many Dancehall fans have questioned exactly how Vybz Kartel, that has been in prison ~ above a killing conviction because 2011, continues to record and also release new music. By this time tomorrow, he will have actually released 2 full-length albums within six months, To Tanesha (January 10) and Of Dons & Divas (June 26). By‘s count, the has additionally released an additional 25 independent singles due to the fact that the start of the year.

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In an interview v Billboard magazine today, the King the The Dancehall to be asked to reveal how he create his magic indigenous behind bars. While the did no reveal specifically how he was able to document 18 tracks for Of Dons & Divas, he had something come say about the speculation.

“Many civilization say correctly! VYBZ IS record IN PRISON!! however where’s the proof? however this is Jamaica wherein you don’t need proof come imprison someone. For the record, I’m not authorized come answer together ‘above salary grade’ concerns so ok say, ‘a tree dropped in the forest and also no one was there come hear it,” Kartel said.

Vybz Kartel

Jamaican prison authorities have constantly denied giving Vybz Kartel special privileges to make music native prison. Kartel has also insisted the the product used to produce his songs to be from unused music archives he had actually made before he was sentenced to life in prison. That told the roll Stones in 2016, “I’ve constantly been a prolific songwriter, and also I document at breakneck rate as well, for this reason I have actually a lot of surplus material to choose from.”

While there could be some truth to that, it doesn’t define the use of contemporary lyrics in several of his songs.

When To Tanesha was released earlier this year, inquiries arose around Kartel’s privileges within prison from Jamaican singer Diana King.

King, who is ideal known for the hit solitary Shy Guy, stated that convicted artistes like Kartel, Ninjaman, and also the currently released Jah Cure should not be given the possibility to relax music from jail. King asked her Twitter followers just how they felt about the issue, saying, “How execute u all do it? Is it because it no u that was raped or your luved one killed?” The backlash indigenous Kartel fans to be immediate.

There space radio stations with recording infrastructure at both that the island’s main correctional centers (Tower Street and St Catherine), as component of a “Rehabilitation v Music” program, according to the Jamaica Observer.

Working through music producer Mikie Bennett, Jah Cure was a poster-child the that program which began as a means to bridge the gap between the police and also the inner-city communities.

Bennett, that taught Kartel in ~ Tutorial university in Kingston, has said the the singer has not been a participant in the program, “by his very own choice.” The program, which supposedly requires inmates to present remorse for the crime they have committed, is most likely a non-starter because that Kartel uneven prison rules change since he has actually maintained his innocence all with the trial and also a failure appeal.

The Worl’ boss is confident his conviction will be squashed in a final bid in ~ the UK Privy Council, long before he is reserved for parole in 2046. Until then, he really hopes to proceed producing not only lovable music yet music the highlights the problems faced by the poor.

“Reggae and also dancehall music have constantly brought awareness come the plight the the poor, but the truth is, just how much more awareness carry out we need? Music has burned as much light as it can on social injustices. Angry doesn’t sleep for this reason the great messenger can not rest, either. The message must be broadcasted but I think music is overrated in the lot of readjust it have the right to bring; we gotta gain up and go execute if we want som’n tangible.”

Kartel states that has kept him urged to keep creating the numerous dancehall monitor released due to the fact that his incarceration.

On the an enig to his ongoing dominance that Dancehall, he states it’s “like the Colonel’s recipe”

“The true mystery to success is commitment, difficult work, smart work, self-analysis and also most important, humility,” the singer continued.

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He added, “Once I challenge a riddim (rhythm track), I’m not worldboss, simply a guy with a pen, paper, and a track. Various other artists are working hard, so i think it’s just the formula.”

“A winning formula never really changes, it just gets wider, much more ‘depthy’ so it’s Kartel in his usual vybz. This album has much more features than the new S class Benz, a new generation that dons and divas,” the told Billboard magazine.