When you’re just getting started in logistics, shipping items in containers can feel like a daunting task. There are a lot of options involved in the process, consisting of container types, sizes, uses, pallet selection, and modes of shipping. Even if you’re an skilled shipper you’ll want to make sure that you’re maximizing the space in the containers that you currently use to make sure you’re acquiring the finest return on investment possible.

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When shipping with s containers it’s essential to make certain you’re planning your shipments as successfully as feasible so you nothing waste money. Learning an ext about maximizing container space will help you create a more organized, productive, and cost-effective shipping strategy. You can use this source as a overview to enhancing the logistics of her business.

The emphasis of this write-up will it is in on 20-foot and also 40-foot containers. For more information on container descriptions, dimensions, and uses review our “Complete overview to ocean Shipping Containers” blog post.

How space Your goods Packaged?

The an initial step to maximizing container space is determining just how your product will certainly be packaged prior to it is shipped. The very first decision you’ll should make is even if it is you will certainly ship loosened cargo or palletized goods.


Choosing the best pallet will maximize the storage an are of her container, alleviate transportation costs, and ensure the efficient dealing with of your products from the point of beginning to your destination.There room two determinants that go into pallet selection: kind and size.

The most widely provided pallet varieties are Standard and also Euro pallets.

StandardA conventional pallet is the bigger of the two measuring 1 meter through 1.2 meters and also comes in Full, Half, and Quarter sizes. The global Organization because that Standardisation (ISO) sanctions six pallet dimensions, detailed in ISO 6780.

EuroA Euro pallet measures .8 meters by 1.2 meters and is widely supplied in countless industries. The europe Pallet association (EPAL) governs all the details the pallet manufacturing regulations under to the varieties of timber and nails offered to do pallets. All manufacturers that EURO pallets must be sanctioned through EPAL. The EURO pallet is not a great option for ISO shipping containers and slightly wider containers are usually offered for these species of pallets.

Loose Cargo

If you’re shipping loosened cargo, it’s best to have your cargo palletized. Palletizing your cargo will ensure that your product remains safe and also secure throughout transit. If your product is not palletized, the carrier might not expropriate your shipment since the freight will certainly be at threat of gift damaged during loading, unloading, or transit. If friend don’t have actually the method to palletize your very own cargo, we deserve to recommend a trusted warehouse whereby you deserve to have your items palletized.

Full Container fill or much less than Container Load?

If she shipping many pallets (usually 8 or more) you’re much better off shipping by full Container load (FCL) in one of two people 20 or 40-foot containers. In FCL shipping, your freight it s okay its own specialized container.

However, If you shipping one pallet or just a few, it’s finest to ship by less than Container load (LCL). LCL shipping enables you to only pay because that the volume that you require in her container and also save friend money by consolidating her cargo with various other shippers in a 40-foot container.


If you’re losing money as result of shipping too many loads the don’t fill a container or if you desire to purchase products from lot of suppliers, yet they all require minimum assignment that need to fill a container, cargo consolidation is the prize to your problems.

Cargo consolidation occurs once cargo indigenous one or more shippers is linked into one shipping container. Consolidation allows you to pay a bulk rate for shipping quite than shipping every one of your items separately. Consolidation gives you much more options, permits you to be an ext flexible in delivery planning, and also can increase profitability.

For more information top top consolidation head over to our article “How Consolidating your Cargo at origin Can benefit Your Business”.

How countless Pallets deserve to You to the right in a Container?

The variety of pallets you deserve to fit right into a container counts on the pallet type, exactly how they room arranged, and also the size of container you’re loading. Listed below you uncover a rapid explanation top top the pallet volume of different containers and picture for your reference.

Standard palletsYou can load 9 or 10 on one tier in a 20-foot container, relying on how they room arranged, and also 20 or 21 pallets in one tier in a 40-foot container.

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Euro palletsYou can load 11 on one tier in a 20-foot container and a 40-foot container will host 23 or 24, depending upon how they are arranged.

Do you usually ship pallets or lose cargo? have actually you been utilizing the space in her container efficiently? re-publishing your story in the comment below!