Bowling is a sports that calls for incredible finesse and also ultimate skill to master. If you are interested in becoming a agree in this art, friend will need to start from the basics. And for that us are right here to assist you out.

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A bowling term you must have actually heard before in Turkey. But you can be wondering, what is a Turkey in bowling? Well, the is what i am right here to tell you.In this article, ns am going come familiarize you with the concept of a turkey is bowling. Ns will administer you with info on just how to Score a turkey and also how much a turkey is worth and also other info you need to know around to rise your video game knowledge. So, sit back, relax and also read this short article till the end.


Turkey in Bowling

Turkey means to bowl three strikes in a row. You space going to have to knock all the 10 pins in 3 consecutive shots to score a turkey in a solitary frame of ten-pin bowling.Sounds impossible, right? Well, the happens; the expert bowlers space so good at the game that they occasionally score continuous turkeys in a game. And also you deserve to do the too.

How to Score a Turkey?

If you space looking to overcome the bowling alley with your friends, you room surely walk to want to score a turkey in the game. Let united state look at just how you can get a turkey.

You space going to want to knock every the 10 pins in the an initial shot the a details frame.After a strike, you space going to acquire two more shots before the score that that structure is on the board.Scoring an additional strike on the next shot will rise your opportunities of getting a turkey.In the last shot of the frame, you are going to want to knock every the pins again to score a turkey successfully.The score the that framework is walk to be 30, which is the score you acquire from a turkey.

How much is a turkey precious in bowling?

Well, what sort of scoring problems are you going to watch if friend score a turkey in your 10-pin bowling game.Let united state look at all the various scoring conditions available.

Perfect Game

Getting a perfect game in a round of ten-pin bowling is as difficult as it sounds. It needs perfection that the craft, skill, dedication, intense focus, and amazing technique.The first-ever ten-pin perfect game was videotaped in 2007, even though the sport has actually been about for an ext than a century.To score a perfect game, you are going to need 300 points, i beg your pardon is the maximum friend can obtain in a game of ten-pin bowling. It seems impossible, but it is almost achievable.

Turkeys play an important role in a perfect game. You space going to have to score turkeys in every the frames of the game, which means 30 in each framework to get 300 in 10 frames.

Normal Game

You are not going to start as a pro, and also that is alright. Let us look in ~ a much more reasonable score. A turkey, an open frame, and a spare, which is much much more common than you might think.If you gain a turkey, her score in that frame will it is in 30, yet in the following shot, friend knock a few pins only, climate in that frame, you room going to acquire the initial strike, the following strike, and the few pins in the score that the following frame.If friend knock out the remaining pins in the next shot, you room going to obtain the previous strike, and also the 10 pins knocked in the spare in the existing frame. This is just how the scoring functions within the domain names of a normal video game in ten-pin bowling.


A turkey in bowling is the dream of countless beginners and also intermediate players. Yet every sport needs practice and also knowledge to it is in perfected. And that is what you are going to have to do in the situation of ten-pin bowling as well.Getting a turkey is an remarkable feeling and a emotion that you have the right to live increase to. Ns have defined everything you should know about turkey in bowling, for this reason the next time you go bowling with your love ones, you are going to have actually an enjoyable time if performing an excellent because of your huge bowling knowledge.

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