Bruce Caldwell says; "Better Efficiency, in POLE VAULT POLE Selection, is crucial for timing v the pole return!"

Allan Williams, UK grasp Vaulter, & Trainer to the London Pole Vault Academy says;

"Your Reach should Exceed her Grasp"


Know her weight! store in psychic this not the only variable to compute. That is all about weight (mass) X (speed), Or how numerous strides, typically referred to as "LEFTS" because that right-handed and "RIGHTS" for left-handed. Raising the run by simply one more LEFT or ideal will call for a 5lbs stiffer pole, & the contrary will permit for a 5lb. Softer pole. For this reason you have the right to see this will be really important come your progress & come the installation of the right Pole!


The pole will bend through a center hand spread. Many think you should use a wide hand infect bend the pole. A large press of the prior arm will kill the swing! If friend are beginning or interested in swinging & rotating quicker in the rock-back to record the ride of the pole; pick the usage of one 18" to 22" measure. A straight measurement between each that the grips in some cases, you can use a measure from your optimal grip come the bottom fixed to whereby the elbow marks the pole.

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Select the Correct length PoleSelect the Correct length PoleToo lengthy of a Pole will certainly make an option Challenging.

Never purchase a pole the is 12" taller than you jump! Too lengthy of a pole pressures you to overgrip. We architecture our pole because that Pole Vaulting, not Pole Jumping. Holding within the tight area will offer you options; You can stiffen the pole by moving the grip under & you have the right to soften the pole by moving the fixed up. This change will allow you come fine-tune her pole action by 1.1 lbs. Every Inch together a preeminence of thumb. Only relocate 1" per two jumps to maintain the exact same timing!

Too lengthy of a Pole will make choice Challenging.Too lengthy of a Pole will make choice Challenging.Too lengthy of a Pole will certainly make choice Challenging.

It is difficult to fit her vaulter come a pole that is as well long. Right here is the reason; poles are weight rated within the grip area. If you hold higher than your ability, you might bend the pole, but land in the box. We favor beginners decided a load rating at their weight & a pole no much longer than 12 inches over the height then have actually cleared. If you have never make a bar, a stubborn pole is terrific for occurring a swing without bending the pole. Together a beginner, we recommend you buy a pole 10 lbs. Over your weight and also 12" taller 보다 you can reach. Work tough till you discover to control the pole, and it beginning bending. If you have actually some experience and can run at your and grip or below, girlfriend may have actually to choose a pole 5 to 10 lbs. Over your weight. Why? since the chart is because that initial step & together you gain better, the poles must acquire stiffer to increase the power RETENTION the the lift.

The an enig Facts about Vaulting PolesToo lengthy of a Pole will make choice Challenging.The mystery Facts around Vaulting Poles

Resistance # is a measure of just how the pole feels at the take-off. All brands will certainly be the indistinguishable resistance at the take-off. instance 1:

A vaulter weighing 125 lbs. Hold 11"3" requirements a stiffer pole, yet you carry out not have actually one. Using set ONE You can use an 11"6"-140 lbs. The is a 5 lbs. Stiffer 보다 the 12-125 pole & it fits your demands better. Below is why; The 140 rating method it can lift the vaulter much faster as the fill is 140 lbs. Friend may have actually moved to a smaller sized stick, however you have increased the power RETENTION lift volume of the jump. Example 2:

You have actually a vaulter making use of an 11"6"-135 lbs. The weighs 130 lbs. You room at a meet. You need a stiffer pole. You deserve to move come a 12"-130 lbs. And be within the weight rule and have a stiffer pole.


You have a vaulter who weighs 125lbs. Hold 11"10"on a 12"6"-120 lbs. Demands to relocate to a appropriately rated pole to compete. Your Vaulter is hold 11"10". Collection ONE reflects you can move the grip down 6" come 11"4" and also select one 11"6"-135 lbs. The power RETENTION has actually now boosted to 135lbs. Vaulters" weight is 125 lbs.

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Watch because that a an individual record here!


Look at collection TWO above; her Vaulter is 180 lbs. But you have actually them on a 155 lbs. Rating. Girlfriend think the pole works, however the bending profile lefts the Vaulter into the bar. Suppose you choose a 14"-180 lbs. Castle comply and also will jump higher in most cases, as the strength RETENTION has actually increased.


SET 2 Your Vaulter is holding at the optimal of a 14"6"-165 lbs. And they weigh 160 lbs. You require a stiffer pole by just a couple of flex number not 5 lbs., You have a 15-160, however you think the is softer, fine it is if you raised the grip a full 6", yet at a 14"7" or 14"8" tight the 15-160 will only be around 2 come 3 lbs stiffer. Watch because that another an individual record.

We room sure numerous think this is a way to sell much more poles, not really, the does assist to utilize used poles and also the vaulting poles girlfriend forgot about in your inventory. The resistance chart is also a way to purchase the poles in 10 lbs increments, no 5 lbs. Increments, to fill your line out. The capacity to relocate up and also down v the grip provide or take 3" offers you the five lbs. Increments in her inventory, by the flexibility of grip. We have shown you how to make her money work-related for you!