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English Words

What are the English native which finish in -dous?The words room Tremendous, horrendous, stupendous and also hazardous. There is also the rarely zoological native annelidous.Related Links:•How numerous is a Billion? •How do you describe a human who does no eat meat, yet eats fish? •What is the word for an separation, personal, instance of arbitrary sex here? •Besides Angry and also Hungry, what is other English word the ends in -gry? •Are there any type of Words v 5 collection in any type of order v no intervening...?•I have read the the longest native is 1,909 letter long. Is this true? •Is Bookkeeper the only word v 3 consecutive repetitive letters?•Is over there a word because that a baby Hedgehog?•Is there a term because that the study of Love?•Is Deliverables a genuine word?•Are there any kind of words that only exist in the plural Form?•Are there any Word include the very same letter three times in a row?•Are there any type of words that Rhyme with Orange?•Are over there words the contain The Letter Q there is no a U complying with it?•Does Bimonthly mean twice a month or every two months?•What is the feminine tantamount of Brethren?•The surname for a sentence that includes All 26 letters of the alphabet:•What space the Commonest English Words?•What is the third Word finishing in -shion except cushion and also fashion?•Is over there a word prefer Siblings for nephews and nieces collectively?•Is over there a native which defines the are afraid of Friday the 13th?•What is the collective term because that a group of Cats?•What is the feminine equivalent of a Misogynist?•What is the difference between Street and Road? •What is the Longest English native containing no letter an ext than once?•What is the Frequency of letter of the alphabet in English?•Name the the common practice of creating A Word with 2 capital Letters?•What comes after Primary, Secondary, Tertiary?•What is the feminine identical of Fraternal?•Is there an Eight Letter Word with 5 vowels in a row?•What room the English native which end in -dous?•What is the Longest indigenous in the dictionary?•What comes after once, twice, thrice?•What is the longest one-syllable English word?•What is the term offered for a Prompt•Name for a brand-new Word coined through combining parts of present words?•What is the surname for a indigenous that has actually Two opposing Meanings?•What is words for a fear Of?•What is opposing of Uxorious?•What is the contrary of Nocturnal?•What is the opposite of Juvenilia?•What is the contrary of Hibernation?•What is the opposite of Exceed?•The only Word in the English the ends through the letter -mt?•What native in English containing 2 U’s in a row?•What word has the 5 vowels in the ideal order? •The word because that a word with much more meanings based upon it"s pronunciation?•Unisex refer to something to perform with both sexes, not just one sex.

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Why?•What is the word for human being Who Collect?•What is words for a native which is one more word spelt backwards?•The Word for words which sound favor they are e.g. Slush, slimy, etc.?•The native that explains when 2 words that average the the contrary of each other are inserted together?