This overview is a complement to the Cash Services manual of actions (PDF) (CSMOP) and is not all inclusive the the requirements. If a deposit does no comply v these guidelines, it may be rubbish by the servicing commonwealth Reserve Bank and returned come the depositors at their expense, or differences linked with this errors may be charged to the depositor.

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The following web variation was revised march 1, 2019, to reflect transforms in the revised CSMOP. This Deposit Visual recommendation Guide is also easily accessible in a printable style (PDF).

Preparing currency Deposits

What to do

Before depositing currency, currency must be ready according to denomination. For $1 through $20 denominations, her deposit(s) have to contain full bundles. If depositing $50 or $100 denominations, they must be in full straps and/or complete bundles.

All Denominations: all notes in a deposit need to be clearly more 보다 50 percent of a note to obtain credit. Notes have to be item counted and verified because that authenticity prior to depositing. Not suitable currency, money that is not an ideal for more circulation due to its physical condition (torn, dirty, limp, worn or defaced), should be had in your consistent deposit(s). Notes should be straightened, and also all corners and also edges should be aligned.

Preparing currency Straps

OverviewWhat to do A strap is a package of 100 notes. All straps must contain 100 note of the same denomination and also must have only one band roughly them. Encompass only U.S. Currency. Under no circumstances have to coin or other valuables it is in included. Notes within the strap may be packaged there is no regard come direction or facing. All document clips, staples, rubber bands and excess ice on the notes (causing notes to unnecessarily stick together) need to be removed.

CORRECT— As displayed in these examples, note within a strap deserve to be arranged without regard to facing or direction.
CORRECT—This strap is properly and also neatly assembled and includes the teller’s identification and date that verification.
What not to execute Straps the contain sub straps (rubber bands or document clips subdividing notes within the strap) are not permitted.
INCORRECT—This strap includes sub-straps, rubber bands, and record clips.

Strap Bands

What to perform A tape is a strip of file material offered to tie or host together a strap. Every strap have to be tied by only one band. Bands need to be used to the middle of each strap. Bands have to be secured around the strap there is no the tape adhesive or securing ice unnecessarily sticking to the note within. Bands must be white document and color-coded (along the edges) to conform to existing standards of the American Bankers association ("ABA"). Band material must be between 1.00 come 1.57 inches broad with an approximate weight of 100 g/sqm, make of record and not artificial materials. Bands should indicate the dollar lot of money in the strap, the date of verification and also the initials or name of the persons who confirmed the strap. The length of the band need to be such the the tape wraps the strap when with minimal overlap, for this reason no loose flaps (such as a tail) are remaining past the adhesive. For correct placement of financial institution stamps describe section “Stamps”.
CORRECT—The strap has actually a solitary band of ideal color-coding and also material, and includes the teller’s identification and date that verification. In addition, the band has actually no overfill flap.
CORRECT—This band has actually no excess flap.
What no to perform Do not usage bands with loosened flaps. Do not usage brown file bands, the is, those bands make of recycled share paper, together they perform not image well. Bands need to be do of white file to ensure details is plainly captured once imaged.
INCORRECT—Do not use bands with loosened flaps.

Band Stamps

What to carry out Each band should be stamped v the complying with information: Institution"s name; ABA routing number; and also Four-digit endpoint number (branch number) of the depositing office (a band without an office identification number is reputed to it is in from the institution’s head office). usage black or dark ink (not red) ~ above the rubber stamp to aid ensure great quality images. Use big and easy-to-read font on her stamp. Refresh octopus pads frequently.

All Denominations

CORRECT—The stamp is in black ink, reflects the compelled deposit information, and also includes the teller’s identification and also date the verification.
INCORRECT—The stamp mirrors the usage of red ink.
INCORRECT—The stamp mirrors a blurred stamp that is unreadable.
What to doAll Denominations The bank stamp ~ above the band might be inserted on either side of the strap, without regard to the portrait; however, straps within the bundle should be i ordered it such the all bank stamps confront the same direction. (See snapshot in “Preparing Bundles” section)
CORRECT—The bank stamp is put on either next of the strap there is no regard to facing.

