CHICAGO -- your chewing gum may lose its odor on the bedpost overnight, yet Wrigley guarantees that that reformulated Juicy Fruit will supply flavor longer.

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Juicy Fruit gum, a brand that has actually been roughly for much more than 100 years, has been reformulated for longer-lasting flavor, the agency said.

Wrigley claimed the new gum is replacing all Juicy Fruit original packs in the marketplace v a 15-stick Slim Pack, a Multipack with three 15-stick Slim Packs and also all various other Juicy Fruit Original load types.

The longer-lasting packs space expected to start hitting part c-store shelves in so late December, together retailers sell through what they have actually in stock and also then add the new formula. The Slim Packs have actually been dispersed in other retail channels. 

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