How to transform Watts to Milliwatts

To transform a watt measurement to a milliwatt measurement, main point the strength by the switch ratio.

because one watt is equal to 1,000 milliwatts, you can use this an easy formula come convert:


How numerous Milliwatts room in a Watt?

There room 1,000 milliwatts in a watt, which is why we use this value in the formula above.

1 W = 1,000 mW

Watts and milliwatts room both units offered to measure power. Keep reading to learn more about every unit that measure.

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One watt is the strength equal to the rate of power of one joule per second in an electric circuit.<1> One watt is also equal to the power created in a circuit with a voltage potential that one volt with a present of one amp.

The watt is the SI acquired unit for power in the metric system. Watts have the right to be abbreviated as W; for example, 1 watt have the right to be written as 1 W.

Watt"s legislation states the relationship in between power, current, and also voltage. Making use of Watt"s Law, it"s feasible to to express the strength in watts as an expression utilizing current and voltage.

PW = IA × VV

The strength in watt is same to the present in amperes time the potential distinction in volts.

combine this v Ohm"s Law, it"s also possible to refer the power in watts using resistance in addition to volts and amps.

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One milliwatt is the power equal to 1/1,000 that a watt, or the energy intake at a price of 1/1,000 that a joule every second.

The milliwatt is a lot of of the watt, i m sorry is the SI derived unit because that power. In the metric system, "milli" is the prefix for 10-3. Milliwatts have the right to be abbreviated together mW; because that example, 1 milliwatt can be composed as 1 mW.

Watt to Milliwatt counter Table

Watt measurements converted come milliwatts watt Milliwatts
0.001 W 1 mW
0.002 W 2 mW
0.003 W 3 mW
0.004 W 4 mW
0.005 W 5 mW
0.006 W 6 mW
0.007 W 7 mW
0.008 W 8 mW
0.009 W 9 mW
0.01 W 10 mW
0.02 W 20 mW
0.03 W 30 mW
0.04 W 40 mW
0.05 W 50 mW
0.06 W 60 mW
0.07 W 70 mW
0.08 W 80 mW
0.09 W 90 mW
0.1 W 100 mW
0.2 W 200 mW
0.3 W 300 mW
0.4 W 400 mW
0.5 W 500 mW
0.6 W 600 mW
0.7 W 700 mW
0.8 W 800 mW
0.9 W 900 mW
1 W 1,000 mW


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