The Denver to ras Vegas drive is one of the most amazing road trips you can take in the USA, providing you the opportunity to check out the finest that the Southwestern states have to offer.

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From Colorado throughout to Nevada, there’s so much to it is in seen. We aren’t simply talking around a quick pit stop at the cool Canyon, one of two people – this roadway trip has actually so much an ext potential.

We identify that this route deserve to be done in 2 ways, one acquisition what we call the North Route the goes with northwest Colorado and the north section the Utah. This path largely stays clear of the southwest.

The 2nd being the South Route, which top to the southwest that Colorado and then straddles the Arizona/Utah border, hitting the finest of both in the area. This route supplies a classic Southwest USA experience.

This write-up outlines the south Route. i m sorry in our opinion, offers means more bang for your buck as soon as it comes to exploring in between Las Vegas and also Denver.

On the southern route, you’ll visit the epos Canyon of the Ancients prior to seeing the equally old cliff residences at Mesa Verde. Take it in the rocky, otherworldly sights that Arizona, stopping for a selfie above Horseshoe Bend prior to exploring two of Utah’s national parks and then ending in Nevada.

There’s a many to take in, so this is our overview to plan a successful Denver to ras Vegas drive!

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Ultimate pilgrimage Planner: Denver to las Vegas Drive

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Ultimate expedition Planner: Denver to las Vegas Drive

The drive from Denver, Colorado, to las Vegas, Nevada, is a journey of epic proportions. While the quickest route in between these 2 cities would take a fast driver 12 hrs to complete without stopping, we suggest taking that slow and enjoying every little thing there is to watch on the way.

And there’s a lot to see, so aspect in lot of of time to suffer the national parks, and any unexpected concealed gems you might stumble across.

Our Denver to las Vegas drive itinerary will certainly take at least a main to gain properly, yet you can easily add in more days, specifically if you want to spend much more time hiking in the parks!

Denver to las Vegas Road trip Map

Our path is 870 mile long. If it’s relatively comprehensive, yes so much to watch in such a large area that you deserve to easily include in detours and also customize the to develop your very own itinerary.

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What around accommodation, food, and fuel?


Once you’re out of Denver, this is a reasonably remote and, at times, seemingly empty and barren component of the nation (there’s a the majority of desert in this region!). The also really well-trafficked; if you stick come the key highways, girlfriend won’t need any kind of special vehicles or equipment to gain the road trip.

We’d introduce stocking up on water and also fuel (and possibly some food) in ~ the start of the trip and also as you pass through bigger towns. Store your gas tank full, and you shouldn’t have actually a problem, even on the longest stretches of road.

There’s plenty of accommodation en route, too, native roadside motels to glorious camping spots in the national parks. Friend should try to publication the finest places in advance, or you might turn up late and have no ar to stay.

This is a well-known road trip for RV lovers, so you could rent a camper and be entirely self-contained on the journey too.

Let us help you acquire a an excellent deal top top accommodation: 11 easy Tips on exactly how to uncover Cheap Accommodation

The ideal time come road expedition from Denver to las Vegas


This is a large and varied part of the USA, and the climate deserve to vary quite significantly on the Denver to las Vegas drive. Colorado is cooler and more temperate (it’s well-known for snow sporting activities in winter, of course!), while las Vegas is notoriously dry, dusty, and hot.

The summer month are peak season, yet it gets super hot and busy top top the road. We’d imply that you aim to make the drive in either feather or fall. Drive in between either march to might or in between September and November; you’ll miss out on the crowds and it i will not ~ be as well hot.

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13 ideal Stops For her Denver to ras Vegas drive itinerary

1. Denver, Colorado

Start her journey in Denver, Colorado. The state capital is a fascinating mixture of contemporary and 19th-century architecture, and also a metropolis surrounding by mountains and nature.

Explore Downtown Denver, taking in the magnificent State Capitol Building, the Botanic Gardens, and famous landmarks choose the Mint and also the Union train station.

There are terrific museums, and best the all, friend can try and record a concert at the Red Rocks Amphitheater top top the outskirts of the city. The out arena is literally sculpted from the Colorado absent it sit on.

Don’t just drive from point A come B, here are a few amazing things to carry out in Denver top top your road trip:

2. Durango, Colorado


The very first stretch of roadway is a long yet beautiful one. You’ll leaving Denver and head south to the border with brand-new Mexico, whereby you have the right to overnight in the little city of Durango.

