Public transportation in southern Korea is renowned for the convenience and cleanness. Public buses and also trains will certainly take you everywhere in south Korea really easily. Also, major cities like Seoul, Busan, and Daegu have actually their own subway system and aid shorten morning & evening commute time.

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You might think it will certainly be simple to go to Seoul if you have actually a car. However, friend will shortly regret it as soon as you face the truth of website traffic & parking in Seoul. Osan Airbase to Seoul is just 30miles and it supposed to take around 40mins come 1 hour by driving, however usually takes around 1 1/2 hour come 3 hours throughout the weekend if you bring your car. Also, you have to pay well if you bring a car that made prior to 2007 in order to stop air pollution. Then, how have the right to we go to Seoul without any hassles? below are 3 finest ways to walk to Seoul indigenous Osan AB.

SRT is short for Super rapid Train. This train is run in between Suseo & Busan and Suseo and Mokpo. Luckily, Osan abdominal is really close to among SRT train station and it only takes 13-20mins to go to Seoul.

Take line 1 subway toward Pyeongtaek station and get off at Jije station. Girlfriend can readjust to SRT train indigenous Jije station. SRT is not a subway, for this reason you must purchase a separate ticket. Because there is no standing sits in SRT, tickets are often sold out. If this happens to you when you space at the ticket booth, please don’t get upset or nervous. Tickets room refresh every 2nd and many world make reservations and cancels. In stimulate to protect against this happen, please do a preventive for your train. You deserve to purchase tickets thru a website.

SRT English website

Although SRT is the fastest way to go to Seoul, there is just one destination which is Suseo station. However, using a bus organization gives girlfriend several different destinations in Seoul, for this reason it might be less complicated to take the bus if friend don’t desire to carry to various other transportation. There room two different ways to get on the bus come Seoul indigenous Osan abdominal or turn off base housing.

The an initial one is utilizing the bus terminal. Songtan Bus terminal is a 15mins walk native Osan abdominal main gate and also SED area. You can take buses from below to many destinations. This station has also an to express bus to go to Incheon international Airport. Over there is a bus come Seoul Nambu Terminal every 30min and also you have the right to just purchase a ticket indigenous Kiosk. If you great to acquisition a ticket prior to you obtain to the terminal, please and make a reservation. Osan abdominal muscle to Seoul usually takes around 1 hour. In south Korea, buses can use a bus-only lane, for this reason it will certainly be much faster if over there is traffic on the highway.

The 2nd one is making use of M-bus native the designated bus stop. M-bus stops several different destinations in the Gangnam area, Seoul. Buses operation every 20~40mins, so inspect the schedule and also go to the bus stop. The the next bus stop from Osan abdominal muscle main gate are located right in front of Songtan city hall and also 5mins walking under from Songtan Bus terminal.

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The best thing around Osan Air basic is the base an extremely close indigenous public transportations uneven Camp Humphreys. Songtan subway station is 10mins walking street from Osan abdominal muscle main gate. However, it will certainly take around an hour and also a fifty percent to go to Seoul if you usage a subway. The fastest means is to take it line 1 train toward Pyeongtaek statin and also transfer to express heat 1 subway at Seojeong-ri station. This will conserve you about 20mins since express subway skips some little stations. Unfortunately, this subway skips Songtan station, therefore you have to transfer.

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Traveling in a foreign nation can be really stressful since there is a obstacle to language and social differences. However, south Korea is among the best countries to travel through public transportations. If friend have any type of questions around traveling utilizing these transportations, carry out not hesitate to call us v our or message to the adhering to phone number. Ours door is always open to help you. Have a for sure trip!!