension keg is additionally a good choice because that restaurants and/or bars that have little space, but want to have a huge variety that beer obtainable for customers.

Nicknames: Sixtel, Torpedo, LogCommon Uses: Dual-Tap barisalcity.orgs, home Brewing, separation, personal, instance UseDimensions: 23⅜” x 9¼”Capacity: 5.16 gallons / 661 ounces

Quarter Barrel Keg:


Short and also stubby in size, the quarter barrel keg is the same width (16⅛”) as a full barrel, yet roughly 10″ shorter in regards to height.

Commonly referred to as a “Pony Keg” or a “Stubby Keg,” this famous keg dimension will hold the identical of sixty-two pints or eighty-two bottles turn off beer.

Nicknames: Pony Keg, Stubby QuarterCommon Uses: tiny PartiesDimensions: 16⅛” x 13⅞”Capacity: 7.75 gallons / 992 ounces

Slim 4 minutes 1 Keg:


The Slim quarter holds the exact same lot of beer as the abovementioned Quarter barrel, however, the over shape and size each other the sixth barrel keg. This variation in size provides it a popular an option for anyone through a dual-tap

With a tall and skinny build, the Slim quarter is the same height as the 6th barrel, yet has a slightly bigger width. This extra width permits it to host an extra 2 gallons, which equates to an extra 27.5 bottles of beer.

Nicknames: tall Quarter, The SlimCommon Uses: Dual-Tap barisalcity.orgs; little PartiesDimensions: 11⅛” x 23⅜”Capacity: 7.75 gallons / 992 ounces

Half Barrel Keg:

When girlfriend think of your median beer keg, the half barrel dimension is more than likely what comes right into your mind. Undoubtedly, you’ve most likely seen this dimension keg at a party or big event.

This full size keg is the biggest that is accessible to you, and what is commonly used in bars and restaurants throughout the world. Most house barisalcity.orgs will certainly fit this size keg, however, the smaller sized versions space typically an ext popular amongst craft beer drinkers.

Nicknames: full Size Keg, Barrel of Beer, full KegCommon Uses: residence Bar, large Events, Business, Frat PartiesDimensions: 16⅛” x 23⅜”Capacity: 15.5 gallons / 1984 ounces


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The exact same goes for any other concerns you may have about the shape or dimension of kegs?

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Jeff, I just purchased quick affix so I have the right to switch readily between cornies and also conventional halves and quarters. Unfortunatlely my tall 1/4 the Yeungling is as well tall for the with the rapid connect. Space their shorter quick connects that might solve mine problem? other suggestions? thanks!

Thanks because that this list of various sized kegs. An extremely handy. I constantly thought that there was only one size. The full barrell.

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Your replies are old which leads me to think you no much longer supply kegs yet I’m asking anyway. I’m having no luck finding a keg of any kind of kind to share my kegarator. Can you direct me ? every the liquor shop in mine area no much longer supply any kind of kegs .

I have a 16 th barrell If i mount o2 on outside shouldn’t I be able to go through a bigger keg.looking in ~ keg dimensions I need to be maybe to.any aid would it is in appreciated

With the holiday rapid approaching we desire the exhilaration of drinking ice cold nectar indigenous a keg for maximus festivas