You can even rest up the journey (it’s end 300 miles) through camping the end or protecting against off in the Rio Grande national Forest, or any kind of of Colorado’s plenty of other national woodlands that are en route.

Durango chin is a wonderful destination, supplying easy accessibility to the hiking and also biking trails of the mountain Juan nationwide Forest.

If you only have actually time because that one task when you in the city, do it a journey on the Silverton and Durango small Gauge Railroad. This old mountain train winds its method through canyons and alongside steep cliffs, supplying dramatic views end the Colorado scenery.

Turn her Denver to las Vegas roadway trip into an epos adventure ~ above one or 2 tours that us love in Durango:

3. Mesa Verde national Park


From Durango, that a quick hop down the roadway to Mesa Verde nationwide Park, where you can find one of the most fascinating archeological sites in the country.

Mesa Verde was house to the Pueblo Civilization, who left their mark on the an ar until they disappeared in the 1300s. The many impressive ruins you have the right to see are those the the Cliff Palace.

The Pueblo Indians built elaborate houses directly listed below the cliffs, frequently carving them directly from the rock.

We love experimenting places by ourselves yet we likewise love exploring them with a local guide who can show us much more and call us around this area past the posted details in the national park.

That is why us love these 2 tours readily available in Mesa Verde national Park:

4. Canyons of the Ancients nationwide Monument


Next up space the Canyons that the Ancients national Monuments, just across the highway native Mesa Verde national Park.

The nationwide monument likewise protects crucial archeological web page left behind through the Pueblo Indians. You deserve to learn more about the civilization’s history by visiting the Anasazi visitors Center prior to heading to explore the archeological sites and also ruins themselves.

This is a fifty percent day protect against to truly evaluate all the is top top offer. We’d recommend that you conserve it because that your departure day, invest the morning here and also then move on.

5. 4 Corners


Head southwest, and you’ll shortly reach one of the region’s most famous stops, the 4 Corners. There’s not really much below to see except for a monument, however it’s popular due to the fact that this is the intersection of 4 states.

This is wherein Colorado, new Mexico, Utah, and also Arizona all meet. Friend can set foot in all 4 states before hitting the roadway again.

Besides posing for the photograph of your feet in many states, be sure to invest some time purchase the local Navajo artisan shops approximately the perimeter that the monument.

6. Monument Valley


The highway passes an extremely briefly through brand-new Mexico before turning into Arizona. You heading to the Arizona-Utah border, where you can discover Monument Valley.

This is one of the ideal stops on the road expedition from Denver to ras Vegas; you’ll recognize numerous of the views from western movies and, these days, from Instagram.

The road winds through this monumental valley, where vast rocks or buttes climb abruptly and also dramatically native the floor below.Discover the Good, the Bad, the Ugly about visiting Monument Valley wherein we offer the operation down on our visit come this above American landmark.

There’s a ton the cool points to perform in Monument Valley, too:

7. Page, Arizona


From Monument Valley, continue throughout Arizona come the small city the Page, from whereby you can explore some that the best sights top top the roadway trip.

This is cool Canyon territory; your first stop will be Horseshoe Bend, where you’ll view the dramatic sight of the Colorado flow far below as it winds roughly a huge bend in the rock.

Next, head to Antelope Canyon, a slot canyon on Navajo are where you’ll uncover otherworldly features and also beautifully shaped rocks. Then, speak to into the Vermillion Cliffs nationwide Monument prior to heading towards Kanab, Utah.

Have we convinced you to acquire out of the vehicle yet on her Denver to las Vegas road trip? There’s plenty of impressive things to carry out in the web page area, a couple of of the height things to perform are:

8. Kanab, Utah

Lina share hiking through Buckskin Gulch, cool Staircase Escalante nationwide Monument

Kanab, Utah is the gateway to some of the most outstanding areas you deserve to uncover in the cool Staircase Escalante national Monument. This 1.8 million acres of safeguarded land offers some of the most well known landscapes in the USA.

You might spend a month in Kanab and still have actually only scratched the surface ar of exploring the wonders on offer. You’ll need to setup ahead and also use her time wisely.

Some that our top recommendations include booking tours, together you’ll need a genuine 4×4 v high clearance to accessibility most places, to visit any combination of emergence A Boo Canyon, wire Pass, Buckskin Gulch, the White Wave and also White Pocket.

Kanab is also home come the well known Wave Lottery. Where civilization from anywhere the world gather daily for their opportunity at being attracted for among 10 patent to check out the renowned wave formation within the national Monument.

