I"ve been playing Countless Ocean: Blue World and also noticed that my remotes last just around 2 hours before they display red on the battery life indicator. That"s pretty disappointing, however it"s most likely because I live in a tropical nation through very high humidity. I"ve been making use of Duracell heavy duty batteries and I imagine they"re expected to last longer. I"ve began leaving rumble off just to save battery life, yet it"s type of annoying given that it"s nice to have tactile feedago when pointing at buttons and such.

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I also noticed that the Japanese-brand batteries that came packperiods through the Wii and remotes lasted much longer than the ones I"ve bought off the shelves. They lasted probably 8-10 hrs before draining entirely. I wish I could obtain batteries favor those ones.

So how long does your Wii Remote last before running out? And what kinds of batteries perform you use and also are they rechargable?

EDIT: Ah, the hands-on reportedly states you should usage alkaline batteries for the Wii-motes. I"ll need to look in to that.

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I use Rayovac Alkaline (the gray/black/blue ones) and also I acquire about 60 hrs in my 360 controller and around 75 in the Wii controller.

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2 hrs is extremely wrong. you seem to have actually figured it out already, though. my rechargables have actually the worst battery life out of all options and also even they acquire 10 hours conveniently. traditional batteries have to be getting 30 hrs at leastern.


I do not remember. I only used actual batteries for a couple weeks before I bought a charging terminal. It"s definitely worth it.

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I usage rechargeable batteries and normally obtain around 10-20 hrs out of them. It depends on the games you play though. If a game doesn"t usage the tip, the cam in the wiimote doesn"t need to be turned on, which conserves the majority of battery power from what I"ve heard.

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it really does; when using the timeless controller you can go for weeks without needing brand-new batteries.

Grab some high-end rechargable Duracells. They"re fairly expensive compared to disposable ones (around £12 for 4), however when they"ve invested a night charging, they last goddamn forever. And you have the right to recharge "em again

i"ll try that aacquire...

For the sake of your pocket, and our beautiful earth, I extremely recommfinish a charging station for your wii-motes.

I"m making use of the white optimal rechargeable Duracell batteries. They are rebadged Sanyo Eneloops (the ideal rechargeable cells), and my batteries normally last approximately 15 hours or so. I have actually an extra collection for every controller, so I put in the replacements and charge the various other ones. This implies I never before have to wait for cells to charge.

usage nyko induction charger. you won"t have to remove the batteries or the jackets and you can charge them anytime you"re not playing and also not issue around it.

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I have actually Energizer rechargeable batteries. One charge lasts around a week or two on average.

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Tue 2third Mar 2010

my battery are recharable so i execute have to worry about buying batterys all the time. specifically as a lot as i play my wii 8)