Danielle Steel network Worth: danielle Steel is a prolific American novelist who has actually a network worth of $400 million. As of this writing, steel is the author of more than 180 books and is the world"s bestselling writer with sales of an ext than 800 million copies. She is ideal known for she romance novels, such as "The Promise" (1979), "Once in a Lifetime" (1982), and also "Until the finish of Time" (2013), however she has likewise published poetry publications and picture books as well as the children"s "Max & Martha" and "Freddie" series. Danielle"s books have been analyzed into dozens the languages, and more than 20 of her novels have actually been adjusted into films or miniseries. In 1989, she was featured in the "Guinness publication of human being Records after among her books spent 381 consecutive weeks on "The brand-new York Times" Bestseller List.

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Early Life: danielle Steel was born danielle Fernandes Dominique Schuelein-Steel on august 14, 1947, in new York, brand-new York. She thrived up with a Portuguese mother, Norma, and a German father, John, and spent a an excellent deal of she youth in France, wherein she regularly attended she parents" lavish dinner parties v the rich and famous. John was a descendant of Joseph Schülein, the owner the Löwenbräu beer, and Norma was the daughter of Portuguese diplomat Gil da Camara stone dos Reis. John and also Norma divorced as soon as Danielle was 8 years old, and also she rarely saw her mother after that. Steel was elevated by she father in new York, and she i graduated from the Lycée Français de brand-new York, in 1965. She attended in ~ Parsons college of style and brand-new York University, studying fashion design and also literature design, yet she dropped the end after experiencing a few health scares.

Danielle began writing stories when she to be a child and also started composing poetry as a teenager. She created her very first manuscript at period 19 if attending NYU and adjusting to married life, and after her an initial child was born, Steel obtained a project at Supergirls, a brand-new York advertising agency. Among Supergirls" client was john Mack Carter, the editor of "Ladies" home Journal," and also he motivated Danielle to create a book. In the at an early stage 1970s, she take it a copywriting job at mountain Francisco"s Grey proclaiming Agency, and in 1973, she published her an initial novel, "Going Home."

Career: ~ the publishing of "Going Home," Steel"s next couple of manuscripts to be rejected, yet by the end of the decade, she would certainly publish five more novels: "Passion"s Promise" (1977), "Now and Forever" (1978), "The Promise" (1978), "Season the Passion" (1979), and also "Summer"s End" (1979). "The Promise" was the an initial Steel novel come be adjusted into a film; it was released in 1979 and also starred catalen Quinlan and Stephen Collins. In the 1980s, Danielle released 20 novels, including "A Perfect Stranger" (1983), "Wanderlust" (1986), and "Daddy" (1989), and the non-fiction publications "Love: Poems" (1984) and "Having a Baby" (1984). In 1989, stole released the an initial six publications in the "Max & Martha" series. Twenty of she novels were adapted into movies or miniseries in the 1990s, and also "Jewels" (1992) earned gold Globe nominations for finest Miniseries or Motion picture Made for Television and also Best performance by an actor in a Miniseries or Motion photo Made for television (Anthony Andrews). The decade, 12 that Danielle"s novels reached #1 on "The brand-new York Times" Bestseller List," and also she released the four publications in she "Freddie" series in 1992.

Since 2000, Steel has actually published an ext than 70 novels, and also she released the non-fiction books "A Gift that Hope: helping the Homeless" (2012), "Pure Joy: The Dogs us Love" (2013), and "Expect a Miracle" (2020) and also the picture books "The happiest Hippo in the World" (2009), "Pretty Minnie in Paris" (2014), and also "Pretty Minnie in Hollywood" (2016). In 2013, she released the album "Love Notes," which consists of 10 tracks the were written by stole (with aid from three French composers). Daniel has dubbed the album "a team effort amongst me, the 3 composers, 4 arrangers, 7 musicians, and two singers," and four the the tracks room in French. In 2020, Steel released six novels – "Moral Compass," "The numbers Game," "The Wedding Dress," "Daddy"s Girls," "Royal," and "All that Glitters" – and "Neighbors," "The Affair," "Finding Ashley," "Nine Lives," and also "Complications" are collection to be exit in 2021.

Personal Life: Danielle has been married and also divorced 5 times. She to be married come banker Claude-Eric Lazard indigenous 1965 to 1974, and also they had daughter Beatrix in 1968. In 1972, steel met bank robber Danny Zugelder when she saw Lompoc Correctional academy in 1972 come interview a friend who was incarcerated there. He moved in v Danielle after gift paroled in 1973, yet he to be arrested again in 1974 and convicted of robbery and also sexual assault. Steel and also Zugelder wed in the Vacaville state penitentiary"s inmate canteen in 1975. They divorced in 1978, and the work after their divorce to be finalized, she wed heroin addict william Toth. Danielle met Toth as soon as she hired his moving company, and she was eight month pregnant with their son, Nick, when they married. The pair divorced in 1981, and also sadly, 19-year-old Nick passed away by self-destruction in September 1997. The complying with year, Steel released the publication "His shining Light: The Story that Nick Traina," which focused on Nick"s battles with drugs and also mental illness, and also she donated the proceeds to she charitable organization, the Nick Traina Foundation.

In 1981, daniel married vintner john Traina, and they had actually five youngsters together: Samantha (born in 1982), Victoria (born in 1983), Vanessa (born in 1984), Maximilian (born in 1986), and also Zara (born in 1987). Traina formally embraced Nick, and also Danielle was stepmother to John"s sons, Trevor and also Todd. Steel and Traina divorced in 1996, and also two years later, she married financier cutting board J. Perkins, however they break-up up in 2002. In 2003, Danielle opened a san Francisco art gallery, steel Gallery, and after it closed in 2007, she curated reflects for the Andrea Schwartz Gallery.

Awards and Honors: stole was inducted right into the California hall of reputation in 2009, and also the French government named she an Officier of the Ordre des arts et des Lettres in 2002. That year, "The Kiss" won a Lucien Barrière literature Award in ~ the Deauville film Festival. Danielle has been honored for she charity work countless times, and also in may 2009, she became the first non-physician to it is in awarded the "Distinguished service in Mental health and wellness Award" from brand-new York Presbyterian Hospital. The American Psychiatric Association likewise honored Steel with a "Distinguished business Award," and she received an "Outstanding success Award" native the California Psychiatric Association and a "Service come Youth Award" indigenous St. Mary"s medical Center and the university of san Francisco Catholic Youth Organization.

Real Estate: In respectable 2014, Danielle placed her almost 3,500 square foot Stinson Beach, California, house on the sector for $8.995 million. The 4-bedroom fully-furnished home sold for $8 million in November of the year. In 2012, Steel sold a 3,000 square foot Stinson Beach residence for $2.579 million, much much less than the $6.5 million she paid for it in 2002. Danielle likewise owns a house in Paris and the 55-room Spreckels Mansion in mountain Francisco. The Spreckles mansion is perhaps worth $50+ million if the ever concerned market.

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Danielle Steel

Net Worth:$400 Million
Date the Birth:Aug 14, 1947 (74 years old)
Height:5 ft 1 in (1.57 m)
Profession:Novelist, Writer, Author
Nationality:United claims of America

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