Approved spring 2021 education Plans

Read the complete recovery and also reopening plans, and details on the commonwealth CARES Act education and learning related resources here. (PDF)

July 6, 2020: FDOE stimulate No. 2020-EO-06 - Reopening K-12 Schools


On July 6, 2020, the Florida department of education and learning (FDOE) provided further indict to institution districts with an Emergency stimulate – 2020-EO-06: further Guidance for Closing achievement Gaps and also Creating safe Spaces for Learning. FDOE take it bold steps to ensure that Florida colleges will be open up while additionally providing equally together pivotal flexibilities that directly prioritize health and also safety and benefit families, college districts and schools. This order additionally gave districts the jae won security and also confidence come secure a seat because that a college student that may decide to start the institution year in a non-traditional setting, it is in it virtual or one of the many innovative ways Florida districts are providing education, and also later return to the classroom. The order an unified with the FDOE’s referrals to Reopen Florida’s Schools and the cares Act setup are designed to work together to ensure each and also every student in Florida can proceed to get a human being class education, offer parents a selection in their students education, and prioritize safety.

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These additional flexibilities likewise created pathways for institution districts come craft your own locally conceived plans the work ideal for the neighborhoods they serve, if ensuring school districts obtain the guidance and security they need to comply with plenty of state and federal laws to ensure every student, including those with medical vulnerabilities, English Language Learners and students with disabilities. Each district produced unique, fix up plans the prioritize the safety and security the students and educators and ensuring every Florida college student can continue to obtain a world-class education. The to plan are as result of FDOE by July 31, 2020. Check out these plan below:

Approved K-12 ar Re-Opening Plans

If you have actually trouble accessing the below files you re welcome reach out to the County directly.

Calhoun county Reopening arrangement (PDF)Charlotte county Reopening setup (PDF)Clay ar Reopening setup (PDF)FSU Lab school (Leon) Reopening setup (PDF)Glades county Reopening arrangement (PDF)Hamilton ar Reopening plan (PDF)Hernando ar Reopening arrangement (PDF)Holmes ar Reopening plan (PDF)
Marion ar Reopening plan (PDF)Monroe ar Reopening setup (PDF)Osceola ar Reopening plan (PDF)Pinellas ar Reopening arrangement (PDF)Sarasota ar Reopening arrangement (PDF)Seminole ar Reopening setup (PDF)Sumter ar Reopening arrangement (PDF)

FDOE COVID-19 Newsroom • call Information • K12 Campus Closures • Postsecondary organizations • Office of early Learning • Vocational Rehabilitation and Blind Services offices • State of Florida accuse • federal Guidance • Related documents • advantageous Resources

The Florida room of education (FDOE) is working carefully with the Florida room of health (FDOH) and the Centers for condition Control and also Prevention (CDC) to monitor COVID-19 and is proactively working come ensure the the many up-to-date guidance is quickly and also accurately disseminated. FDOE understands that concerns around health and safety room paramount for all education and learning communities. In solution to together concerns, we encourage you to accessibility up-to-date information and resources from the Florida department of wellness (FDOH) website or the Centers for an illness Control and also Prevention (CDC) website.

School districts and colleges should work straight with their regional county health departments to establish protocols to re-open Florida’s education institutions, control the spread of COVID-19, and educate the public on prevention.

This page, which will certainly be on regular basis updated, functions the most present information on COVID-19, primarily from the CDC and also FDOH, as well as guidance and resources because that everyday condition prevention strategies. You re welcome direct any kind of questions around COVID-19 in Florida come FDOH at COVID-19

Department of Children and also Families Abuse Hotline: 1-800-962-2873

Reporting Abuse throughout COVID-19 (PDF)Information because that Educators (PDF)Parents and Caregivers Play vital Role during COVID-19 (PDF)

For extr education-related information, the U.S. Department of education has established a devoted Coronavirus webpage, which includes resources for establishments of higher education and also for K-12. This info is continually to update so please check earlier for the latest.

FDOE COVID-19 Newsroom

Contact Information

DOH hotline: 866-779-6121 (24 hours)CDC hotline: 800-232-4636 (24 hours)

State of Florida Guidance

Federal Guidance

Over the last two weeks, the White House, the department of Education, and also other commonwealth agencies have released much more guidance to assistance schools, educators, and also families regarding COVID-19. Numerous of the brand-new documents are noted below. The Department continues to update its COVID-19 information and also resources net page through the most current information, and any concerns for the Department may be directed to COVID-19

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Related Documents

Remember: as COVID-19 evolves, guidance will change, please testimonial the most recent to update above.