Ever wondered how many photos you can store ~ above 2TB storage drive? every we deserve to tell friend is a hell most data you have the right to store top top 2TB storage drive. Even if it is they room Memory cards, Harddisk (SSD or HDD) or even any other storage media.

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2TB warehouse capacity means you can have the ability to store an insane quantity of photos, videos or occasion data. Allow me define you with an example to understand just how much photo does 2TB deserve to actually host on it.

You can uncover so countless memory map brands in the market where we can find the largest memory card up to 1TB warehouse capacity. Couple of popular brands encompass Sandisk, Sony, Strontium, Toshiba, Samsung, Transcend and many more. If you desire to buy 2TB warehouse drive, specifically memory cards, we would choose to inform you that, there room no such cards that in reality exist that offer you storage of 2 terabytes of data right into it. If you discover anything similar, you should think about it together a fake memory card.

How countless photos can 2TB hold?

According to the apple forum, Assuming that the avg size photo is 500K, climate a 2TB will hold approximately 4 million photos. The arithmetic is easy: 2TB = 2000 GB = 2000000 MB = 2000000000 kilobytes. If we division 500 kilobytes into that because that 4000000.

Photos taken native a mobile call or native DSRL has different resolution. Permit us describe you with an instance of average record size based on Photo high quality so the you can acquire an idea that how numerous pictures you have the right to actually store on it.

1 MP = 1,000,000 pixels1 MB = 1,000,000 bytes, 1GB = 1,000MBJPEG 100% quality = Visually lossless JPEG compression v a 1:10 proportion of life image

Please keep in mind that compressed photos occupy very less space than uncompressed life photos. DSLR can also take photos on Uncompressed RAW photos format, which space bigger in paper size. Therefore let’s talk about how many uncompressed RAW photos we deserve to store ~ above 2TB storage.

So, how countless pictures deserve to 2tb hold

MegapixelsFile dimension (MB)Approx number of Photos top top 2TB

We have actually taken the approx number of photos the 2TB storage deserve to hold, document size actually counts on a number of factors prefer DSLR model, size, format, etc.

We deserve to store much more compressed JPEG style photos than uncompressed raw images. For this reason let’s define to you through the assist of the table ~ above how numerous JPEG files you deserve to store on 2TB storage.

MegapixelsFile dimension (MB)Approx number of Photos on 2TB

How countless movies deserve to 2tb hold?

Big fan of collecting big sized movies? You may probably need bigger storage as average movies dimension is approx 1.5GB per movies. 1020p movies can be more in dimension while 4K resolution movies, maybe even in bigger file size.

Let’s assume typical movie size based upon the resolution to obtain a rough estimate ~ above it.

So, how many videos can 2tb hold

Movies ResolutionAverage movie size
SD Movie from iTunes1.5GB
720p Movie from iTunes4GB
1080p Movie native iTunes5GB
DVD Rip (Pirated)700MB
720p HD all set Movies1GB
1080p full HD Movies3.5GB
4K Ultra HD/ 2160p Movies100GB
8K Movies200GB

So native the over table, you acquire an idea of the average file size of movies based on their resolution. Let’s comment on a few common inquiries that users space worried around before to buy 2TB tough drive, USB drive, SSD or HDD, memory cards or any kind of other storage device.

How much is 2tb in GB?

2000GB Approx

How plenty of 4k movies can 2tb hold?

What deserve to you do with 2TB the storage? according to TechRadar, you have the right to store approximately 70 hrs of 4K video clip files on 2TB storage.

How countless 1080p movies deserve to 2tb hold?

What you deserve to do through 2TB warehouse if you have a most 1080p movies with you? Well, you have the right to store up to much more than 70 hours of 1080p video files onto it.

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We expect this short article has aided you to acquire a unstable estimate of exactly how much data you can store top top 2TB storage drive. If you have more questions, feel cost-free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.