Preparing Bundles

What to doAll notes A bundle is composed of 1,000 notes of the exact same denomination in ten same straps that 100 note each. Every strap edges should be vertically aligned into a solitary organized stack and also oriented in the very same direction. Straps must be bound together. Securing the straps together to do a bundle may be achieved through the usage of rubber bands or various other tension material. The bundle anxiety material: must be secured enough to remain undamaged through transportation and handling: (1) not also tight as to overstress the notes causing them to bend/crease within the bundle; or (2) no too loosened where the note or straps move about or the tension product breaks or falls off that the bundle; should be secured throughout the brief side in ~ both ends of the bundle (and no on subgroupings the straps in ~ the bundle); and also Must allow for clear check out of the currency strap band. every Denominations Straps in ~ the bundle have to be arranged such that all bank stamps face the same direction.
CORRECT—The bundle is properly stacked and tension material is ~ above the right ends the the bundle permitting clear visibility the the band. The tension material is not as well tight or too loose so the notes continue to be firm without bending or creasing.
CORRECT—The straps within the bundle are effectively stacked and tension product is ~ above the right ends that the bundle allowing clear visibility that the band. The tension product is not as well tight or too loosened so the notes continue to be firm there is no bending or creasing. The tension material has no protruding edges.
What no to doAll notes The bundle must not contain combined denominations. The bundle tension product must not: be so tight regarding cause damages to the notes; be placed about the long end of the bundle (i.e., lengthwise); and have any kind of residual material (such together a tail) that could risk compromising the shipping bag or the bundles/straps around it.

Currency deposits that do not satisfy the stated criteria upon investigate at your servicing FRB might be refused.

INCORRECT—The stamps in the bundle face in multiple directions.
INCORRECT—The straps within the bundle are not put together in the appropriate stack orientation.
INCORRECT—The bundle has rubber band subgrouping of note within the straps.
INCORRECT—The tension product is too loosened to whereby the notes can move around and there is a danger of the tension product breaking.
INCORRECT—There is tension material inserted on the incorrect end (on the long end) of the straps.
INCORRECT—The tension material tail is as well long and could deteriorate the shipping bag or various other bundles/straps around it.
INCORRECT—The tension material is also tight, leading to the notes within the bundle to deform and also bend/crease.

Currency Bags/Containers

What come do only clear plastic bags or clear plastic/metal containers might be provided for deposits. Plastic bags have to be at least 5 mils special or the identical in strength and also durability. The bags/containers the deposits have to be securely sealed v a tamper-evident seal, for this reason that any kind of unauthorized accessibility is conveniently detected, and the bags need to be cost-free of holes and also tears. The bags/containers must bear the institution’s identification (logo and/or name).

To aid ensure her deposit is properly identified and also remains secured, the complying with practices are additionally recommended:

If making use of plastic seals, every bag should have a bag tags attached come the seal or within a compartment that the bag separate from the currency. The sign must indicate ABA number (with four-digit endpoint number), institution’s name, and dollar amount of the contents on every bag. The tags should suggest the bag number (e.g. “Bag___of____”). If utilizing a large-capacity currency bag for a tiny deposit, you re welcome be certain to cinch or seal the bag in together a way to stop tearing that the straps or breaking the bundles in transit. Containers have to be secured through tamper-evident seals that have distinct seal numbers through the seal numbers listed to your servicing commonwealth Reserve Bank.

Your servicing commonwealth Reserve bank requires friend to include a deposit document with your deposit. Consult through your servicing commonwealth Reserve bank for details policies and procedures.

CORRECT—The money bag is correctly labeled v a typed or handwritten institution’s identification and also deposit information.
CORRECT—The money bag is secure with a tamper-evident plastic seal, and also the tags is attached come the seal. In addition, the currency bag is properly and tightly cinched based on the dimension of the deposit.
CORRECT— As displayed in the two pictures above, containers need to be secured v tamper-evident seals that have unique seal numbers.
What not to perform A complete bag should not contain more than 16 majority of currency. The bag tag need to not be put inside the bag.
INCORRECT—The money bag contains loose notes. The is no cinched properly, and also the tag is placed inside the bag.
INCORRECT—The currency bag contains loose notes/straps, or a little deposit is placed in a huge bag through the tag within the bag.
INCORRECT—Small shop are put in big bags that are not cinched properly, and the tag is put inside the bag.

Contaminated Currency

What come do

Contaminated money is currency that has been damaged through or exposed to contaminants, poses a health hazard or safety risk, and also cannot be handle under common operating procedures.

Institutions should acquire as much info as feasible from their customer regarding the type and extent of the contamination prior to contacting the servicing commonwealth Reserve bank to deposit contaminated currency.

