Volume of Solids

Find the volume the solids by multiplying the area that the base by the elevation of the solid. Remember, the volume prefer area can be added.

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In geometry, a rectangular prism have the right to be defined as a 3-dimensional solid shape which has actually six faces that space rectangles.

A rectangle-shaped prism is additionally a cuboid.


We can uncover the form of a rectangular prism in a truck, a chest of drawers and also in one aquarium, roughly us.


Properties of a rectangular Prism :

A rectangular prism has 8 vertices, 12 sides and also 6 rectangular faces.All the opposite encounters of a rectangle-shaped prism are equal.A rectangle-shaped prism has a rectangular cross section.

Rectangular prisms have the right to be of 2 types, specific right rectangular prism and non-right rectangle-shaped prisms.

Surface Area and also Volume of a rectangle-shaped Prism:

Let’s take into consideration this rectangle-shaped prism through the length, width and height marked.


Since every the faces of a rectangular prism room rectangles and also opposite encounters are equal, the surface area the a rectangular prism have the right to be calculated using the complying with formula:

Surface Area = 2( width x size ) + ( size x elevation ) + (width x elevation )

Volume of a rectangular prism is simply derived by multiply all 3 dimensions - length, height and also width.

Volume = length x broad x height

fun Facts

Rectangular prisms are the most frequently used prism in real life, particularly in packaging, from cereal boxes come cartons and also parcels delivered by mail.

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Let"s sing!

Let"s perform it!

Ask your child to find and observe things in the form of rectangle-shaped prism such as in a television, a cupboard, a cookie box or a cereal box. Further, you can show and explore exactly how a cereal box is a 3-dimensional rectangle-shaped prism.

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