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ANSWER: that is close to 25,000 miles (circumference) around the Earth. The average walking rate for most civilization is around 3 miles per hour. For this reason we"re looking at 8,300 hours of walking. Let"s number a 10-hour walking day. The puts us at 830 work of walking, or around 2.7 years.

Such a feat (no pun intended) would require about 50 million steps, numerous pairs of shoes, great health, determination and also stamina. It would certainly be an epic demonstration of person endurance and courage.

But a walk approximately plant earth is complicated. Over there is no path totally on soil that would permit a 25,000-mile constant trek. One would need to take a watercraft or airplane for a substantial component of the trip.

According come the Guinness book of Records, the an initial verified walk about the earth was do by Dave Kunst. The took four years, 21 million steps and also 22 pairs of leather shoes for Kunst to finish his record-making 14,450-mile go in 1974. His brother john accompanied him, however he was eliminated by bandits in Afghanistan. Dave Kunst perfect the journey with an additional brother, Pete.

Kunst and also his brother hiked across Europe, north America, Asia, the Middle east and back to Europe.

The Guinness publication of records lists Steve Newman together the first do walk approximately the human being solo. It take it Newman four years to cross 20 countries for a street of 15,000 miles.

Jean Beliveau, a neon authorize salesman indigenous Quebec, Canada, started his walk in 1998 at age 45. The hiked 45,000 miles v 64 countries in 11 years.

George Meegan hold the record for the longest unbroken walk. Native 1977 to 1983, that walked 19,000 mile from Tierra Del Fuego, the southern pointer of southern America to the northernmost part of Alaska. Meegan spanned the entire Western Hemisphere and the most levels in latitude ever before on foot.

There are methods of getting approximately the planet besides walking. Some remarkable circumnavigations would encompass the Magellan-Elcano voyage. Magellan collection out from Seville, Spain, in 1519 with five ships and 270 men. One ship, the Victoria, v 18 men, went back three years later. 4 ships were ruined or lost and Magellan himself was eliminated by hostiles in the Philippines.

The very first airplane circumnavigation was lugged out by the unified States army Air business in 1924. The team of fliers took 175 job to go 27,340 miles. 4 Douglas-built plane were used, and also three finished the journey.

One of the many remarkable trips around the globe was the nine-day 1986 non-stop, and also non-refueled trip by dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager. Their composite (fiberglass, carbon fiber, Kevlar) aircraft, Voyager, had actually 17 fuel tanks. Your Voyager aircraft can be viewed at the Smithsonian national Air and an are Museum in Washington, D.C. A replica is on screen at the experimental Aircraft combination Museum at Oshkosh.

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