How far is Spain indigenous Italy?Here"s the rapid answer if you have friends acquisition shifts as driver so the you have the right to make the entire trip by vehicle without stopping.

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Nonstop drive: 1,216 miles or 1957 km

Driving time: 18 hours, 55 minutes

This is a really lengthy drive, therefore it"s not an extremely realistic to drive nonstop. To obtain a better idea of just how long this road expedition would actually take, scroll down to calculate how numerous hours it would be if girlfriend drive v stops.

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Now let"s i think you have a personal jet and you have the right to fly in thefastest possible straight line in between Italy andSpain. Because of the curvature the the Earth, theshortest street is in reality the "great circle" distance, or"as the crow flies" i beg your pardon is calculated using an iterativeVincenty formula. For a long distance, this appears as a curve top top the map, and also this is regularly the route that advertisement airlines will take so it"s a great estimate of the frequent flyer mile you"ll accumulate together well.

Flight distance: 894 miles or 1439 km

Flight time: 2 hours, 17 minutes

The straight line trip distance is 322 miles less than steering on roads, which means the driving distance is approximately 1.4x that the trip distance.

Your airplane flies much much faster than a car, for this reason the flight time is around 1/8th of the moment it would take to drive.

This is a medium length flight, so uneven you have a nice private jet, you could be booking a commercial flight. In the case, your travel time would really need toinclude how many minutes to acquire to your local airport, waitfor security, board and taxi ~ above the runway, land in ~ the otherairport, and also get to your destination. Scroll under to check out a much more realistic calculation that takesinto account every these determinants to obtain a much more accurate estimateof her actual trip time.

Realistically, you"re no going to desire to drive without stopping all the means from Italy come Spain, especially if you"re the key driver. So let"s to speak you"re in reality planning a road expedition to Spain, and you should stop follow me the means to rest. To add if it"s a actual road trip, you can want to check out interesting stops along the way, eat at good restaurants, and also find a hotel to stay overnight. That"s what is perfect for,helping you figure out travel plans in detail.

Based ~ above the length of this trip, us think you could spread out this fun road pilgrimage over a variety of days.

Road trip: 3 job of driving

With the complete itinerary plan out, we can estimateyour total travel time because that this trip.

Travel time: 20.5 hrs on the road v 2 overnights


Start at Italy.

Drive for around 2.5 hours, then avoid in Florence and also stay for around 4 hours.Next, journey for an additional 5 hours then avoid in Nice. Remain overnight.The following day, drive for around 2 hours, then protect against in Aix-en-Provence and stay for about 1 hour.Next, journey for one more 1.5 hours then avoid in Montpellier and stay for 1 hour.Drive because that 3.5 hours then protect against in Barcelona. Stay overnight.The following day, journey for about 3 hours, then protect against in Saragoça and stay for about 1 hour.Finally, drive for about 3.5 hours and also arrive at Spain.

To check out all the details ~ above this itinerary, includingrecommended restaurants, hotels, and things to carry out alongthe way, check out the full road pilgrimage planner:
Road pilgrimage from Italy come Spain
In the rapid calculation above, us assumed you had a privateplane and just wanted to know the time in the air from city to city.But for most of us, we"re going come be paris on a advertisement airline(whether it"s very first class or coach). For this reason that method we really needto account for every the extra take trip time acquiring to the airport,waiting for our flight, and making it come the destination.

To provide you a far better estimate of real-life travel, we"veput together a trip itinerary v actual airports. Eventuallyyou"ll have the ability to customize this plan, picking your own airportsand flights. However for now, here"s an example we"ve selected togive friend an idea of how traveling might work between airports.

Departure airport: Perugia san Francesco d"Assisi - Umbria global Airport (PEG)

Arrival airport: Madrid-Barajas plane (MAD)

With the airports selected, we have the right to estimate the take trip time to andfrom the airport, based upon how much the airplane is from downtown.

Getting come the airport: 73 minutes

Getting to her destination: 122 minutes

Now finally, let"s look at an actual trip from PEG come MAD and also figure out exactly how long the would require to fly includingtake-off and landing, and also time come taxi top top the runway.

Commercial flight time: 2 hours, 17 minutes

So currently we can lastly get one idea of the complete travel time fromItaly come Spain consisting of time spent getting to/fromthe airports, an approximated wait time of 2 hrs at the airport because that TSAsecurity lines and waiting in ~ the gate, and the actual flight itself.

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Total take trip time: 8 hours

To view the details top top this flight plan, includingrecommended airports, airline, and also route, examine outthe flight planner:
Italy to Spain trip time has actually a ton of information that can help you setup your expedition to Spain. Begin by analysis the web page on wherein to continue to be in Spain. has an entire Q&A ar where girlfriend can article questions and get answer from expert travelers or locals who understand the area. Because that instance, you could be interested in the answers to this question: which is the ideal country in Europe for an initial timer.. Inspect out few of the questions people have asked about Spain favor What room the ideal cities in Spain for architecture & culture?. Click the button below to discover Spain in detail.