It took 3 years — and a really persistent mom — prior to Trina realized that the stress and sadness she had actually been emotion for so long was in truth depression.

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“I never ever knew i was depressed,” says Trina. “I didn’t realize how bad I felt till I feel better.”

Trina didn’t recognize the postpartum depression she was suffering after the bear of her 3rd child, Hailee, in 1999 due to the fact that she external inspection well with her first two children.

“I had actually my an initial daughter once I was sixteen,” Trina says. “I was twenty-five as soon as I had my son and I obtained to stay house with him. I had the ability to bond with him and also I never ever felt better.”

Trina expected the very same cozy experience with baby Hailee the she had with daughter Sasha and son Dustin, yet that wasn’t to it is in the case. “Hailee to be the most difficult baby,” Trina says. “She didn’t want to latch on and she cried all the time. Ns didn’t feel linked to she at all. I think that’s when it all started.”

By 2002, things started to acquire worse. In enhancement to lengthy crying episodes, Trina began to have panic attacks. “I’d acquire up in ~ 5:30 a.m. Every morning and also throw up due to the fact that I had actually so lot anxiety,” she says. “My husband would ask, ‘What have the right to I do?’ and also he’d acquire up and also keep me company.”

“I realized Trina was having difficulties,” claims her husband Bob. “But neither of us knew she was experiencing with depression until it to be so bad she required help.”

As Bob functioned in wild floor fire management and was away from home for weeks at a time, Trina felt particularly fortunate to have her mother nearby to help. “My mother has had actually trouble through depression and anxiety for rather some time,” says Trina. So when I referred to as her to tell her what to be going on she said, ‘I understand what’s wrong v you."”

Sandy, Trina’s mom, took her to the library because that a copy of hope and help for her Nerves by Dr. Claire Weekes. “She had actually read it herself and knew it was helpful,” claims Trina, who uncovered relief within the pages of that book. “I realized that even though ns didn’t know what ns was experiencing, someone else knew what ns was feeling. Ns couldn’t placed the book down.”

Although Trina was now coming to terms v her depression, she resisted obtaining help. “I assumed I can do this on my own,” she recalls. “I’m a strong person.” but after mainly of tears and also anxiety, she lastly went to watch her doctor. And she to be surprised when the very first question that posed to be “Are friend depressed?”

“I didn’t think ns had any type of reason to be depressed,” Trina recalls. Yes, the bear of her third child seemed to cause her depression, but it was now three year later, and Trina couldn’t discover an explanation for her sadness and anxiety. “My doctor described that depression isn’t constantly triggered by an external event, that periodically it’s just biological,” she says.

Trina’s doctor prescribed one antidepressant, but it didn’t minimize her depression. He climate prescribed a different one, which according to Trina, “worked too well” in suppressing her emotions. “I didn’t feeling anything at all,” she says.

For Trina, the 3rd time to be the charm; her physician prescribed one antidepressant that functioned well in managing her depression and also anxiety. She admits there are some next effects but that “it’s worth it no to feel the way I did. I don’t desire to go with that again.”

What Works

Between the medication and also counseling, Trina has gotten a handle on her depression. Return she still has “down days,” she’s relieved to understand there’s a surname for what she had actually been experiencing and also that there’s aid available.

Trina’s mommy was likewise instrumental in getting her earlier on track. “She to be my best savior,” says Trina. “She called me everyday and also made me gain up and come end to she house. She’d help me v the kids and also take me come the store. Ns was so grateful that she knew and helped therefore much.”

Currently in she junior year of nursing school, Trina loves the thought that as soon as she’s earned she degree, she’ll be the one that can help take treatment of others.

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She’s currently working on dispersing the word by help to distribute our Teen and Parent Depression and Bipolar well-being Guides within the Idaho schools. And also as Mrs. East Idaho, she’s preferred depression awareness as her platform for once she competes because that the location of Mrs. Idaho in march 2008.

“I’m so glad wherein I am right now,” she says. “I want people to recognize you may have to resolve depression your entirety life, yet you have the right to make the through. Girlfriend can obtain better. You can live her life.”

Listen to an interview through Trina and also Dr. Laura Rosen around Family Communication