Chrysler Pacifica owners have actually reported 27problems regarded fuel pump (under the petrol fuel mechanism category).The most recently reported issues are detailed below.Also please examine out thestatistics and also reliability analysis of Chrysler Pacifica based on all troubles reported because that the Pacifica.

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The call owns a 2004 Chrysler Pacifica. The call stated the the fuel gauge malfunctioned and also failed to check out the exactly fuel level in the vehicle. Also, the call stated that while refueling, fuel was spew back out of the filler neck. The vehicle was taken to the dealer. The technician diagnosed the the jet and primary receiver fuel pump necessary to it is in replaced. The car was no repaired. The manufacturer was not notified of the failure. The approximate failure mileage to be 205,000. Watch all difficulties of the 2004 Chrysler PacificağŸ”Ž.

The car shuts turn off while steering at low speeds largely it happens as soon as going approximately curves. I took it come the dealership they were not able to find any problems with it they just said they can replace the 2 fuel pumps for $900 yet could no guarantee the would solve the problem. I did not have the pumps changed. As soon as the car shuts turn off loss the power help steering is lost and power aid brakes making that dangerous come navigate come a avoid to restart it. Watch all troubles of the 2007 Chrysler PacificağŸ”Ž.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica. Customer requests reimbursement for a fuel pump replacement. The customer stated prior to the replacement, she was not educated or notified of a recall, until a google find revealed the recall. Also, in February 2013, the catalytic converter was replaced at a expense of $800 and the brake mechanism was changed at a cost of $500. 00. See all troubles of the 2006 Chrysler PacificağŸ”Ž.

2007 Chrysler Pacifica. Customer states endure with mechanically problems. The customer stated at 2,900 miles, a exhilaration condition emerged in the vehicle"s engine. A diagnostic revealed the front axle seal was defective. At approximately 3,800, the acting condition emerged again and also the customer was notified that the power move unit necessary to it is in replaced. In ~ 25,893, the power move unit had to it is in removed and replaced after it was discovered that there was a leak in an intake seal. At 26,906 miles, the engine mount was replaced; at 48,062 miles, the blower motor was replaced; in ~ 48,490 miles, the blend air door of the blower to be replaced and the behind axle seals were replaced because of leaks; at 63,852 miles, the pvc valve, fuel pump, egr valve and battery were replaced and a quick in the wiring to the alternator was repaired; in ~ 65,479, the vehicle broke down and also had to be towed. The was established the computer needed to be replaced. In ~ 82,439 miles, the motor mount failed and also was replaced, one isolater to be installed and also power transport unit was leaking again. The consumer took the vehicle earlier to the dealer, ~ driving it because that 15 minutes, due to the fact that it was in worse problem than as soon as she left it through the dealer. The engine was racing at 6000 rpms, when driving at 50 mph, there to be a loud noise comes from the engine and a banging noise could be heard upon turning the steering wheel. The dealer proclaimed there was nothing wrong through the vehicle. However, once the consumer drove the vehicle for 20 miles, the malfunction indicator irradiate illuminated. The auto was taken ago to the dealer, and after one inspection, the dealer stated the transmission control module relay was faulty. The consumer was assured the problems were fixed. However, top top her way home, the break down indicator irradiate illuminated again, the engine was racing and also the entire automobile jolted every time she change into, drive, park or reverse. The strength door locks failed and the customer was locked inside the auto for numerous minutes.

Fax on behalf of re her 2007 Chrysler Pacifica experiencing various and far-reaching mechanical failures; answer attn caroline wekselbaum/new york, NY ar office the consumer stated at 2,900 miles, a smoke condition emerged in the vehicle"s engine. A diagnostic revealed the former axle seal was defective. At around 3,800, the exhilaration condition arisen again and also the consumer was informed that the power transfer unit essential to it is in replaced. At 25,893, the power transfer unit had actually to be removed and also replaced after that was discovered that there was a leak in an entry seal. At 26,906 miles, the engine mount was replaced; at 48,062 miles, the blower motor was replaced; at 48,490 miles, the blend air door the the blower was replaced and the rear axle seals were replaced because of leaks; at 63,852 miles, the pvc valve, fuel pump, egr valve and battery were replaced and a quick in the wiring to the alternator was repaired; in ~ 65,479, the vehicle broke down and had to be towed. That was figured out the computer needed to be replaced. At 82,439 miles, the engine mount failed and also was replaced, an isolater was installed and also power transport unit was leaking again. The customer took the vehicle back to the dealer, after ~ driving it for 15 minutes, due to the fact that it remained in worse problem than when she left it with the dealer. The engine was racing in ~ 6000 rpms, while driving in ~ 50 mph, there was a according to noise coming from the engine and a banging noise can be heard upon transforming the steering wheel. The dealer declared there was nothing wrong through the vehicle. However, once the consumer drove the car for 20 miles, the malfunction indicator irradiate illuminated. The auto was taken ago to the dealer, and after an inspection, the dealer stated the transmission manage module relay to be faulty. The consumer was assured the issues were fixed. However, on her method home, the failure indicator light illuminated again, the engine was racing and the entire auto jolted every time she change into, drive, park or reverse. The power door locks failed and the consumer was locked within the automobile for several minutes.

