the Pacific ocean in the west the Atlantic s in the eastern the Arctic s to the phibìc borders the United says in the south and in the northwest.

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high mountains prairie grasslands different types of forests arctic tundra where the soil is permanently frozen is also home to plenty of rivers and lakes.

In, there room four various seasons:

winter spring summer loss (fall)

The Atlas of has actually information ~ above’s geography and climate. Girlfriend can also see the weather forecasts because that every city and also town in

Winter is really cold in most areas with temperatures often listed below zero degrees Celsius. Eye covers the floor from about December to March or April. In southwest brothers Columbia (around Victoria and Vancouver), rain is an ext common in winter than snow.

Depending on where you’re immigrating from, you might be fairly surprised by the cold and snow throughout your an initial Canadian winter. Through the appropriate clothing, you will do it be all set to enjoy the unique beauty that a Canadian winter. Be sure to buy:

a hat boots gloves a winter coat

Summer large from around June come September and the weather different from heat to hot. Daytime temperatures are in between 20 and 30 levels Celsius or Centigrade (68 and also 86 degrees Fahrenheit) or higher. In southern Ontario and also Quebec, it can often be an extremely humid.

Fall and spring are change seasons. This way the weather starts getting chillier or warmer, and also there is a many rain.

Ottawa is the capital city of and is located on the Ottawa River in between Ontario and Quebec.

See more: Is Fecl3 ( Iron Iii Chloride Soluble Or Insoluble In Water ? has actually 10 provinces and three territories, each through its own funding city. These provinces and territories room grouped into 5 regions:

Atlantic Provinces: central Prairie Provinces: North:

Most people live in southerly Ontario and also Quebec, southwest brother Columbia and Alberta. Lot of the north has a an extremely low populace because of the cold climate.

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