i ordered some things from Ulta critical week and they still room not right here so I checked my stimulate status and it said the order to be processing. Seven days simply seems a little long. Is thisnormal?

Hmm..that's weird, I acquired mine choose 3/4 work later and it to be a pretty big package. I'd call cusservice



ns wonder if it's the holidays bring about it. Ns emailed castle so hope they can clear points up. Thankyou.


i ordered mine top top the third and it simply shipped 3 days ago, it's because of the christmas purchase rush. They should send you an email if it'll take anylonger!

Ulta is slammed v the holidays. I ordered myself a freaking bottle of pond polish last week and also it is not below yet yet I did get an apologeticemail.

someone on Instagram notified me everyone has actually been complaining around the slow delivery lol. They likewise sent me one apologetic email. Life lesson: don't order online during the holidays. And thanks Renay! I'm not certain if I'll be back full time yet I'll more than likely start being an ext active again. Simply needed abreak

Understandable. Ns took a relatively long break as well, us all need it, lol! Also, the matte lip cream are impressive I need moretoo

yes same happened to me v a clothes website. Just email them in case. But honestly I'm so jealous lol anything i order come canada takes a heavy 2weeks usuallyLOL.

castle areee!! ns ordered Monte Carlo and also Morocco. I sent them an e-mail and lock told me they to be backed up lol. I understand. I hate waitinglol

I simply recently bespeak the tarte form tape off of ulta. I will save this website posted once I gain mypackage.

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