When a rooster mates a hen, his injected semen is save in many sperm storage tubules (SSTs) situated in the area wherein the hen’s uterus joins the vagina. The is, noted the hen likes the rooster. If she doesn’t, she have the right to squirt out the semen to stop hatching his offspring.

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Assuming the hen approves of the rooster, his semen is save on computer in her SSTs. The sperm is climate periodically exit in response to the hormone progesterone, i beg your pardon is triggered when the hen lays one egg. The following ovulation won’t take place for around five hours, giving released sperm lot of of time come wiggle with the oviduct, there is no interference native a to decrease egg, to fertilize the next arising yolk.

Since sperm is released shortly after an egg is laid, and also each egg takes about 25 hrs to develop, one egg developed on the job of mating will not it is in fertile. An egg to adjust the next day may or might not be fertile, depending on the timing. One egg laid on the third day definitely should it is in fertile.

The amount of time throughout which the hen will proceed to lay productive eggs relies on just how much sperm filling the SSTs, i beg your pardon are qualified of storing semen native multiple matings and multiple roosters. Highly fertile hens typically remain fertile longer than hens that lay at a slow rate, and single-comb each other remain productive longer than rose-comb breeds— maybe as long as a month, however that’s really rare.

The median duration of fertility native a single mating is 10 come 14 days.

If you desire to hatch eggs from a specific hen and a certain rooster, you have the right to be 100% certain of the “right” fertility by first housing the hen away from any kind of roosters. After about 10 days, start checking she eggs because that fertility. An egg the is not productive will have a pale irregularly shaped spot of cell on the surface of the yolk. In a abundant egg, the cells organize into clearly visible concentric rings, like a tiny bullseye. Another way to recognize an egg’s fertility is come incubate it for a couple of days, climate either candle the or crack it open up to check for embryo development.

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When a hen has actually laid at the very least two infertile eggs in a row, you deserve to be pretty sure her SSTs are clear of sperm. Countless chicken keepers, come assure productive eggs are from the wanted mating, simply put the hen and also rooster together, climate wait 2 to 3 weeks prior to collecting the eggs because that hatching.