The call owns a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica. While driving approximately 55 mph the vehicle stalled. The vehicle would no restart and it to be towed come an live independence mechanic who proclaimed that the fuel pump necessary to it is in replaced. The vehicle was no repaired. The failure and current mileages to be 80,000. Watch all troubles of the 2005 Chrysler PacificağŸ”Ž.

The contact owns a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica. Once making left transforms the auto stalled there is no prior warnings. Commonly after waiting for several minutes the automobile can it is in restarted. His version year was affected by recall # 06v432000 (power train:automatic transmission:control module )(tcm, pcm). Follow to the remind the dealers will certainly reprogram the strength train control module. The fuel pump module will additionally be replaced on vehicles constructed from respectable 1, 2004 with September 30, 2004. The dealer will just update the software program for his vehicle . He has to pay because that the fuel pump. The fail mileage 80,000.

2005 Chrysler Pacifica fuel tank that goes from fifty percent to empty and also then dies, has replaced fuel pumps for the fourth time and it is continue again in simply two weeks.

I have a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica awd touring edition. Together with my fuel quantity problem, I additionally have a stalling difficulty now. Researching top top edmunds. Com, it seems I am not the just one. The auto shuts down as soon as coming to a stop. Due to the fact that my fuel gage is no working, I have actually been using my expedition meter to gauge mileage and tank quantity. Right approximately 110-150 mile after a fill-up, my vehicle starts come shut off. When I fill it, it only takes around 7-10 gallons that fuel. Climate it cd driver fine. This is a significant problem, especially due to the fact that my spouse transports the youngsters to and from college on a major highway with alot of traffic and also many stop on the road. There are countless owners the this year the are having the very same issues. The seems like a breakdown that may need to due v the f44 fuel pump and also control module reprogramming recall. We had actually this completed on the car. Now we have actually problems. I was called by the dealer that this is not linked with the recall. We never had problems prior to the recall being performed.

Car stalls and reads the the tank is empty also when there is gas in the vehicle. It wake up regularly. Nothing has been excellent yet. I was told egr system, then throttle body, and now ns supposedly require a $1000 fuel pump job. An extremely irritated.

The contact owns a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica. If driving 25 mph, the car coasted come a stop and also failed. The vehicle was pushed right into a parking lot. The complying with day, gasoline was included and the car was restarted. The car failed 6 times and also was then required to the dealer. The dealer proclaimed that both fuel pumps necessary to it is in replaced. The VIN and engine dimension were unknown. The existing mileage was 67,350 and also failure mileage was 65,000.

We purchased our 2006 Pacifica, certified used, in might "07 with less than 21k miles. Within a couple of weeks the automobile started stalling - frequently. The first time it happened, i was exiting the freeway. As I approached the bottom that the ramp, my automobile stalled and the steering wheel locked. I finished up in the oncoming web traffic lanes (it to be early; there were no cars at the time). The succeeding stallings would take place anytime ns was do a right or left turn or simply coming come a avoid (at around 3-7mph). The car has been in 7 times because that repair (totaling an ext than 30 days, and has occurs over 300 miles of testing). Us have had actually the idle undershoot reprogrammed, 2 fuel pumps replaced, pcm reprogrammed, a brand-new pcm, as soon as was told it was just "out the gas" - also though it said I had 30 mile to go and fuel irradiate wasn?t ~ above - they placed a pair of gallons in mine tank, enough to gain me to a gas station (now I had 60 mile to go) and also car stalled again after filling tank. It"s now earlier with the dealer (6 work now), after having actually been towed in we couldn"t even earlier out of the driveway there is no it stalling. The is right now being looked at v the aid of Chrysler, but were called they cannot duplicate the trouble (even though us were able come duplicate it v their mechanic in the vehicle a couple of days ago). Frustrating and also disturbing. This is a serious issue and also just a issue of time prior to someone has actually an accident. How many cars deserve to we continue to avoid hitting?.

