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I have actually Mrscummings to give thanks to for this blog post. She invite me to do a guest blog post

As I composed a if back, I’m no a pan of skinny cocktails. Mostly, since I feel choose many people don’t respect the ingredients. Why need to we change a good drink and also sacrifice flavor, if we can start through a new list the ingredients and also come up v a brand-new list of an excellent cocktails? Or realize that our current drinks are simply fine.

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Liquor is liquor is liquor. If you have 80 proof vodka, gin, rum, tequila, whiskey, or brandy, 1 oz is 64 calories (according come Webmd’s calorie counter.) for this reason the difference in between these liquors in terms of calories is nothing. So because that those of girlfriend who have actually been drinking Vodka-Diet Soda, you re welcome stop, unless you love it. It’s no under calories 보다 rum and also diet, or vodka and also club soda, to surname a few. American love husband Whiskey is the just liquor the I have actually seen that has actually fewer calories. According to daily Burn, American Honey has actually 60 calorie in 50 mL (or roughly 1.7 oz.) The evidence is slightly lower. Instead of 80 proof, it’s 71 proof.


Now, this is whereby the calorie happen. This is yes, really sad for me since I love liqueurs.

Most Fruit Liqueurs: Triple Sec, apple Liqueurs, Limoncello, etc, according to have actually 103 calories every ounce. Now I have actually seen part differing details on the liqueurs on the web, however let’s err with the higher calorie count. So for those of friend who want to to speak Good-bye pounds and you’re looking to reduced calories once drinking, you can want to say goodbye Liqueurs! At least for a while.

Beer vs. Wine vs. Liquor

I recognize I acquired a depressed and also started to feel choose a fat ass after analysis the stats ~ above liqueurs.

Now that is time to feeling better:

According to, practically all beers selection between 150 and also 250 calories because that 12 ounces that beer. Therefore a 12 oz can of beer is commonly 54 or much more calories consumed for the very same alcohol content. A 5 oz glass that wine typically ranges in between 120 come 140 calories for a 5-ounce glass of wine which is the alcohol identical of 12 ounces that beer or 1.5 ounces that liquor. Alcohol is slightly much more calories every glass 보다 liquor when looking at alcohol by volume.

Just FYI: These space all conventional servings of beer, wine, and also liquor.

So currently What?

So, now we recognize that the doesn’t issue what liquors us use. We have to watch ours mixers.

Great mixers come look for: society Soda and also Diet Soda. These both have actually 0 calories. Tonic Water has actually calories (who knew?,) however Diet Tonic Exists together well.

Freshly Squeezed Juices (which friend should have actually been utilizing anyway.) 1 oz of new Squeezed Lime Juice: 8 calories. 1 oz new Squeezed Lemon Juice: 8 oz.

1 oz fresh Squeezed Orange Juice: 13 Calories.

Herbs are an excellent as well: Basil o calories. Mint 1 tsp: 5 calories.

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If you must sweeten points up: straightforward Syrup: 48 calories for a 1 oz offer (and it’s rare the you’ll use much more than 1/2 oz of basic syrup for a drink.)

This is some general advice for those of friend who room calorie counting. I will certainly be doing a guest blog because that the short article for Mrscummings shortly (I’ll post here letting you know) with particular drink recipes under 200 calories (although I’m trying to obtain them under 150.)

Comment listed below or email me if girlfriend have any kind of questions. I always love to know what you think.