Associated PressNew York Yankees" Derek Jeter, right, hugs teammate Jorge Posada after hitting a house run for his 3,000th career hit against the Tampa bay Rays ~ above Saturday at Yankee Stadium. The just thing left, the seemed, to be a triple — Jeter has never hit because that the cycle.

One may likewise ask, how numerous World series did Derek Jeter win? most importantly he has won 4 World collection Championships for the Yankees, in what many speak to a dynasty team. Derek Jeter has added to the currently 26 World series Championships because that the new York Yankees organization in its rich and also successful history.

additionally Know, when did Derek Jeter retire?


What position did Derek Jeter play for the Yankees?


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How many Grand Slams walk Jeter hit?

Derek Jeter struggle his first and just career cool slam on this day in 2005. Derek Jeter was one of the most productive and clutch hitters in Yankees history, collecting an all-time franchise document 3,465 career base hits.

How countless errors go Derek Jeter have?

With Long, Jeter readjusted the method he strode with his left leg. Following the season, Jeter won his fifth Gold gloves award. Jeter committed 6 errors throughout the season, his lowest full in 15 complete seasons. "He could go down, once it"s every over, as the all-time Yankee."

What has Derek Jeter done for society?

Derek Jeter is one American baseball shortstop who has played 17 year in significant League Baseball (MLB) because that the new York Yankees. He developed the revolve 2 foundation in 1996 to help children and teens avoid drug and alcohol addiction, and also to price those who show high academic achievement.

When was Derek Jeter born?

June 26, 1974 (age 45years)

Was Derek Jeter fast?

In the very first game of the 1996 ALCS, brand-new York Yankees rookie shortstop Derek Jeter win out 3 in-field hits. Orioles first-base coach john Stearns, a former new York Mets catcher, was impressed. "He"s the faster right-hand (sic) hitter in the American League.

Did they retire Jeter"s number?

The new York Yankees will retire Derek Jeter"s No. 2 jersey on may 14 versus the Houston Astros at Yankee Stadium, the team announced. Jeter will also get a plaque in Monument Park. He will certainly be the 22nd player to have his number retirement by the team.

Where go Jeter live now?

Retired baseball legend Derek Jeter has listed his castle-style mansion in Greenwood Lake, N.Y., for sale for $14.75 million. The four-acre property, around 50 mile north of new York City, is composed of two parcels, one of which had the house where Jeter"s grand was raised.

Who wore number 2 before Derek Jeter?

Hall of Famer Joe Sewell wore No. 2 before Crosetti, and also 10 others, consisting of Sandy Alomar Sr., Bobby Murcer and also Dale Berra, wore No. 2 after ~ him. But when Derek Jeter an initial put the on in 1995, it ended up being his because that eternity.

Is number 10 retired on the Yankees?

6 Yankees wore their formerly retired numbers in a managerial/coaching role: Billy Martin, Yogi Berra, Mickey Mantle, Whitey Ford, Don Mattingly and also Ron Guidry. # Player Date/Year retired 8 Yogi Berra July 22nd, 1972 8 invoice Dickey July 22nd, 1972 9 roger Maris July 22nd, 1984* 10 Phil Rizzuto august 4th, 1985

How countless numbers did the Yankees retire?


Is Derek Jeter in the hall of Fame?

New York Yankees an excellent Derek Jeter chosen to hall of Fame, one vote short of unanimously. The shortstop retired in 2014 after ~ a storied job that included five World collection titles. Outfielder Larry pedestrian was also elected come the hall of Fame.

Is number 2 retired because that the Yankees?

The Yankees will certainly retire Derek Jeter"s No. 2 jersey and also honor him through a plaque in Monument Park on might 14, Mother"s Day, making official what had actually been intended long before he retired after the 2014 season.

Who snubbed Jeter?

Mariano Rivera

Who is Derek Jeter"s wife?

Hannah Jeter m. 2016
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