Note: money which has actually been damaged to the level that its value is questionable is not taken on by the federal Reserve Bank. These notes, which are frequently referred to together mutilated currency, must be sent out to the bureau of Engraving and Printing, Mutilated money Division, Office that Financial management for validation and redemption

Procedures for depositing contaminated currency: separate contaminated money from regular deposits. Contaminated money must be ready by denomination, in straps of 100 notes and also in majority of 10 straps. Rubber bands have to be supplied to secure multiple complete straps and, contradictory to typical deposit procedures, have to be securely placed roughly the middle that the bundle.

1All huge size currencies; National bank notes, tiny size; federal Reserve bank notes, little size; and also Gold certificates, little size, collection 1928 only.

CORRECT—The contaminated deposit is separated from a regular deposit, properly twin bagged and is marked with words “contaminated” on the external bag. The straps are secured with rubber bands placed roughly the center of the bundles.
What is thought about contaminated currency?

Currency may become contaminated early out to:

an extensive exposure to water or other liquids that results in the presence of mold. (Note: Wet currency that go not show signs of mold is not considered contaminated and should be dried and deposited under the regular process.) Exposure come blood, urine, feces, or any kind of other bodily fluids, consisting of removal from any body cavity, corpse, or animal. Exposure to sewage. Exposure to any chemical, liquid, or international substance that might pose a health hazard or safety risk. Exposure to tear gas supplied in many dye packs. (Note: The dye provided in dye packs is not taken into consideration a contaminant. Notes stained from the dye alone have to be deposit normally.)What to carry out Partial straps of 50 note or less of a single denomination should be fanned in a method that allows for more than 50 percent of each keep in mind to be plainly visible through all of the packaging material. Staples should be provided to certain the fan prior to the note are inserted into the bag. Partial straps containing in between 51 and also 99 notes of a single denomination have to be wrapped through a document band. The band need to be marked with the piece count and also dollar amount. Contaminated currency must be double- bagged, and the bags must be big enough come permit movement of the currency inside the bags because that initial intuitive inspection. The inner bag should be a strong, tamper-evident, clear plastic money bag purchased by your college for depositing v the commonwealth Reserve. Perform not use store-bought resealable style bags for the inside bag. The outer bag must likewise be a strong, tamper-evident, clear plastic currency bag used by your school for depositing through the federal Reserve. words “CONTAMINATED” have to be written in permanent marker and big letters top top the exterior of the external bag. Any kind of exterior to press on the bags have to not inhibit the check out of the bagged contents. finish a separate Federal Reserve bank deposit file or digital deposit notification type that consists of the denominational malfunction and full of the contaminated currency. The deposit document should companion the deposit.
CORRECT—Partial straps of 50 notes or less the a single denomination are stapled in a fan form in together a method that each note deserve to be clearly denominated and also piece counted.
INCORRECT—The notes are not fanned in a method that allows for an ext than 50 percent the each note to be clearly visible.
CORRECT—Partial straps of 50 note or much less of a single denomination room stapled in a straight fashion where each note deserve to be clearly denominated and also piece counted.
CORRECT—Partial straps the 51 – 99 note of a single denomination room wrapped with a file band and significant with the item count and total dissension amount.
What no to carry out Do not include any kind of extraneous items within or between the inner and also outer bags. Extraneous items include document clips, deposit documents, bag tags, or dye load mechanisms. The presence of extraneous item will an outcome in your deposit gift returned. Double-bagging need to not inhibit the check out of the bagged contents.

Review the Contaminated Currency and also Coin policy for complete details and a video on handling contaminated currency and also coin.

INCORRECT—The contaminated deposit is not double-bagged in a manner that the components of the bag room visible.
INCORRECT—In the photo on the left, the contaminated deposit is not double-bagged or marked with words “contaminated.” In the picture on the right, the contaminated deposit is not double-bagged in a manner the the contents of the bag space visible.
INCORRECT—The bundles room not double-bagged in bags huge enough come permit motion of the currency inside for initial intuitive inspection.

Mutilated Currency

The commonwealth Reserve DOES NOT accept deposits that mutilated currency.

