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Let your jewelry it is in the last thing you put on and also the an initial thing you take off. Polishing jewelry with a soft polishing cloth, store it individually in a tarnish-resistant jewelry box or pouch, don\"t wear it when you\"re in water or functioning up a sweat, limit call with make-up, creams and also perfume, and also avoid silver dips, sprucing up liquid, ultrasonic clean and solid chemicals. A special treatment kit is accessible to buy.

We have actually three bracelet principles that have the right to be worn through charms: Moments and Reflexions™. Girlfriend can format the three ideas together, however you can’t swap charms in between them because of their different designs and also functionalities. Remember to wear moment charms and Reflexions™ charms only on their corresponding bracelets, to prevent damage and also keep your jewelry under warranty.

Moments charm bracelets and also bangles can be filled totally with charms. You have the right to wear up to 6 charms on Moments sliding Bracelets. You have the right to clip 5-7 charms onto Reflexions™ bracelets. Our leather arm bands hold 7-9 charms, and 4 charms deserve to be styled on cloth cord bracelets.

Moments slide Bracelets: Unlock the bracelet ~ above one next (you choose) by pressing the special button lock. Add charms.Moments padlock bracelets: Unlock the padlock by pushing the button lock on the side and unlinking it from the bracelet. Include your charms, then lock the padlock onto the bracelet again.

Important tip: never ever barisalcity.orge tools, jbarisalcity.orgt her fingernail or our unique clasp opener, which you have the right to buy. 

Once you’ve opened up your bracelet or bangle, you can add your charms. Moments charms merely thread ~ above their corresponding bracelet or bangle. Through Reflexions™ bracelets, the charms clip onto the steel mesh. Remember come secure her charm styling through a safety chain, jbarisalcity.orgt in case, and close the bracelet or bangle clasp properly.

A perfect fit for a charm bracelet or bangle is once there’s no more than a thumb\"s width of room between your wrist and also the bracelet. Measure her wrist, then add 1-2 cm. View our size guide for an ext information.

Store jewelry separately in a tarnish-resistant jewelry box or jewel pouch and also keep it away from abrasive surfaces. Shade freshwater cultured pearls and also leather from direct sunlight or solid lighting for lengthy periods that time, to prevent fading. Please remember that gift boxes are not produced long-term storage together they are not airtight. 

from statement pieces to stack designs, our wide an option of hand-finished bracelets and also bangles come in sterling silver, Rose™, 14k gold, and Shine™: 18k gold-plated sterling silver. We likewise offer a cosmos of vibrant and symbolic charm for customizing them. Be an imaginative with your self-expression and an individual style.

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