You have a pomegranate or two and also don’t desire them to go bad. Or you’ve obtained the arils, yet it’s method too lot to use in a couple of days. Deserve to you frozen pomegranate seeds?

The brief Answer

You can freeze pomegranate seed (arils) because that at the very least a year. Come freeze, spread out the seeds in a solitary layer top top a cookie sheet lined v parchment paper, and also put in the freezer until solid. Then deliver the arils to a freezer bag or container, and return come the freezer.

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Frozen pomegranate seeds
In this article, we’ll talk about when it makes sense to frozen pomegranate seeds, and how to go about it. I’ll additionally walk you through defrosting and also using the arils, too.

If that’s what you’re feather for, check out on.

How freeze Affects Pomegranate Seeds?

For starters, psychic thatpomegranates last in between a month and also even 2 months in the fridge. If yours room still whole, you most likely don’t have actually to think about freezing them.

But let’s to speak you’ve currently cut her pomegranates open and removed the seeds from the pith. The seed don’t retain top quality for virtually as long, so freeze them is certainly on the table. Specifically if seed spoiling is the alternative.

The just thing the freezing changes in pomegranate seeds is your texture. New arils are fairly firm, if defrosted ones are a little bit mushier. As soon as it comes to taste, i don’t feel much adjust at all and neither go my mam (who is my taste tester).

If that subtle readjust in firmness doesn’t bother you, feel complimentary to freeze your pomegranate seeds.

Thawed pomegranate seeds, notification there’s a little bit of water under the seeds

How To frozen Pomegranate Seeds

Freezing pomegranate seeds is straightforward and takes just a pair of minutes. Extract the seeds from the fruit is the most time-expensive component of the process, and you already have the covered.

Before you start, make certain your pomegranate seeds space nice and also dry. We don’t need any extra water on optimal of the arils.

Drying pomegranate seed on document towels
Here’s just how you frozen pomegranate seeds:

Prepare because that pre-freezing. Grab a baking sheet and line it through wax paper, parchment paper, or a silicone mat. One without any type of lining should additionally work, yet it’ll it is in more challenging to eliminate the frozen seeds from it.Spread the arils in a single layer on that baking sheet.Transfer the frozen seed to a freezer bag or container. Label the bag if friend like.

Pouring frozen pomegranate seeds
InfoThe pre-freezing procedure allows the seed to frozen individually. Many thanks to that, you have the right to grab as countless frozen seed as you require without having to thaw the totality thing first.

Those frozen pomegranate seeds must keep high quality for at least a year.

Dry pomegranate seeds prepared for freezing

How to Thaw Pomegranate Seeds

When it concerns defrosting pomegranate arils, there room a couple of options:

In the fridge.If you should thoroughly defrost the seeds, put transfer castle in the frozen refrigerator in the evening. They must ready in the morning.On the counter.If you need the seeds defrosted fast, room temperature can assist you with that. Spread the arils in a single layer to rate things up even further. They shouldn’t take more than 30 minute to thaw through such a setup. Please remember the you must eat every the seed thawed on the respond to as shortly as possible.Use frozen.For fruit salads, smoothies, and the like, you probably don’t should defrost the seeds. In a discussed fruit salad, the arils will defrost in ~ 10 to 20 minutes of including them come the salad.

Thawed pomegranate seeds release some water. If you want to use them come decorate a cake, defrost them and pat them dry before proceeding.

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Transferring frozen pomegranate seed to a container

Uses because that Thawed Arils

Thawed arils aren’t that different from new ones. That means you deserve to use them in the exact same ways. Those include:

fruit saladsadding come yogurts, oatmeal, and so ondecorating cakeseating as-ispomegranate juice, cocktails, mocktails, and also the like

Thawed pomegranate seeds are a little bit mushier 보다 fresh ones. If her recipe requires the arils to it is in super firm, always use fresh pomegranate seeds.