Conversions from HPs to Watts and also vice versa room often compelled when taking care of batteries and also marine/automotive applications, yet may bring about errors, because there room several definitions of steed Power (HP) and also the quantity of power that the represents.

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Here is the list of the many popular and also most commonly used steed Power (HP) definitions and their indistinguishable values given in Watts.

Published: February 24, 2021.


Horse strength (HP) Names and also Definitions

Since horses were provided for eras for miscellaneous tasks, with the innovation of the steam engine, electric motor, internal burning engines, etc. It was compelled to find the means how come compare functioning abilities of equines with the functioning abilities of new engines.

And horse Power (HP) was born. And also as constantly in life, numerous versions, regularly very comparable started to be used, bring about confusion and sometimes errors.

Here are the surname of the most typical HPs and their worths (alphabetic order):

- air Horsepower: hp = 745.69987 W,

- Boiler Horsepower: hp(S) = 9812.5 W,

- electrical Horsepower: hp(E) = 746 W,

- Hydraulic Horsepower: hp = 745.69987 W

- mechanical Horsepower: hp(I) = 745.69987 W,

- Metric Horsepower: hp(M) = 735.49875 W.

As one deserve to see, many HPs are around 745.69987 W and thus, electrical horsepower is defined as being:

1 HP = 746 watts

Also, this means that 1 kW equates to to:

1 kW = 1.3404825 HP

or, 1 W amounts to to:

1 W = 0.0013404825 HP

For example, Mighty Max ML75-12 SLA AGM battery functions 60 minutes constant power discharge worth of 586.2 watts, discharged down to 9.6 volts, which equates to to:

P = 586.2 watts = 586.2/746 = 0.78579 HP

Long Story Short: here is the perform of common HP values converted into watts:

- 1 HP to watts - 746 watts,

- 1.5 HP to watts - 1119 watts,

- 2 HP to watts - 1492 watts,

- 5 HP to watt - 3730 watts,

- 10 HP to watts - 7460 watts, or 7.46 kW,

- 100 HP to watts - 74600 watts, or 74.6 kW.

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Also, here is the list of most usual wattage values converted right into the HPs:

- 100 watt to HP - 0.134 HP,

- 500 watt to HP - 0.67 HP,

- 1000 watt to HP - 1.34 HP,

- 1200 watt to HP - 1.608 HP,

- 2000 watt to HP - 2.6809 HP, etc.

Conversion between HPs and Watts is simple, simply be sure to psychic the formulas: