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On Thursday night, alphabet meteorologist Jerry Taft died at period 77. That is survived by his wife, Shana, and his 4 children: Skylar, Storm, Dana, and Jay.

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Taft functioned for ABC7 for 33 years prior to retiring in January 2018. Alphabet reports the he passed far peacefully, surrounding by household members.

Read on come learn an ext about Taft’s family.

1. His son Graduated native the college of Chicago in 2019

In June 2019, Taft congratulated his son, Storm, on Twitter, after he i graduated from the college of Chicago.

According to an article about Storm from the Chicago newspaper Moda, he studied Economics and also Cinema and also Media research studies at school.

In the article, Storm wrote, “If girlfriend think you’ve viewed me roughly somewhere, it was more than likely at the Reg. And…the inquiry that’s top top everyone’s mind… yes, my genuine name is Storm and, yes, my surname is Storm, since my dad is a weatherman. *cue the puns*.”

Until might 2020, Storm functioned as a freelance production accountancy clerk in ~ Sony pictures Entertainment in Los Angeles, follow to his LinkedIn.

2. Skylar Mourned her Father’s loss on facebook Friday Morning

On Friday morning, Skylar created an emotional post in honor of her late father.

“Dear Dad, Words cannot even start to express just how much I’m walking to miss you. I’m so happy to have actually been her daughter. Girlfriend filled every room with love and laughter. You were the most amazing dad and I understand you’re going to be an amazing guardian angel. Ns love girlfriend so much. RIP. Love Skylar”

According come Skylar’s facebook page, she studied accounting at Loyola university Chicago.

Skylar’s LinkedIn mirrors she currently works at peak Nosh Hospitality together the director of Marketing. Before that, she worked at HiFi Social as a Business breakthrough Associate and Event Planner.

Her LinkedIn bio reads, “I to be an experienced marketing professional that has actually been recognized for mine meticulous fist to detail and also my eagerness to find out on all levels. V leadership and professional experience, I have learned the commitment and dedication that takes to hold my work-related to the highest standard. Ns am passionate to use my prior experience to command my peers and also further the successes of mine future endeavors.”

3. Dana Is a hot Yoga Studio Owner

According to the Illinois Patch, the Chicago weatherman attended Georgia technology for one year before joining the U.S. Air force as a radar technician.

He climate studied in ~ Wartburg College prior to being embraced into the Airman Education and also Commissioning Program, and also he eventually went come the university of Wisconsin-Madison.

He married his high college girlfriend and also together, they had actually their an initial child. The outlet quoted Taft together saying, “My first year the end of high college was pretty rough,” Taft said. “I was undisciplined, and also didn’t have anyone to point me in the right direction.”

Eventually, Taft became a pilot and spent a year in Vietnam.

5. Taft and also His Wife relocated to Florida ~ His Retirement

First day together Uber driver. Not full day. Love not having a boss.

— jerrytaft (

After his retirement, Taft moved to Florida, where he began a career as an Uber driver.

In a Tweet, he created that he made simply under $85 in his first five hrs on the job.

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When he spoke to ABC7, Taft described Uber as a way to obtain out and also talk come people in between rounds of golf.