In 2014, gibbs Countess Vaughn revealed an unanticipated revelation about her early days starring as Kim Parker top top the hit UPN sitcom, The Parkers.

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While attending a treatment session throughout an episode of TV One’s Hollywood Divas, Vaughn shared what she had been through in the past while do the efforts to make it huge in Hollywood. Together she recalled the difficult journey, Vaughn opened up around how one endure as a teen nearly cost she a vast opportunity.

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Countess Vaughn top top ‘The Parkers’ together Kim Parker

After three years the starring together the funny and often ditsy sidekick that the ever-so-perfect key character on Moesha, Vaughn left the display to star on her very own sitcom, The Parkers, in 1999.

The series centered roughly Vaughn’s character, Kim Parker, who attends Santa Monica College through her mom, Nikki Parker (Mo’Nique). Though Kim’s initially mortified once her mommy starts attending the very same school as her, she eventually accepts the situation.

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The show ran for five successful seasons, airing that is finale episode on may 10, 2004, which attracted in a lining 3.6 million viewers.

Countess Vaughn dropped pregnant after beginning work on ‘The Parkers’

After leave Moesha and landing her very own spinoff series, Vaughn couldn’t have been happier that she was lastly getting the opportunity to be front and also center.

However, after ~ she started working on The Parkers, Vaughn found she was pregnant, which led to her to worry about her future in the industry.

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During a 2014 illustration of Hollywood Divas, Vaughn opened up up about getting pregnant at 18 and shared that she was afraid of shedding her role on The Parkers if civilization found out about her pregnancy.

“I had actually an unwanted pregnancy. I had actually just began my TV show,” she recalled. “I knew the in black color Hollywood a girl having a baby, they’d get rid of you.”

With that in mind, the actor decided to abort the baby as she didn’t want the pregnant to ruin her career.

She continued, “I had actually to make a decision to remove the kid for my career because I knew native the jump that if i let any kind of of them recognize what was going on, they would have cancelled my show.”

Though the decision was painful, being compelled to save the procedure a secret turned the end to it is in harder for Vaughn.

“I really necessary it to release all that I’ve been delivering all this time,” she told us Weekly. “I’ve beat myself up for so long around it, and also I simply felt like, ‘You know what girl, you’ve got to phone call somebody.’ also though the world will know, hey, that’s simply me. I prefer to keep it real at every times. If it to be being shot, ns really didn’t notice the cameras being there. Ns was yes, really there for help.”

Countess Vaughn is currently a mother of two

After certification on The Parkers for 5 years, Vaughn ongoing acting and also appeared shows choose Cuts and also Let’s stay Together.

By the mid-2000s, she began showing up on several reality shows, including the 3rd season the Celebrity to the right Club and MTV’s Celebrity laboratory Superstar.

In 2014, Vaughn starred as one of five leads on TV One’s truth series, Hollywood Divas, and remained part of the main cast until the show’s last season.

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Since then, Vaughn has been increasing her 2 kids, Sasha Whitten and Jaylyn James, while still making windy appearances here and also there.