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The Miami come Bimini ferry path connects ft Lauderdale (Florida) v the Bimini islands in the Bahamas.

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Balearia Caribbean is the just ferry company that opperates the Miami - Bimini path on a regular ferry service.

Miami come Bimni ferry: cost and also prices

Is there a Miami to Bimini ferry route? Yes, if you take a ferry from fort Lauderdale (Port Everglades in Florida, US) you can travel to the paradisiacal Bimini islands, the Bahamas" closest islands to Florida.

At the moment, because of the instance produced through Covid 19, the frequency of boats from Balearia come Bimini is only three departures a week. This frequency is meant to increase as the health and wellness situation and travel demand improve.

If you desire to understand the cost of the ferry ticket to Bimini, the booked times and days that the boats to these islands, friend only need to search lock in our timetables and also prices search engine.

Miami come Bimini ferrynews

Resorts WorldBimini Bahamas Beach



August 16, 2021

Resorts world Bimini Bahamas Beach

Updated top top the 16th of August, 2021

If girlfriend have currently booked her Bimini ferry tickets with Balearia Caribbean this new is of her interest.

Resorts civilization Bimini beach is the beach society inaugurated by the Hilton at will Word Bimini hotel ~ above the coast of phibìc Bimini, in the Bahamas islands.

Inspired by the ideal beach clubs in areas like the Greek islands, Ibiza or Tulum, this facility of an ext than 4 acre combines relaxed high-end with a soft atmosphere where you deserve to enjoy cristal waters, advanced food and also fun follow to taste, being a must-see on your journey v the Bahamas.

Bimini island is located just 50 miles turn off the shore of Miami and can be reached in simply 2 hours if you take trip on the Balearia Caribbean super quick ferry (which departs from ft Lauderdale).

Resorts world Bimini coast is the closest exclusive beach come the coast of the united States. This coast Club has two lagoon-style pools, countless lounge chairs, daybeds and also hammocks.

The coast Club has actually two bars wherein you can taste her favorite cocktail or the ideal local specialties. The Beach club is decorated through bohemian and Caribbean-inspired furniture, to relax and also enjoy dinners with unobstructed sea views.

For those that love privacy, there room private cabins encountering the sea and next come the pool. Private cabin rental is available from 11 a.m. In ~ 7 p.m. And they come through VIP perks (bottle service and exclusive food and drink menus). Because that VIP & Cabana Reservations, you re welcome call: 1-888.930.8688 Ext. 8883

Resorts civilization Bimini coast is a location to play during the work that, in ~ sunset, transforms into a lounge with a pleasant setting where you have the right to enjoy the Bahamian night.

The owners of this coast Club want to do it the ar where the most sought after occasions in the Caribbean take it place, through live performances through world-class DJs and musicians who will carry out weekly in Bimini.

Resorts human being Bimini beach will likewise be easily accessible to passenger of the adhering to cruise companies: crystal cruises, Carnival cruise line, Virgin trips - come September 2021 and MSC Cruises - comes Soon.

Resorts people Bimini coast officially opened up on may 14, 2021. Daily access to the beach will expense $ 40 USD every person. Resorts human being Bimini beach welcomes tourists over the period of 18 and has the capacity to accommodate as much as 2,000 guests. Family members welcomed. FREE entrance for every Hilton Guests* , no Hilton guest please inquire at the prior desk.

Hours of Operation* the the Resorts world Bimini Beach: Fridays 2PM - 7PM, Saturdays 11AM - 7PM, Sundays 11AM - 5PM. *Hours and also Pricing topic to change due come Seasonal Operations and or distinct Events. Blackout dates apply.

About Resorts people Bimini: This hotel is located on the charming seven mile island of phibìc Bimini, among the Bahamas out Islands. Surrounding by white sand beaches and also crystal clean turquoise waters, the property has a Hilton hotel with much more than 300 rooms, has six bars and restaurants, two swimming pools (one of them rooftop) and also a world-class casino.

You can obtain to Bimini from fort Lauderdale through ferry v the Balearia Caribbean shipping firm in simply 2 hrs of ride.

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These space the schedules planned by Balearia Caribbean for the Bimini ferry route:

Bimni ferry schedule

to Bimini

Touch on the schedule you like to examine the ease of access and price top top this moment.