Where to offer a Pure cream color Pool ball Set?

My parents simply recently provided me a collection of pure cream color billiard balls from earlier when my good grandfather had a swimming pool hall. It has the whole set except because that the 12 ball, i m sorry is missing, and also it is also accompanied by a pair of snooker balls.

I"m do the efforts to offer them because, sadly, we require the money ideal now more then we need these.

Can anyone allude me in a direction of how I deserve to sell them because that a same price? who would it is in interested in purchase them?



Where to market a Pure cream color Pool ball Set?

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JWilsonTL - pretty find. Have the right to you email me with some bigger and much more detailed photos? I might be interested in purchasing the collection from you relying on what details you deserve to provide.

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In GENERAL, ivory sets sell for almost everywhere from $50 and also can operation up right into the hundreds of dollars, depending largely on:

Condition of the balls us (this is an initial and foremost in determining the value)Completeness that the repertoire (is over there an origianl box, etc. An ext details on this below)the sustaining story/documents/details (more ~ above this below).

There space still a many these sets the end there, but since they room ivory, they are obviously coming to be slowly more tough to uncover in mint condition. Generally I price points out utilizing eBay, yet you can"t sell these on eBay due to the fact that they have banned the revenue of assets made from ivory.

Is there any type of other information you can provide about the collection of cream color billiard balls friend inherited? for example, if girlfriend can administer any or all of the adhering to details, it would aid us come negotiate a same price for the set of ivory billiard balls:

What is the time duration in i m sorry the balls would have actually been supplied (e.g. Once did your good grandfather open for business? once did the close his doors?)?Where was his swimming pool hall located?Where walk he source his equipment? to be it bought locally (North America) or from over-seas?Do the balls come through an origina box, packaging, or any kind of other identifying material?Any other detail you can provide would help.

With this things, component of the worth lies in the story around the antique item, and how fine you can back that story up. For example, would certainly there be any kind of newspaper clippings pointing out or illustrating your an excellent grandfathers swimming pool hall? Something prefer that could double the value.

Here is a snapshot of a collection of ivory pool balls that would certainly be thought about in perfect condition with an initial box.

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Sets like these garner the highest end of the prices. A set like this would most likely go because that anywhere between $40,000 to over $100,000 depending on the earlier story, documentation, and also current market.