The Ford traveler has come to be a famous SUV an option among drivers. This status comes from the comfort and space it can administer as well as its design. It often leads people to questioning how many passengers have the right to this vehicle comfortably seat? we did thorough study on this topic and found a trusted answer.

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2020 Ford Explorers space three-row SUVs made to bring two passengers in each row. In other words, you deserve to comfortably seat six world inside these vehicles. You have the right to upgrade this seating capacity to seven with a second-row bench chair addition.

But learning how countless seats this vehicles have isn’t sufficient to decide on to buy one. You additionally have to recognize what the seating construction looks like. We’ll dive into this topic in our next section and figure the end whether an explorer fits her needs. 

2020 Ford Explorer’s Seating Configuration

It’s important to understand what each heat of seating uses a potential buyer. This ar will dive right into each row and ensure you know what you’re obtaining with a 2020 Ford Explorer. It’ll provide a far better handle on what provides these vehicles such a commodity among drivers.

First row of Seating

The perfect location to begin when pointing out an Explorer’s fabric seating would be its prior row. These seats are well-known to be very comfortable and also spacious. It features a 10-way power-adjustable driver’s seat and a four-way adjustable front passenger’s seat.

As you have the right to imagine, this helps people sitting in this row adjust their seats based on their preferences. This aspect makes it simpler to certain a quite relaxing trip. Most chauffeurs end increase swearing by them, and passengers are always fighting to ride in the prior passenger seat.

Second row of Seating

2020 Ford Explorer’s 2nd row the seating isn’t anything come sneeze at, either. This row is composed of 2 captain chairs, which market a high level of comfort. People sitting in this seats should have actually plenty of room come stretch their legs without kicking the former seats.

These captain chairs attribute a power-assist fold attribute to do transporting large items easier. A human moving a grill or canoe native one place to an additional could make use of this feature and create a bit much more room. It’s simply another method the Ford traveler makes traveling a much an ext manageable experience.

Third row of Seating

The 3rd row the seating wasn’t always a standard function in previous traveler models. But the 2020 version does offer third-row seating, which attributes a two-person 50/50 split-bench seat. That should conveniently fit 2 adults there is no issue.

Some higher passengers can find its short seats and unsupportive cushions a small uncomfortable. It might be a smart idea to conserve this row of seating because that the kids.

Potential Cabin Upgrades

You also have a couple of upgrades to choose from as soon as looking at buying a 2020 Explorer. The following upgrades are accessible for anyone looking come customize their new SUV:

Leather upholsteryVentilated and also heated former seatsMassaging former seatsPower-folding third-row seats10-way power-adjustable former passenger seatA 2nd row of boil seatsHeated steering wheelSecond-row bench seat

Does the 2019 Ford traveler Have 3rd-row Seating?

Like we detailed above, not all Ford Explorers come with a 3rd row. The 2019 Ford explorer doesn’t fit into this class, though, together it features a suitable dual seat in its third row. This double seat shouldn’t have any kind of difficulties seating 2 people.

But the 2019 Ford traveler does have actually some differences from 2020 models, which space worth noting. For instance, this models come with a second-row bench seat instead of the captain’s chairs. This rises the Explorer’s seat capacity from six to seven people.

2019 Ford Explorers additionally have one eight-way power-adjustable driver’s seat quite than a 10-way. This sacrifices a bit of control and also makes your comfort a lot less adjustable. You can get both the captain’s chairs and 10-way power-adjustable front seats as upgrades: but these two attributes aren’t the standard.

Does the 2018 Ford explorer Have 3rd-row Seating?

2018 Ford Explorers are an additional version equipped through third-row seating. It functions a 50/50 split-folding bench seat like the 2020 model. But it doesn’t function captain chairs in the second row and also instead has a 60/40-split-folding bench seat prefer the 2019 Explorer.

This combo of second and third-row seating makes it a seven-passenger auto rather 보다 six. You deserve to reduce this number to six with captain chairs in the 2nd row. However, this chairs are easily accessible as upgrades instead of gift the standard.

Which Ford Explorers have a 3rd-row?

In the early 2000s, Ford determined to redesign the explorer by placing a lot much more focus on enhancing cargo room, passenger capacity, and overall size. The Explorer’s style was based mainly on the Ford Ranger before this redesign. It caused every Ford Explorer model from 2002 come the present, at least offers third-row seating together an option.

What space Some various other SUVs v 3rd-row seating?

If you’re aren’t impressed by the Ford Explorer, other SUVs offer third-row seating. The following 5 SUVs occur to be few of our favourite SUVs through this feature:

Ford Expedition


Ford doesn’t disappoint with its other three-row SUV, either. The Ford exploration is a marvelous vehicle capable the seating much more than the previously covered traveler with the eight-person capacity. It additionally comes in an expedition Max variation that offers usable cargo room when every its seats room occupied.

Kia Telluride

The Kia Telluride is a three-row SUV qualified of seating eight. Its 3rd row is conveniently accessed many thanks to the power-folding-and-sliding second row. Yet taller individuals could have some worries fitting in this seats comfortably. It would be a better row that seating for smaller sized adults or children.

Chevrolet Traverse


Chevrolet’s Traverse happens to be amongst the biggest midsize SUVs on the market. This aspect makes it’s interior an ext spacious and provides much more maneuverability for world inside it. It’s among the few models v a third row that seating usable because that adults.

Volkswagen Atlas


Another SUV through a really usable third row is the Volkswagen Atlas. Adult should easily squeeze right into these seats and have a relaxing pilgrimage inside this vehicle. This SUV normally is qualified of seating seven. However drivers who prioritize comfort deserve to upgrade to captain chairs in the second row and also lessen the seating volume to six.

Honda Pilot


The Honda Pilot is a perfect option for anyone looking to buy a automobile with eight seats. Even with this number of seating areas, the Pilot still supplies a generous amount of internal space. It comes with assorted storage cubbies, too, i beg your pardon make one of the more family-friendly three-row SUVs available.

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We expect our look right into the Ford Explorer’s seating listed some insight around whether the the right fit. If friend still have more questions about this automobile or the others, you re welcome let us understand in ours comment section. We’d love to assist your search for a brand-new car in any means possible.