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Yet surprisingly couple of people ever before see a mob of Red Kangaroos in the wild. Castle live in the dusty interior, far from the major cities.

Here at Billabong Sanctuary, we have actually our very own ‘Boomers’ in residence. Seize a bagful of seed native the kiosk, and then head over toward the shady trees by the creek. You will certainly soon have one of this gentle giants eating the end of her hand.

WHAT perform THEY look LIKE?

Kangaroos belong come the mammal household Macropodidae (meaning ‘big feet’). Members that this group selection from tiny Hare-wallabies to usual Wallabies and Wallaroos and also the biggest of all- the Grey and the Red Kangaroos.


All have a properties pear-shaped body through a relatively small head, enormous earlier legs, shortened front legs, and powerful tails. There are 5 well-developed toes ~ above the front feet; there is no opposable digit, yet the front paws are an extremely much choose hands, and are provided for stop food.

The ago feet have 4 toes, yet the within two room fused approximately the claws. (This feature is called ‘syndactyly’.) The twin claw at the end is provided for grooming. The central claw top top the hind foot is long and also powerful, and is supplied as a weapon in aggressive and also defensive attacks.

Red Kangaroos have soft red to greyish fur, and are the just members the this group to have actually white fur on your underparts. There is a black and white patch at the side of the muzzle, and a white strip from the edge of the mouth to the basic of the ear.

The females are often bluish-grey in colour, so have been given the nickname ‘Blue Fliers’.

Large males are likewise called ‘Boomers’.

Red Kangaroos space the biggest of Australia’s marsupials. (A marsupial is a pouched mammal.) one adult masculine stands end 1.8 m tall (5 ft 10 in) and can weigh up to 90 kg (198 lb). He deserve to tower end a high person! complete length that the head and body averages around 1150 mm (3.8 ft) through an median tail length of around 880 mm (2.9 ft.) Females are much smaller, v an typical weight of around 26.5 kg (58 lb).


Red Kangaroos live throughout many of the central part that mainland Australia, in locations with less than 500 mm (18 in) average annual rainfall.

They prefer open up plains habitat, consisting of grasslands and also deserts, as lengthy as there space at the very least a few scattered trees because that shelter.

A team of Kangaroos (called a mob) may consist of native 2 to number of hundred animals. There is generally one leading male, number of adult females, and also both male and female juveniles.

Mobs the Kangaroos travel long distances and also easily get past man-made barriers such together stock fences.


Summers in the internal of Australia room intensely hot; daytime temperatures frequently reach fine over 40 levels C (105 F ). Kangaroos rest under trees or shrubs throughout the warmth of the day, and barisalcity.orge out to feed in the cool the the evening and also at night.

Kangaroos can’t sweat as soon as they space hot, as human being can. Instead, they lick their chests and the insides of their forearms it spins the skin is rather soggy. The blood ship in these locations are close to the surface of the skin. When the humidity evaporates, the cools the blood turn underneath, which helps to cool under the totality animal.

This evaporative cooling is the exact same principle as that used in waiting conditioners!

Kangaroos have long, thick eyelashes that help to defend their eyes from the glare of the sun.


When travel fast, the Kangaroo bounds front on its huge, powerful hind legs, with the tail hosted out behind for balance, and also the front legs tucked in close come the body. This movement is very fluid and graceful, and the Roo deserve to cover vast distances, with leaps approximately 8 m long (26 ft), and short explode of rate reaching practically 65 kph (40 mph)! An average travelling speed would be about 12 kph (8 mph).

When Kangaroos are moving slowly, or feeding, they balance on their small front legs and also tail, swing their hind legs forward like a pendulum, then lug up the tail and front foot to barisalcity.orgplete the movement. The muscles of the hind legs room attached in together a means that once travelling top top land, the Kangaroo constantly moves both four together. Interestingly, if the Kangaroo ever before has occasion to swim, it have the right to then move its hind foot separately.

With these solid hind limbs, the Kangaroo deserve to jump vertically indigenous a standing start over obstacles together tall as itself. Females through a large joey in the pouch can bound at top speed increase a close to vertical slope.

Male Kangaroos also use their tail to balance once they increase up on their hind legs and also have ‘boxing matches’ with other males. They tip back their heads and swat in ~ each various other with their long front claws, or kick out with their strong back legs, armed with the powerful central claw. As soon as one masculine backs down, the various other will stop attacking. They might then casually scratch themselves, and resume feeding.

WHAT execute THEY EAT?

Red Kangaroos eat eco-friendly grass and herbage, feeding largely at night. They can live for lengthy periods without water, utilizing the humidity in their food.


This diet is high in cellulose. In barisalcity.orgmon with other animals, Kangaroos absence digestive enzymes to break down cellulose, for this reason they have evolved both mechanical and chemical means of extracting nourishment from their food.

Grass is nipped off through the front teeth (incisors) i m sorry grind versus a difficult plate in ~ the optimal of the mouth. Over there is a void (called a diastema) in between the front teeth and also the ago teeth (molars). This gives the tongue much more room to press the food around inside the mouth and also to position it between the molars for grinding.

The molars have actually sharp grinding surfaces. As the animal grows, the molars erupt in succession, with the one in prior dropping out, and also the people behind relocating forward to take its place. This method there is constantly a sharp new cutting surface to failure the tree matter.

The stomach is divided into two parts: the sacciform and the tubiform. In the front part, shaped prefer a large sack, are countless microscopic organisms, mostly bacteria but also fungi and protozoa. This microbes ferment the tree matter, releasing nutrients that the Kangaroo can use.

Food may stay in this forestomach for up to 16 hours while fermentation take away place. The Kangaroo sometimes coughs increase an undigested little of food, and chews the some more before re-swallowing it. This is comparable to a cow chewing its cud.

Once fermentation is well underway, the partially digested food passes into the second, tube-shaped part of the stomach, where acids and enzymes secreted by the Kangaroo barisalcity.orgplete the process of digestion.


The reproductive biology of the Kangaroo is unusual and also amazing, for numerous reasons.

The many well-known, the course, is that most of the development of the young takes location not in the womb, however in an external pouch.

The female is often nurturing young at 3 entirely different stages of development, even creating milk of various barisalcity.orgposition in various teats.

In addition, development of the youngest embryo deserve to be rotate on or off, depending on external conditions.


The woman Red Kangaroo might barisalcity.orge into season at any time of the year. To inspect if she is prepared for breeding, males will approach and sniff the area about the base of her tail. They may also smell her urine.

If the mrs is nearing the stage when she will certainly be receptive to breeding, the male will start to follow her closely, occasionally grasping and also stroking she tail. The dominant male that the crowd will ultimately be enabled to breed, v mating lasting 10 to 15 minutes.

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The young is born 33 days after mating. To acquire ready because that the bear of the joey, the female will lick the bag clean, and lean up versus the basic of a tree, resting on her hindquarters with her tail passed between her hind legs.

The infant Kangaroo is hairless and also tiny, barely the size of a peanut, and also weighing less than a gram (CONTACT US