Albino clawed frogs belong come the same types as the afri clawed frog Xenopus laevis.

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Like most albino animals, they space pretty rare in the wild.

Due to the lull of reproduction clawed frogs in captivity, these oddball albino frogs have become prevalent in the pets trade.

As a completely aquatic species, clawed frogs have extremely different treatment requirements to terrestrial amphibians.

The albino afri frog has actually the same treatment requirements as its “wild-type” relatives.

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Albino afri Clawed Frog lift InformationEnvironmental RequirementsCommon health and wellness Issues

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In this article, we’ll prize questions about all aspects of albino afri clawed frog care and husbandry, including:

What is albinism?Do albino frogs require special care?Can albino clawed frogs be handled?Do albino clawed frogs need land?Are albino clawed frogs a different species?

We’ll also carry out information to help you properly care for a clawed frog, together as:

Clawed frog background informationTips for buying a healthy and balanced clawed frogHow to set up a clawed frog aquariumHow (and what) to feed her clawed frogHow to preserve your frog’s water quality

…and much more!

Albino afri Clawed Frog lift Information

African clawed frogs (Xenopus laevis) – additionally known as clawed frogs – are aquatic frogs in the family “Pipidae.

Clawed frogs are aggressive predators. They’re named for their clawed feet, i beg your pardon they usage to tear apart their prey.

Albino clawed frogs watch quite different from your pigmented counterparts. We’ll talk all about the species and the albino variant in this section.

What Is Albinism?

Albinism is a rare hereditary mutation that causes a complete lack the skin pigmentation.

This mutation causes animals to appear white, pink, or translucent, with red or blue eyes.

Severe instances of edema – favor this one – deserve to look silly, however are exceptionally uncomfortable because that the animal. Many vets will certainly recommend euthanasia for severe cases such together this.

Skin Infection

Symptoms: Discolored or “fuzzy” patches on the skin. Lethargy. Unwillingness come feed.

Causes: Pathogenic fungus or bacteria. Regularly related to crowded problems or negative water quality.

Best food of Action: look for veterinary assistance for treatment advice.

NOTE: It’s typical for frogs to melted their skin around once per month. The skin need to slough off completely within roughly a week.

Handling afri Clawed Frogs

Do NOT take care of your african clawed frogs. It’s highly stressful because that aquatic animals to leaving their habitat.

These frogs additionally have a slippery outer coating that makes gripping them exceptionally difficult.

If you were to effort to take care of these frogs, you’d most likely finish up dropping them and causing a deadly injury.

If you’re trying to find a frog the takes well to handling, a White’s tree frog would be a better choice of pet. You can learn all around White’s tree frog treatment here.

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Do Albino Clawed Frogs Make good Pets?

Albino clawed frogs are an ethereal, virtually alien-looking varieties with reasonably simple treatment requirements.

Though they aren’t an ideal for handling, these animals are indeed interesting to watch at. If you’re searching for a quirky, inexplicable display pet – these might be the frogs for you!

To learn about another odd-looking display frog the is well-suited because that beginners, check out our chubby frog care guide or our list of the finest pet frogs because that beginners and experts alike!