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Head coach stack Pitino the the Louisville Cardinals and his mam Joanne celebrate after ~ they won 82-76 versus the Michigan Wolverines during the 2013 NCAA Men’s final Four Championship at the Georgia Dome on April 8, 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Pitino has been married to the previous Joanne Minardi because that over 40 years, and the pair have 5 living kids together. Pitino and Minardi gained married in 1976 and have continued to be together v some make the efforts times.

Minardi and Pitino met each other in the beforehand 1970s as soon as they both to visit St. Dominic’s High institution in Oyster Bay, long Island, according to Newsday.

One the those times was in 2009, as soon as Pitino announced he was being extorted by a mrs he had a brief affair through in 2003.

On April 18, 2009, announced he was getting extorted by the wife of a Louisville tools manager. ~ above April 24, Karen Cunagin Sypher, the mam of Tim Sypher, to be charged in commonwealth court through extortion and lying to federal agents.

Pitino claimed he reported hazards from Karen Sypher and also the F.B.I launched an investigation into the matter. The longtime coach stated he didn’t want to walk public through the matter, however decided come after a news company was questioning it.

“I freshly learned the the separation, personal, instance behind this extortion effort has currently gone come the media through false, defamatory and outrageous allegations in an effort to push me to cave in come this scheme,” Pitino claimed in a statement.

Sources told the Pitino obtained threatening phone call calls in February 2009 indigenous Sypher and “possibly others” and the calls ongoing in the weeks the followed. Finally, Pitino contacted authorities in late March.

According to Tim Sypher, the 2 were in the process of acquiring a divorce, and he issued a declare of his very own saying he was “devastated” by the “bizarre” allegations Karen is making against Pitino and himself.

“At this point, my primary problem is for my young daughter and also four stepsons, both come the influence of your mother’s action on them, as well as the affect on Coach’s family and also the university,” Tim said. “I love my children, and want to protect them,” the explain said. “At the very same time, i intend to defend the allegations vigorously and will have actually no added comment in ~ this time.”

Pitino and Sypher had actually a sexual relationship that dated ago to July 2003, and also Pitino accused her of making demands such together cash, cars and a house to stay quiet about the affair. Sypher was found guilty of the charges and also was sentenced come over seven years in a commonwealth prison for she extortion attempt.


Pitino and also Minardo have five living children: Michael, Christopher, Richard, Ryan and also Jacqueline. In 1987, however, the couple experienced the lose of their newborn son, Daniel Paul. He died just at simply 6-months old because of congenital heart failure.

“I knew the something great had come come the end off this,” joanne said during a 1987 speech as she clutched an basketball. “God doesn’t just reason such pain.”

Daniel’s death emerged as Pitino to be the coach at Providence and on the last day the the big East Tournament. Former player Dave Kipfer stated the room was silent the first practice after ~ his coach’s sons death.

“At the an initial practice after it happened, everyone was type of quiet. Us didn’t understand what to say, or just how to act,” Kipfer claimed to The brand-new York Times. “Finally, coach dubbed a meeting and told united state that the finest thing we might do for him and also his household was to win as plenty of games as we can to keep his mind off it. Nothing’s been claimed since, yet deep under I think everybody’s make the efforts to success for coach.”

After his death, the couple established the Daniel Pitino foundation in his memory. The charity organization has raised numerous dollars over the year for youngsters in need.


Following in his father’s footsteps, Richard Pitino has worked his method up the coaching ranks and is now the coach in ~ the university of Minnesota.

Richard started as an bureaucratic assistant at the university of Charleston in 2004 and also worked his wan v the coaching ranks with a variety of assistant jobs. In 2009, he worked under Billy Donovan at the college of Florida and left the school in 2011 to come to be the combine head coach in ~ Louisville under his father.

In 2012, Richard received his an initial head coaching position once he was named the coach at Florida worldwide University, replacing Isiah Thomas. Simply one year later, Richard was on the move again, this time come Minnesota where he replaced Tubby Smith.

In his four seasons as the Gophers’ coach, Richard’s led the team to a 75-61 record with one NCAA competition berth.

The lose of their child wasn’t the last tragedy that struck the Petinos. Joanne’s brother, Billy Minardi, worked as a link trader for Cantor Fitzgerald. Your office was located on the 105th floor of the phibìc tower the the people Trade Center and was hit by American Airlines trip 11. Billy passed away in the terrorist attack, and also the Louisville ar has operated to remember that in the years that have followed.

Every season since 2002, Louisville has devoted a home video game in December as the Billy Minardi Classic, and also a dorm on the campus is named Billy Minardi Hall.

Pitino frequently referred to Billy together being his “best friend” and said he was the one come coax him earlier into university basketball after coaching for the Celtics.

“My wife and I always say that life will never ever be as an excellent as when Billy to be alive,” that told ESPN. “The void is that large for us. But with his youngsters here, it help so much. That doesn’t consist of for the lose of their dad, however we all have each other.”

After to win the national championship in 2013, Pitino presented Billy’s widow, mar Minardi Vogt, his hall of reputation jersey.

While attending a Minnesota game to clock Richard Pitino coach during his first season, stack sat alongside his son, Ryan. However, it’s for sure to to speak he wasn’t expecting his wardrobe. The TV broadcast on big Ten Network flashed come the pair in the was standing behind the Minnesota bench and questioned why Ryan was wearing a chicken suit.

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Ryan later explained why he did the on ESPN 680: “If you’re going come ‘The Barn,’ why not wear a chicken suit?”

He stated he gained the suit v a previous Louisville video manager that functions at Minnesota and upset his father, that wasn’t prepared.

“I go, ‘I’ve acquired a chicken suit I’m going come wear. Just don’t worry around it,"” Ryan sai ~ above the radio interview. “He goes, ‘No you’re not. Friend can’t do that.’ So i did it, and it turned the end to be a quite funny thing.”