Vegetable beef soup must be hearty and also just downright simple to do. This version is affordable v frozen vegetables and also slow-cooked beef to to fill you (or your crowd) increase in no time flat.

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This cooking recipes was initially published in December 2014.

It’s easy to let the more heavier cool weather meals sweet you down. Why do we use so much cream and also butter and also flour in the winter?

I’m no complaining, yet there room times as soon as you’d like to have actually a lighter but still filling soup you won’t need hrs on the treadmill come burn off–and an easy to make vegetable beef soup filled with corn, carrots, peas and green bean plus a simmered hearty broth is a good way to carry out that.

Can i make this vegetable beef soup in my slow-moving cooker?

Yep. Friend can. I’m not a huge slow cooker fan, yet if you want to go that route, simply brown your meat in a skillet v the onion and transfer to your slow cooker, include the staying ingredients and cook on short for about 5 hours, or high for 2. The much longer it sits, the much better it tastes.

Can I double the ingredients in my vegetable beef soup?

Sure. If you want to twin or triple that’s simply fine. Or if you want to placed in an ext meat than the recipe calls for and also leave the rest of the ingredient the exact same you deserve to do the too. My household likes a many meat in their vegetable beef soup so carry out what works for your crew. I will say though–don’t skip the cabbage if you can help it. It’s a should here.

Is her vegetable beef soup gluten free?

The ingredients space for the many part, yes. You just need come watch her beef broth. I like much better than Bouillon but there is gluten in your beef base. You’d it is in much much better off to make yours indigenous scratch and also then you’d be entirely safe!

How long is vegetable beef soup great for in the refrigerator?

Store her cooled soup (let the cool ~ above the cooktop or counter for a if first) then deliver to a tightly sealed container and your soup will store for 4 or 5 days, no problem.

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Enjoy this soup through my no yeast dinner rolls or if you have actually time, make a batch of the real deal yeast ones, or learn exactly how to do cornbread that truly southern.