The contact owns a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica. The contact stated that she has been suffering failures v the fuel tank. Anytime she attempts to add fuel to the vehicle, it will certainly not take an ext than five gallons, and also the dial never suggests that the is much more then 3/4 full. Also, the dial will relocate from fifty percent a tank down to empty within 60 miles. The call took the car to the dealer more than six times and also they replaced the level kit sensor, i m sorry did no repair the failure. In ~ weeks, the dealer replaced the fuel pump module, which also did no repair the failure. A month later they repaired the complete tank hoses, but the fail persisted. A year later, the fuel pump module to be replaced as soon as again. After all of these repairs, the failure has not yet been correctly corrected. The failure is resulting in the auto to stall when driving 15 mph. The fail mileage to be 61,000 and current mileage to be 84,000.

While control the fuel gauge all of sudden dropped indigenous 1/2 tank come empty and also the fuel alarm sounded. I was maybe to automatically stop and also refuel while only being able to fill about 1/2 a tank full. This taken place on three days will certainly on holidays traveling. I referred to as my home purchase dealer after the second event to talk about the problem and was recommend to save the fuel over 1/4 tank and bring to the shop on return from vacation. ~ above inspection, ns was recommend that no one but both fuel pumps had actually 2 various error codes. I was aware of the fuel pump problem and recall and advised, only on asking, the the VIN variety of my car was not contained in the recall list and also I was 4,000 miles beyond warranty. The complete repair was on me for $600+ dollars. It is apparent that from various other postings that this problem that this is a manufacturer defect and also my VIN number should have been covered. I can not obtain satisfaction native the dealer or chyrsler. After purchasing Chrysler for the last 3 brand-new vehicle purchases i am no inclined because that Chrysler to be selected for my next new vehicle purchase.

My 2005 Chrysler Pacifica stalled while transforming left in ~ a slow speed. This happened while going approximately a roundabout in the road. Unsafe due to the fact that the strength steering and also brakes make managing car an extremely hard.

When make a left turn, automobile shuts off (stalls). Car was fully warmed up and also had to be driven around 20 mile at the time of stall. This is the second time this car has stalled in the past 2 months. An initial time vehicle was serviced at the location purchased and also unable to determine the problem. This time an additional call was made come dealer and an appointment scheduled to have the car looked at again, yet with the "check engine" light no on, dealer is sure a diagnostic test will present nothing. Phone speak to to daimler Chrysler to comment on the problem produced no results. Csr indicated that daimler Chrysler is not mindful of a stalling concern with this vehicles.

2005 Chrysler Pacifica - 13,000 miles - same issue as NHTSA examination #ea06-013. Gas gauge is misreading and also vehicle stalls without warning. New fuel pump cannot be listed at this time, is ~ above backorder from manufacturer.

: the contact stated the the an initial experience with the vehicle stalling emerged while the vehicle was under warranty. The dealer replaced the fuel module and reprogrammed the engine, which repair the difficulty for a while. The automobile stalling additionally occurred if cruising. The engine irradiate illuminated before the stallings. During one incident, the vehicle totally stalled top top the highway travel 65 mph. The engine would not restart nor would the infection reengaged. The vehicle was taken to the dealers who established that there to be a TSB about the fuel gauge. 2 modules were changed in the fuel tank. The manufacturer educated the dealers that the modules replaced was for an additional vehicle kind but was it s okay to usage on the car to i m sorry the part was installed. After ~ the replacement part, the engine stalling ongoing while cruising and also the fuel gauge would drop down to low fuel. The car was taken earlier to the certified dealer who changed fuel pump module however the problem persists.

