In the original Gauntlet arcade game by Atari, how numerous unique dungeon levels are there?

The hands-on states "over a hundred", however that is imprecise and I"d choose to have actually an explanation:




The video Game Atlas ( ar Arcade - Gauntlet has 125 level maps, 114 regular levels and 11 treasure levels.

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A forum short article documents the relax progress: Gauntlet - every 125 arcade boards mapped out, to add extras. The explains:

The mappers (negative1 and also rge) consisted of the level names.The maps "include every treasure levels". Looking through the incremental progress posts, level 114 is defined as the last constant level and also levels 115 to 125 space the treasure levels.The maps execute not include "variations whereby exits moved".

Basically there is no end, i mastered every personality with simply a 4 minutes 1 in the mid of the critical plays to be over 20hrs and also the levels just repeat.


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