If you"re planning a expedition to Pigeon Forge, TN, climate you have actually to take into consideration visiting Dollywood when you"re in town! This must-visit Pigeon create attraction is among the country’s most-loved layout parks, finish with thrill rides, award-winning shows, an excellent restaurants and also more.

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Dolly Parton

What to adjust this park personal is that is sweet Smoky hill charm. Namesake and part-owner Dolly Parton is initially from the good Smoky hills area and also she has incorporated all kinds of east Tennessee aspects into her park. Dollywood spans more than 150 acres of land and welcomes virtually 2.5 million travellers each year.

Dolly Parton

Where Is Dollywood?

Set in the region"s foothills, the amusement park is situated at 2700 Dollywood Parks Blvd, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863. Part of the park’s attract is its picturesque setting. Dollywood is in Pigeon Forge, simply 25 miles from the good Smoky hills National Park, and also many that its attractions attract from the region’s rich heritage. The park showcases its Appalachian heritage by proudly displaying local folk arts, music and more.


Discount Tickets

There’s no must break the bank to enjoy a work (or more) at Dollywood! check out our guide to discount tickets!. Native signing up for an yearly pass to taking advantage of military discounts, you’ll discover quite a couple of ways to uncover savings for a day at the park!

Discount Tickets

Dollywood Map

Getting approximately the park is easy! Dollywood is split into 11 themed areas, each through its own ambiance and activities. Check out Wildwood Grove, Craftsmen’s Valley, Rivertown Junction, The Village, The country Fair, hardwood Canyon, Jukebox Junction, Owen’s Farm, Adventures in Imagination, Wilderness Pass, and also Showstreet through our Dollywood map.

Dollywood Map

Splash Country

Jump in and also cool off at Splash Country. Well-known as the premier water park in the good Smoky Mountains, Splash country a 35-acre destination with a tide pool and many waterslide attractions. Relax amongst the mountain Waves or take it a plunge under The Butterfly in the park’s perfect waters!

Splash Country

Cabins near Dollywood

Find creature comforts in the many cabins near Dollywood you can enjoy top top your next Pigeon forge vacation. A Dollywood cabin is the perfect home-away-from-home on her Smoky hill escape, as you’ll gain amazing hill views and a location close come the action. Browser our listings and also book your following retreat.

Cabins near Dollywood

Hotels near Dollywood

From posh resorts to rustic hill lodges and also everything in between, the hotels close to Dollywood room diverse. Rest awhile and also enjoy resort amenities as you take in exceptional views of the Smokies. Take a look in ~ our perform of hotels you’ll uncover near Dollywood and also book your hill getaway now!

Hotels close to Dollywood

Spring in ~ Dollywood

Spring is in the air in ~ Dollywood! The yearly Flower & Food Festival provides park guests a opportunity to take it in new blooms and great eats. The occasion usually starts in April and wraps increase in June. Fifty percent a million fresh flowers are brought in and restaurant menus are expanded with distinct seasonal treats because that this funny festival.

Flower & Food Festival

Fall in ~ Dollywood

Autumn brings more than a cool breeze right into the Smoky Mountains! Dollywood’s Harvest Festival is a fall occasion that celebrate the season’s changing colors and spooky vacation with great fun. Autumn festivities in ~ Dollywood include great Pumpkin LumiNights, a gospel jubilee, season eats, and much more! The event starts in late September and runs v late October.

loss at Dollywood

Winter in ~ Dollywood

Enjoy a holly, Dolly vacation season every winter at Dollywood! Dollywood’s Smoky mountain Christmas will gain you in the holiday spirit with one-of-a-kind events and also celebrations based upon wonder, harmony, joy, faith, and also family. Make the most of the many magical season that the year with this funny festival.

Dollywood Christmas

Trolley come Dollywood

Make obtaining there simple by acquisition the trolley to Dollywood. Pigeon Forge’s fun Time Trolley provides stops in ~ Dollywood and also Splash Country, making it easy to make your method through town and to the parks! check out trolley information and leave the problem of driving and parking behind.

Trolley Info

Dollywood FAQ

Do you have questions around planning a expedition to Dollywood? We have actually answers! browse our Dollywood FAQ and also get need-to-know details to do a perfect plan for a day in ~ the park. Acquire the scoop on crowd levels, dining options, souvenirs, and also other essential tidbits in one convenient place!


Fun Facts

There’s more to Dollywood than meets the eye. Examine out fun facts about the template park and learn 4 things you no know around Dollywood. Let this little-known facts overview you v the park plan process, help you evaluate the little nuances, and also know what walk on behind the scenes.

fun Facts

Mom’s overview to Splash Country

Want to spend a day in ~ the waterpark v the family? inspect out ours Mom’s overview to Dollywood’s Splash Country and also get the scoop on how you can navigate the waterslides and also water fun with children. First-had experiences and also tips from a real mommy make to plan a day in ~ the water park easy.

Mom"s Guide

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Dollywood is a the majority of fun, yet there space so many other methods for funny in Pigeon Forge! If you choose Dollywood, you might also like other great Pigeon forge attractions! From an excellent pizza to mountain coasters and also beyond, check out the expansive perform of other fun activities to gain in Pigeon Forge.

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