During the very first week that June, 2006 ns noticed a couple of things that seemed to all start at the exact same time. My Pacifica would certainly not start ideal away when I an initial attempted to start it after it had actually been sitting over night, it would certainly hesitate as soon as I took turn off from a stop if I had actually been top top a downhill incline and the gas gauge would certainly drop to north as quickly as the tank was under to five-eighths full. The difficulty went away as quickly as i filled the tank, yet the following week it taken place again as soon as the tank obtained down come five-eighths. I dubbed the dealer to make an meeting to have it looked at and the more quickly they can take it to be June 21st. The problem got much worse by the moment the 21st come around. Every time I pertained to a prevent the engine would certainly stall. It would certainly start back up if the car was placed in drive, but if it to be on a downhill incline it would not restart. Ns took the auto to the dealer ~ above June 21st and also was called it essential a fuel pump. They referred to as me later on that day and also said the part was earlier ordered, but they should have actually it in a job or two. Well, today is July 19th and my auto is still in ~ the dealer waiting for a part. Evidently the Pacificas have a major fuel pump and a jet pump. So many of the cars have had this difficulty (there are thousands of complaints noted on edmunds. Com forum) the evidently castle can"t save up with the need for this pumps. I filed a complaint v the Chrysler client assistance facility on July 11th. Ns don"t recognize if it has done any kind of good, but they do speak to the dealer each time I contact them if they have actually me on the phone. Ns am trying to be patient due to the fact that I love this car, but this is acquiring ridiculous. That is also having a new power seat memory module installed due to the fact that both strength seats stopped working and also it had actually a brand-new transfer situation installed because of a clicking/clunking noise in the former end throughout turns.

For the last two months my vehicle has not wanted to begin on the an initial try. Always have to revolve the crucial a second time. This happens an initial thing in the morning due to the fact that the automobile has sat all night. Also, my fuel gauge is not reading accordingly to the level the gas in the tank. At about a 1/4 of a tank the gauge soon goes come empty. I placed in 2 gallons that gas and miraculously the gas gauge reads 1/2 tank. Currently those who own a pacifies know that 2 gallons does not fill your tank half way. This morning mine fuel gauge review 3/4 tank and also my od check out approx. 111 miles for the trip thus far. I wanted to fill it up however the auto would only take in 2 gallons. Turn on the automobile the fuel gauge go not move from 3/4 tank. Drive 25 miles and also somehow my gauge read almost full. I have also noticed the at time as soon as I step on the gas pedal my car does not seem to rate up. It is nearly as if I remained in neutral. Ns have lugged my car back to the dealer on 2 occasions and have another appointment scheduled and they tell me the they have the right to not duplicate the problem. They case the car starts fine for them, even if left overnight. Also, they case to have actually syphoned gas the end of mine tank and the gauge reads appropriately to the lot of gas that was in the tank. About a year back my automobile did stall together I was acquisition a left hand rotate at a short speed. I instantly contacted the dealer and was told lock it common for a car to periodically do that. These are really serious and also potentially dangerous incident as I have my toddler v me in the car most that the time.

While vacationing in phibìc carolina mine fuel gauge would certainly read full then 2 hrs later north then would go to fifty percent tank climate while on the highway through my 5 year old boy I ran the end of gas(according to the gauge) once I finally made it to a gas station my 24 gallon tank just wanted to take it 7 gallons and also the gauge said full. It is now scheduled to walk in for a diagnostic test on the 21st of this month as soon as speaking v the dealership in which the car was bought castle tried come tell me the there to be no open up recalls. I have because found out various while researching online.

On the an initial day of owning our Pacifica the fuel gauge dropped down from around a 1/2 tank to much less than a 1/4 tank and nearly stalled on united state twice. Fueling the car ago up with simply a few dollars placed the gas gauge earlier past the 1/2 means mark which there"s clear no means this might happen. Because that night, the auto has ultimately stalled twice while exhibiting the same trouble of the gas gauge dropping down to virtually empty. This is a major safety concern, what if this auto stalls in an intersection etc. . . This needs to be solved ASAP prior to someone is hurt.

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When mine Chrysler Pacifica gets to 1/2 tank the gas, the car starts come stall. Especially when slowing down or transforming a curve. I"ve take away it come the dealership twice (each time ns was told the they might not replicate the problem, yet I was the end of gas -- each time I had 1/2 tank that gas -- once I turned a curve, it confirmed empty). I was called on the second trip come the dealership to document my mileage, how many gallons the gas ns put into the tank, etc. ). I filled increase on Tuesday, September 13, 2005. Today, Sunday, September 18, 2005, I reached 1/2 tank of gas. I have traveled around 242 miles. My auto is stalling again. Is over there a settle for this problem.

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