When you’re no out adventuring, be certain to take it a walk about the town too. Kanab is recognized as the ‘Hollywood of the West’ being the main facility of wild west film manufacturing in the southwest.

Walking roughly town you’ll uncover their version of the Hollywood go of fame that features many of the well known cowboys indigenous the famous western movies.

If you have extra time on your side, you can likewise take a full day expedition to the phibìc Rim of the grand Canyon native Kanab, too. Us did this and it take it the complete day to journey there, enjoy the highlights that the north Rim and drive back.

9. Bryce Canyon national Park

Leaving Kanab, we’d recommend driving slightly out of your way to call into Bryce Canyon nationwide Park, wherein you’ll find one more of the state’s many impressive geological formations.

The national park is at high elevation, therefore it’s a good place come escape the heat, too! There room some beautiful long trails that offer the opportunity to get up near and an individual with the unique formations the make the park, the hoodoos.

If you have time for just one hike, we’d introduce the Navajo Loop Trail and the very least take it the scenic drive stopping off at as many pullouts as you can. The Bryce Amphitheater is a sight to behold.

There’s many of good things to execute in Bryce Canyon nationwide park from simply taking the scenic drive to hiking among the many good hiking trails however like we’ve stated before why not take a tour and also see more.

Here are a few of our favourite tours readily available in Bryce Canyon nationwide park:

10. Zion nationwide Park


Once you’ve had your fill through Bryce national Park, head southern again to the beautiful climes the Zion nationwide Park.

The most impressive attribute of the nationwide park is the Zion Canyon, a 15-mile lengthy canyon that reaches depths of hundreds of meters. Hiking within this canyon uses some that the best hikes in the USA, so leave at the very least two days to finish Angels Landing and The Narrows.

If you room visiting the park native April to November, you won’t have the ability to enter the park without utilizing the mandatory shuttle system. So plan accordingly and reserve seats on the shuttle for the job you will certainly visit. If you’re hiking, try for 7 am ticket on both days.

Zion is filled v many good adventures, we invested a mainly there exploring this top nationwide Park. With it being very popular park, access is limited, so if you are quick on time it might be finest to book a tour instead of not obtaining bus tickets and not doing what you want to execute in Zion nationwide park.

11. St George, Utah

If you have actually a job to death on her Denver to las Vegas drive, than St George, Utah is the perfect stopover town between Zion national Park and also Las Vegas.

This town was one of the an initial mormon negotiations in the west, so it package a many of background and its very own charm. We uncovered it to it is in a wonderful base for experimenting the state parks in the area.

From St George girlfriend can accessibility 4 beautiful Utah State Parks consisting of Snow Canyon, Sand Hollow, Quail Run and Gunlock. If friend only have time for one, snow Canyon is fantastic. It provides sand dunes, slot canyons and beautiful vistas.

Be sure to leave some time to explore the historical center of St George, too, prior to you depart and also make the drive approximately Pioneer Park to view the Dixie painting from above.

12. Valley of Fire State Park


The valley of Fire State Park is your last stop before heading right into Las Vegas. The state park is situated in Nevada, just external the city, and also is known for the dramatic, red sandstone absent formations.

The park has featured in numerous movies end the years and also today is somewhat of an adventure playground, through plenty of great hiking opportunities. Over there are additionally many historic sites, including old petroglyphs sculpted into the rocks centuries ago.

Looking for an ext adventures favor this approximately Las Vegas? Check out our Adventure overview to few of the finest adventures about the vegas area

13. Ras Vegas, Nevada


After 870 mile of cross country driving, you’ll have actually made that to ras Vegas, a city the really requirements no development at all.

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After your lengthy road trip, the time to relax and unwind in a sophisticated hotel top top the strip, or among the city’s most well known resorts. Capture a show, take it a helicopterfly into the cool Canyon or risk the rest of her road pilgrimage money in the casinos. Did you do it earned it, after all!

There space truly unlimited things to perform in and around the ras Vegas area.

Las vegas to Denver journey – reverse Route

Of course, it is also feasible to take it this trip and also do the complete reverse top top the route. This would have you doing a ras Vegas come Denver drive itinerary, however the stops would be the same.

No matter just how you pick to perform this drive, girlfriend won’t be disappointed. There’s sufficient things to carry out along this path to fill a multi-week itinerary plenty of times over. So choose the things that wake up you the most and also have a wonderful trip!