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Route Distance: 579 mile to Sioux Falls, 333 to quick City (912 miles total)

Suggested Time: 10 Days

Drive Time: 14 hours

The open road is phone call Chicagoans to explore the rugged natural beauty, historical lands, and unforgettable family fun that awaits along I-90 in southern Dakota. This roadway trip, i m sorry starts in Chicago and ends in quick City, will produce amazing memory from begin to finish. Don"t forget to order your Vacation Guide before hitting the road to uncover even more South Dakota adventures.

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There’s plenty to watch along the way. Rockford, IL, has actually a great Japanese factory Garden and Frank Lloyd Wright-designed house to tour. Madison, WI, has a charming, walkable downtown. Rochester, MN’s Mayowood Mansion is the perfect location to stretch your legs (and, if you room traveling through kids, protect against for the night).

A short time after ~ you overcome the state line into South Dakota, you’ll reach Sioux drops at the junction the I-90 and I-29. South Dakota’s greatest city, Sioux drops offers a lot to see and do, so arrangement on safety a couple of job here.

Ways to discover Sioux Falls

Around Town

Stroll along “Phillips come the Falls,” which hold together downtown come the city’s namesake, a beautiful waterfall and also surrounding drops Park (131 E falls Park Dr.). The structures here are several of the oldest in the city. Find an excellent panoramas atop a 50-foot monitoring tower at the falls Park Visitor information Center. Throughout the park, you’ll also find over a dozen sculptures.

Speaking the sculptures, the city’s SculptureWalk rate intersperses dozens throughout downtown. The vivid installation culminates with the Arc of desires (300 N Cherapa Place), a stainless-steel piece that soars 85 feet right into the air.

Falls Park

Sculpture Walk

Arc of Dreams

Meet pets from around the globe at great Plains Zoo & Delbridge Museum the Natural history (805 S Kiwanis Ave.) and Butterfly home & Aquarium (4320 S Oxbow Ave). At adjacent Washington Pavilion (301 S main Ave.), art and science alike will pique your curiosity.

For super-kid-friendly fun, head to Wild Water West Waterpark (26767 466th Ave.) or Thunder road (201 N Kiwanis Ave.) human being foosball? Yep. Human foosball.

Great plains Zoo & Delbridge Museum of natural History
Thunder Road
Butterfly residence & Aquarium
Parks & Trails

Get outdoors and take in the incredible scenery. Good Earth State Park (26924 480th Ave.) offers a rarely glimpse right into the stays of southern Dakota’s aboriginal peoples and also six mile of trails. Take it in the photogenic waterfall at The mary Jo Wegner Arboretum (1900 S Perry Pl.). For among the many dramatic landscapes in southern Dakota, head come Palisades State Park (25491 485th Ave.).

Palisades State Park
Good earth State Park

To fuel your adventure, begin the day with an indulgent breakfast at Flyboy Donuts, grab some espresso and also a pastry at Coffea Roasterie & Espresso Bar, or have actually a funny sit-down breakfast at Phillips avenue Diner (121 S Phillips Ave.). Because that lunch, obtain your taco solve (and perhaps a mid-day cerveza) at Los Paisanos (802 E 10th St.). For a healthy and balanced lunch in the love of downtown, head come Sanaa’s Gourmet (401 E 8th St.), a Mediterranean restaurant where you’ll find vegan and gluten-free items on the menu. Because that dinner, opt for varied menu alternatives in a hip setup at Bread & Circus Sandwich Kitchen (600 N main Ave.) or spice the up with some Cajun food in ~ Swamp Daddy’sCajun Kitchen (421 Phillips Ave.).

Bread & Circus Sandwich Kitchen
Places to Stay

From family-friendly brand names through all the familiar trappings choose Courtyard through Marriott Sioux drops (580 WaTiki Way) to the historic, boutique Hotel ~ above Phillips (100 N Phillips Ave.), Sioux drops has the perfect basic camp for your crew. See much more southeastern southern Dakota places to stay.

Sioux drops to quick City: fun Along the Way

Once you’re ready to head west, equipment up because that some significant only-in-South-Dakota fun. Fast City is a draw (about five hours of road time), however there’s a the majority of fun ~ above the way. Hop ~ above I-29 North prior to catching I-90 West toward your an initial adventure.

Sioux falls → Mitchell (1 hour)

Get all set for some folksy (okay, corny) fun, due to the fact that no southern Dakota road expedition is complete without a visit to The World’s just Corn palace (604 N main St.). The building’s façade is festooned with an ever-changing range of fancy kernels. Nothing forget to choose up a popcorn round to snack on.

The World's just Corn Palace
Mitchell → Chamberlain (1 hour)

Further west follow me I-90, delve right into the stays of south Dakota’s aboriginal American human being at Akta Lakota cultural Center (1301 N key St.), i beg your pardon sits best along the Missouri River. No stop below is complete without a prevent at Al’s Oasis (1000 E southern Dakota Hwy 16), where the pie is always tasty and the décor renders you feel choose you’re in a Western.

Akta Lakota cultural Center
Al’s Oasis
Chamberlain → wall surface (2 hours, 9 minutes)

A protect against at wall surface Drug (510 key St.) is mandatory. The can be fried roadside attraction uses hearty eats, west art, and, the course, loads of tchotchkes. The children will love digging for gems and spotting (and posing with) the rare jackalope. After friend explore, head south down Highway 240 to obtain an awe-inspiring glimpse (and photos!) that the dramatic rock formations in ~ Yellow mounds Overlook in Badlands nationwide Park.

Pinnacles Overlook at Badlands national Park
Badlands nationwide Park
Wall Drug
Yellow piles Overlook → quick City (1 hour)

The gateway come the great 8, quick City is a hub because that public art. Sculptures that U.S. Presidents heat the sidewalks, and visitors have the right to walk among granite statues and also buildings displaying brilliant murals in arts Alley.

Art Alley


The big draw right here is mount Rushmore, wherein the faces of four U.S. Presidents tower end the bordering hills. Snap a picture from the Grand view Terrace and stroll the Presidential Trail. Then, head for the hills (the black Hills, the is) for a hike in ~ Custer State Park, particularly to black Elk Peak, the highest suggest in southern Dakota. It is in mesmerized in ~ the old rock formations that Jewel Cave. Cave into aboriginal American society and check out what will soon be the world’s largest rock carving at Crazy equine Memorial. Because that kicks, as you head back to town stop by the Dinosaur Park (940 Skyline Drive).

Mount Rushmore national Monument
Dinosaur Park
Jewel cave National Monument

With so many ways to occupational up an appetite, rapid City also has lot of of good restaurants. Fire up your day through breakfast and also coffee from alternate Fuel (512 key St.). For a taste that Philadelphia in downtown SoDak, head to Philly Ted’s (520 main St.). Search a fine-dining experience? Head come Enigma at the Rushmore Hotel (445 Mt Rushmore Rd). Or, gain your guac on in ~ ¿Que Pasa? Cantina (502 key St.).

Philly Ted's
Places come Stay

For a boutique experience, book at historic Hotel Alex Johnson (523 6th St.), whereby you’ll discover Vertex sky Bar, one on-site rooftop bar with impressive Black Hills panoramas. If you’re traveling with children (or are a boy at heart), there are buckets of funny to be had at WaTiki indoor Water Park will (1314 N Elk Vale Road), i beg your pardon is linked to 5 hotels, an arcade, and also several restaurants.

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