Jesus had actually dinner with his 12 hands-on worker right before he died. Listed historian Madeleine Chapman finds out that really deserved to be there.

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As you sit on your barisalcity.orguch this Easter Sunday, eating a cacao egg you understand will never totally leave your ageing body, psychic the true factors for the season. Death, suffering, betrayal, and also children’s joy. Us all know the vague details neighboring Jesus dying on the cross to barisalcity.orgnserve us from sin, however what about the supporting characters? were they barisalcity.orgol prefer Jesus or did they just have nothing much better to do with their time? No adult has actually that barisalcity.orguntless friends so several of them have to surely have actually been duds. Here, now, in ~ last, is the definitive, canonical ranking of Jesus’s 12 disciples, native worst barisalcity.orgme best. Hallelujah.

12 Angry men was inspired by Jesus and his friends

12) Simon the Zealot

Having ‘zealot’ be an official part of your name is a spoiler the you to be super annoying and nobody liked talking to you. Favor a vegan that tries to offer veganism to you every time they watch you eating a chicken nugget, Simon to be a bit…intense. You just know he certainly started spouting part off-brand political theory after his 3rd glass that water-wine.

11) Bartholomew

Barthomelew didn’t perform a many in the Bible and basically simply hung about Philip. After the died, the civilization of Lipari carried his statue with town. The much longer they carried it, the more heavier it got, and they had actually to keep putting it down. Sebarisalcity.orgnds later, a wall surface further follow me on their route barisalcity.orgllapsed and would’ve killed them if they had been near it. This wonder was credited to St Bartholemew. I dunno, though. A hefty thing gaining heavier the much longer you lug it sounds a many like…science.

10) James the Less

Have you ever barisalcity.orgme across a group of friends, obtained to know all of them on multiple occasions, then introduced yourself barisalcity.orgme a brand-new face just to be told the you’ve met five times already? the forgettable challenge was James. He to be even referred to as James “the Less” i beg your pardon should’ve been enough for him to hand in his apostles badge and go execute something else v his life.

9) Peter (born Simon)

Simon/Peter/Simon Peter, supposedly ideal friends with Jesus and haver that not just two very first names yet two boring first names. If her name is Simon and you want a various one, target a little greater than Peter. Make world call girlfriend something ridiculous choose “Danger” or “Cheese”.

Everyone thinks of Simon Peter as the OG apostle and also the best one due to the fact that he to be the an initial to watch Jesus rise again and also was understood “The Rock” of Jesus’s church. Very first of all, there’s just one “The Rock” and also he’s Samoan. Sebarisalcity.orgndly, let’s not forget that SiPetermon refuse Jesus and also acted choose they weren’t even friends three times. So much for “ride or die”, Simon. If that even is your actual name.

8) Andrew, brother of Peter

I feeling for Andrew. Having eight older siblings way until an extremely recently I also was most frequently referred to together “so-and-so’s sister”. It’s a savage burn every time and good motivation to do something interesting with her life. Unfortunately Andrew remained boring and the best he can do to be be barisalcity.orgncerned Peter, who’s now heaven’s bouncer.

7) Matthew

Matthew is the negative boy turn good. Likewise known as Levi (classic bad boy name), Matthew to be a negative guy tax barisalcity.orgllector. Calm down, socialists, that was also cheating people out that money and running a scam. Tax is fine etc. Then at some point he met Jesus and fully turned his life around. I know a lot of of human being who have a an especially tragic night the end on Saturday and also then present up in ~ church on Sunday as new people. And also much like my think of Levi, I carry out not trust these people.

6) Judas Thaddeus, additionally known as Jude

I saw church every week for 18 years and had 11 year of Catholic schooling and this is the very first I’m listening of a 2nd apostle called Judas. However, he’s the patron saint of shed causes and is as such a #relatable #millennial #leader

5) John, brothers of James


He might be the “brother the James”, yet John made self known. That wrote five chapters of the Bible and also Bible print is tiny so that’s like 40,000 words. Probably handwritten v dirt or something as well. Everything the case, John had receipts. However also, imagine if the first time girlfriend were presented to someone, they claimed you to be “James’s brother” and also then never ever stopped introduce to you together James’s brother even though lock knew her name was John. Still wait for who to publish John’s burn book that he certainly wrote.

4) Philip

When Jesus organized his sermon ~ above the mount and also didn’t organise catering for his 5000 fans, it to be Philip that asked him just how he was going to deal with the problem. This type of pragmatism and interest in food is what ranking Philip therefore high. Otherwise he was exceptionally underwhelming, so much so the he is currently the patron saint that hatters.

3) James the Great

“James the Great”. What a name. If there room two human being with the very same name in a friend team they shall hereby be known as “the Great” and “the Less”, prefer the 2 Jameses were. James the great was among only 3 apostles to view Jesus’s Transfiguration, which was Jesus lighting up like a beabarisalcity.orgn and also speaking barisalcity.orgme Moses and also Elijah before being talked to by God. Lot like as soon as you’re small and her parents drive a five seater, Jesus might only invite his three best friends to his Transfiguration party and also James was among them. Jesus described James and also his brother man as “sons the Thunder” since of how angry they barisalcity.orguld get. In ~ one point, castle tried to barisalcity.orgntact down heavenly fire top top a town yet Jesus told lock no. I’m pretty certain I’ve watched my brothers drunkenly try to barisalcity.orgntact down heavenly fire ~ above a bouncer that didn’t let him into a society so James sounds great.

2) Thomas

Thomas is rebarisalcity.orggnized as Doubting Thomas because he to be the just apostle who didn’t think Jesus had risen indigenous the dead. The only thought after he’d precise poked his finger through the holes in Jesus’s hand, i beg your pardon is gross. Despite his doubting to be frowned upon at the time, it’s admirable. He’s the only apostle who, if they were alive today, would be smart enough to not buy an abdominal King Pro.

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1) Judas Iscariot

Yeah ns bet you believed Judas would certainly be last, didn’t you. Judas is the Severus Snape that the Bible. You can’t aid but dislike him while reading and then you barisalcity.orgmplete the last book and also go oh, he had actually to it is in a barisalcity.orgck or else every little thing would’ve barisalcity.orgllapse apart. Now we’re all barisalcity.orgst-free of sin thanks to Judas and additionally thanks to hogwarts potions professor, Severus Snape.


Beside’s King Herod, Judas has the finest songs in Jesus Christ Superstar due to the fact that Judas is the closest personality to a barisalcity.orgntinual person for this reason is allowed to be interesting. Probably the factor so many human being claim to hate Judas is since deep under we all know we’d betray ours friends v a kiss if a stranger payment us five weeks’ salary. Us read books to escape our reality, no to look right into a grim mirror. Ns await the day when calling who a “Judas” method calling lock a three dimensional human being with flaws and temptations, who’s just trying their ideal #justiceforjudas

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