Salt water taffy is a classic American liquid that has been roughly since the late 1800s.

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The structure of salt water taffy is stretchy and also chewy, which provides it perfect for pulling right into long strands.

Do girlfriend have any kind of questions around how to store or just how to usage your salt water taffy? We’ve got response for you below in our blog post.

What is Salt Water Taffy?


Salt water taffy is a chewy candy made that sugar, cornstarch, and also salt flavored through peppermint oil.

It to be originally invented by David Bradley in 1883 when he developed the original recipe for Salt Water Taffy.

He named it ~ the two things he had on hand: salt water and also taffy.

Shortly afterward, a young girl came right into his shop and asked if lock sold any kind of taffies there.

He to be jokingly giving her some “salt water taffy”.

After sampling one-piece, she bought every one of them to come to be what it’s dubbed to this day.

The taffy is developed by pulling a sugar and cornstarch syrup till it i do not care elastic.

It is then stretched or pulled in different directions to create its chewy texture.

Salt water taffy is made right into long pieces, twisted together with another piece of candy, wrapped in wax paper, and ends are reduced off because that individual servings.

It has actually been dubbed “America’s most well-known seaside summer treat” because of the gentle flavor that deserve to be delighted in on hot days there is no melting as well quickly.

Where come Buy Salt Water Taffy?


The finest place come buy that is in Maine for those spring to fulfill their salt water taffy craving.

Tourists can discover some that this state’s most renowned flavors in ~ a small shop called The country Store, located on route One.

Here friend will have the ability to purchase various flavors such as grapefruit-lemonade and vanilla bean with fudge swirls.

This beloved candy originated indigenous Atlantic City, brand-new Jersey, in 1883.

The very first taffy to be made with molasses and also sugar, yet it wasn’t until the early 1900s the salt water taffy to be perfected by a candy maker named David Bradley.

Another choice for acquiring your salt water taffy solve is to purchase it online from or

You can discover a variety of flavors, including peppermint, sour apple, and cherry.

If you’re searching for the finest deal on salt water taffy, order from, i beg your pardon offers large discounts v a bulk size purchase.

How to save Salt Water Taffy?


Salt water taffy is delicious, but it deserve to be tricky when storing that properly.

The best way to store salt water taffy is in an airtight container.

Tins, steel containers, or freezer bags are all good options.

The key factor with storing any kind of candy because that a long duration is keeping it cool and dry.

Sugar easily attracts moisture, therefore if you can avoid exposure come humidity through sealing the liquid up as shortly as possible after do it, this will help prevent street from crystallizing on her taffy piece and turning them into rock-hard bricks.

It’s best to avoid storing taffy in the fridge or freezer together this will cause condensation come form.

How lengthy Does Salt Water Taffy Last?


Salt water taffy is a sweet treat the you can find in numerous different stores.

This tasty, chewy liquid is regularly homemade by people who enjoy developing their taffy in ~ home.

It’s also possible to to buy salt water taffy indigenous brick and mortar shops or online retailers.

Salt water taffy is made through sugar, corn syrup, butter, cream of tartar (or lemon juice), and also food coloring.

Due to the high sugar content, salt water taffy is a candy that deserve to spoil quickly.

In general, the shelf-life because that salt water taffy is one mainly if it’s kept at room temperature.

It can last two to three weeks in the fridge, and also you should be able to keep homemade taffy indigenous spoiling because that one month as long as the container has a chop seal and also no air gets inside.

Although freeze is not commonly a viable warehouse method, it’s feasible to frozen homemade salt water taffy because that up to 6 months.

How come Tell if Salt Water Taffy is Bad?


This is a good question.

Whether you’re purchase salt water taffy in ~ the grocery store or making that yourself, some clear signs show whether or no your taffy has gone bad.

When purchased from the grocery store, look at for any kind of discolorations in shade on the candy’s surface and also be certain to examine if they have an unpleasant odor.

If one of two people of these points happens, do not eat them because they will taste poor as well.

If you’re do the taffy at home, be sure not to leave it out wherein air have the right to dry and also mold.

Taffy must always stay moist for the sugar crystals to dissolve properly.

If this walk happen, litter away her batch due to the fact that there is no conserving it.

If the taffy looks hard, feels sticky to the touch, and also has a foul odor once you unwrap it, that method your taffy is bad.

Keep in mind the it is normal for taffy to become sticky together it ages, yet if her salt water taffy smells bad or becomes hard and dry, then you need to discard the candy.


Salt water taffy is a well-known sweet law often discovered at state fairs, yet it can likewise be bought in most grocery stores.

Salt water taffy has plenty of benefits, including being low-calorie and also gluten-free.

It additionally doesn’t pole to teeth like difficult candy because salt water taffies space chewy instead of crunchy.

The just downside to this tasty act is the shelf life which may not critical as lengthy as various other sugar candy do.

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If you’re storing your treats at room temperature or above, they will have to be consumed within 7 days for optimum flavor and also softness.