What to do burnt currency that is plainly less than one-half a complete note and cannot be handled without compromising its integrity is considered mutilated currency. Mutilated currency must it is in sent directly to the BEP’s Mutilated Currency department with a letter stating the estimated value that the currency and an explanation of exactly how the currency came to be mutilated.What no to do

Unfit contaminated, but not mutilated, currency should not be sent out to the BEP’s Mutilated currency Division. The commonwealth Reserve processes this currency; however, money that is both contaminated and mutilated need to be sent out to the BEP’s Mutilated money Division.

money that is clearly more than one-half, yet less 보다 a complete note, greatly soiled, limp, worn or torn, is not considered mutilated, and should be consisted of in a typical deposit.

You may contact the BEP"s toll-free number, (866) 575-2361, or visit the BEP website (Off-site) to obtain more information on shipping instructions because that mutilated currency, and to see photographic instances of mutilated currency.

Coin Deposits

What to do Package loose coin by denomination in plastic or canvas bags. If using canvas bags with a tamper- noticeable plastic/string tie and also lead seals, connect the exactly color-coded tags, reflecting the denomination, dollar amount, institution identification and also ABA through four-digit endpoint number come the seal. Carry out not location the tag within the bag. If utilizing plastic bags, every bag must be tamper-evident and have a brand on the opposite side of the manage showing denomination, dissension amount, institution identification and ABA with four-digit endpoint number.
CORRECT—The coin bag is correctly secured through a tamper-evident plastic seal and also a correct color-coded tag, based upon denomination, containing institution identification.
CORRECT—The tamper-evident plastic bag is effectively labeled v the college identification based upon the denomination, through the disagreement amount.
What no to do as soon as preparing a coin deposit, make certain to item count and also verify the coin and not mix coin of various denominations in the very same bag. Bags discovered to have mixed denominations may be rubbish by the servicing federal Reserve Bank and also returned to the institution at your expense, or differences linked with this errors might be charged to the institution. Susan B. Anthony, aboriginal American and Presidential dollar coins might be bagged together, but they must be bagged independently from Eisenhower dollars. Deposits of boxed or wrapped coin room not accepted.

Your servicing commonwealth Reserve financial institution may require you to incorporate a deposit record with her deposit. Consult with your servicing commonwealth Reserve bank for specific policies and procedures.

INCORRECT—The canvas bag is erroneously sealed through a non-tamper noticeable seal, and also the seal was used loosely. The bag additionally doesn’t save a tag.
INCORRECT—Different denominations the coin cannot be combined in the same bag.
INCORRECT—For one disagreement coins, Eisenhower dollars should be separated native all other dollar coins.
INCORRECT—Rolled coin and also boxed coin can not be deposited.

Plastic Coin Bags

What to perform Coin deposits might be make in either traditional canvas bags with tamper-evident seals or tamper- apparent clear plastic bags. Clean plastic bags must fulfill the complying with requirements: must possess a tamper-evident seal; Reinforced take care of able to withstand hang test v +100 lb. Fill or the indistinguishable in strength and durability; material must be 6.5-mil gauge or the equivalent in strength and also durability; Size must approximate that of a typical canvas bag; components must be clearly visible with the packaging material; and Each bag must have actually a label on the opposite side of the take care of showing the denomination, dollar amount, institution’s name and ABA routing number (with four-digit endpoint number).
CORRECT—The plastic bags are stacked ~ above the pallet v all labels facing out.
INCORRECT—The plastic bags room stacked ~ above the pallet v all labels facing inward.

Canvas Coin Bags

What to do Canvas bags must meet the following requirements: every canvas bag must have a color-coded tag, in accordance through the ABA standards based upon denomination; The tag should contain the denomination, dollar amount, institution’s name and ABA routing number through four-digit endpoint number; and A tamper-evident seal v the institution’s identification should be used. If depositing in pallets, bags have to be nicely stacked.
INCORRECT—The canvas bags room stacked top top the pallet through all labels encountering inward and also some bags present evidence the holes and also tears.

Bent or Partial Coin

The commonwealth Reserve DOES NOT accept deposits of bent or partial coin.

bend or partial coin is no redeemable at confront value; that is redeemable only at that is bullion (metal) value as created by the manager of the U.S. Mint.

Contaminated Coin

The commonwealth Reserve does no accept shop of Contaminated Coin. Contaminated Coin have to be decontaminated every the guidelines created by the facility for condition Control and also Prevention (CDC) for decontamination of surface in the “Cleaning & Sanitizing” section. If you desire to deposit the Coin after ~ decontamination, contact the servicing federal Reserve bank for additional instructions.

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For complete instructions ~ above Contaminated Coin, visit the Contaminated Coin and Currency page.

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