Consider the adhering to question that has been asked in ~ actual Google task interviews: how much walk the empire State building weigh? Now, there is no correct answer come this inquiry in any type of practical sense due to the fact that no one knows the answer. Google no interested in the answer, though; castle interested in the process.

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One the the most important tools in critical thinking around numbers is to provide yourself permission to generate wrong answers come mathematical troubles you encounter. Deliberately not correct answers!

Engineers and scientists do it all the time, for this reason there’s no reason we shouldn’t every be permit in on their small secret: the art of approximating, or the “back the the napkin” calculation. Together the brothers writer Saki wrote, “a small bit the inaccuracy conserves a good deal of explanation.”

For end a decade, when Google performed job interviews, you will do it ask your applicants questions that have no answers. Google is a agency whose very existence relies on innovation—on inventing things that are brand-new and no exist before, and on refining currently ideas and technologies to permit consumers to do things castle couldn’t execute before.

Contrast this with how most providers conduct project interviews: In the skills part of the interview, the firm wants to know if you have the right to actually do the points that they need doing.

But Google doesn’t also know what an abilities they need new employees come have. What they need to understand is even if it is an employee have the right to think his method through a problem.

Of Piano Tuners and Skyscrapers

Consider the following question that has actually been asked at actual Google project interviews: how much walk the empire State building weigh?

Now, there is no exactly answer come this question in any practical sense due to the fact that no one to know the answer. Google no interested in the answer, though; they’re interested in the process. They want to check out a reasoned, rational method of approaching the difficulty to give them understanding into just how an applicant’s mind works, how organized a thinker she is.


Excerpted from

The organized Mind: Thinking straight in the age of details Overload

There are four typical responses come the problem. People throw up their hands and also say “that’s impossible” or they shot to look up the price somewhere.

The 3rd response? questioning for more information. By “weight the the empire State Building,” execute you average with or without furniture? carry out I count the world in it? however questions favor this room a distraction. Lock don’t bring you any kind of closer to solving the problem; they just postpone gift able to begin it.

The fourth an answer is the exactly one, making use of approximating, or what some human being call guesstimating. These species of problems are likewise called estimation problems or Fermi problems, after the physicist Enrico Fermi, who was renowned for gift able come make estimates with small or no really data, for concerns that seemed difficult to answer. Approximating involves making a series of educated guesses systematically through partitioning the difficulty into controlled chunks, identify assumptions, and then making use of your basic knowledge that the people to fill in the blanks.

How would certainly you deal with the Fermi trouble of “How plenty of piano tuners room there in Chicago?”

Where to begin? just like many Fermi problems, the often advantageous to estimate some intermediate quantity, no the one you’re being asked to estimate, yet something that will assist you get where you desire to go. In this case, it can be simpler to begin with the number of pianos the you think room in Chicago and then number out how many tuners it would certainly take to store them in tune.

There is one infinity of ways one could solve the problem, yet the last number is no the point—the thought process, the set of assumptions and deliberations, is the answer.

In any type of Fermi problem, we an initial lay the end what it is we should know, then list part assumptions:

1. How frequently pianos are tuned2. How long the takes to tune a piano3. How countless hours a year the median piano tuner works4. The number of pianos in Chicago

Knowing this will help you come at an answer. If you understand how frequently pianos space tuned and how lengthy it bring away to song a piano, you understand how countless hours space spent tuning one piano. Then you multiply that by the variety of pianos in Chicago to find out how many hours are spent annually tuning Chicago’s pianos. Division this by the number of hours every tuner works, and you have actually the number of tuners.

Assumption 1: The typical piano owner melody his piano as soon as a year.

Where did this number come from? i made that up! however that’s what friend do when you’re approximating. It’s certainly within an stimulate of magnitude: The typical piano owner no tuning just one time every ten years, nor ten time a year. One time a year seems favor a reasonable guesstimate.

Assumption 2: that takes 2 hrs to track a piano. A guess. Probably it’s just 1 hour, but 2 is within an order of magnitude, for this reason it’s great enough.

Assumption 3: How numerous hours a year does the typical piano tuner work? let’s assume 40 hours a week, and that the tuner take away 2 weeks’ holidays every year: 40 hours a week x 50 mainly is a 2,000-hour work year. Piano tuners travel to your jobs—people don’t bring their pianos in—so the piano tuner might spend 10 percent–20 percent that his or her time obtaining from home to house. Keep this in mind and take it off the estimate at the end.

Assumption 4: To calculation the number of pianos in Chicago, you could guess that 1 out of 100 world have a piano—again, a wild guess, but probably within an stimulate of magnitude. In addition, there are schools and also other establishments with pianos, plenty of of them with multiple pianos. This estimate is trickier to basic on facts, but assume that as soon as these are factored in, they about equal the number of private pianos, because that a full of 2 pianos because that every 100 people.

Now to estimate the number of people in Chicago. If friend don’t know the answer come this, you might know that it is the third-largest city in the United states after new York (8 million) and Los Angeles (4 million). You might guess 2.5 million, an interpretation that 25,000 people have pianos. We chose to double this number come account because that institutional pianos, therefore the result is 50,000 pianos.

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So, below are the assorted estimates:1. There space 2.5 million civilization in Chicago.2. There are 2 pianos for every 100 people.3. There room 50,000 pianos in Chicago.4. Pianos are tuned as soon as a year.5. The takes 2 hrs to song a piano.6. Piano tuners work 2,000 hours a year.7. In one year, a piano tuner can tune 1,000 pianos (2,000 hours per year ÷ 2 hrs per piano).8. It would take 50 tuners to tune 50,000 pianos (50,000 pianos ÷ 1,000 pianos tuned by each piano tuner).9. Add 15 percent to that number to account for take trip time, meaning that over there are roughly 58 piano tuners in Chicago.