If you keep your auto on the street instead of in a garage, making sure you’re no parked too close come a fire hydrant will likely be among your most frequent headaches.

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Hydrant laws vary by city, but in brand-new York (where ns street park my car), you must be at the very least 15 feet away—which you deserve to estimate as around one auto length. If the looks favor there’s enough space for a vehicle to park in between you and also the hydrant, she probably not going to obtain a ticket. Maybe.


But if you’d quite definitively ensure the you’re actually parked the ideal distance away—and in the process, guarantee the you have actually proof in case you obtain an erroneous ticket—always usage the measurement app on your phone. Collection one dot to the hydrant, one period to your behind wheel or bumper, and make certain it is at least the suitable distance away. Take a screenshot, and also save it till you move your vehicle out of its parking space, maybe ticket-free.

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Are they that anal around it in NYC the you require to break out a measuring device? almost everywhere else I’ve lived they room either painted for simple identification or as lengthy as yes sir clearance for firefighters come comfortably gain hoses come the hydrant the police won’t stroked nerves busting her balls for it. (Like, if the ascendancy is 15 feet but you leave 10 feet you’re probably simply fine.)

Have come say, I perform love it once someone parks right in former of one and also the firefighters just knock the home windows out and run the hose v the car. That’s an excellent karma.