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You keep your balance by keeping your center of gravity over your assistance base (your feet). If there is a major change in this equilibrium, you loss over. In regimen day-to-day activities, your body maintains balance with little adjustments that room so automatic that you don"t an alert them. In the following collection of activities, student reflect on this adjustments that make balancing their bodies possible.

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When you"re stand straight, her centre of heaviness is somewhere around your ship button. As soon as you change your body"s shape, you change the center of gravity a bit. Because that example, once you rod a leg the end in front of you, your centre of gravity shifts forward. To keep your centre of heaviness over your various other foot, you skinny your upper body or eight in the opposite direction come the leg.

At the elementary college age, many students have a center of gravity listed below their belly button. As they grow, the centre of gravity shifts as their body change, relying on their sex. Larger boys tend to have bigger, more heavier shouldersand a greater centre of gravity. Older girls will keep a lower centre that gravity, which is naturally situated in the pelvis.


recognize ways in which balance affects our day-to-day lives.

List the conditions required for things to be stable.


Per class or Group:straight-back chairs (student chairs work well)a $5 or $10 billSmartie or M&Ms (or a tiny non-food object)

Key Questions

What makes people topple over? Why do world have various centres that gravity? part 1:Why have the right to you jump backward yet not forward?How does her weight shift when girlfriend jump? component 2:What component of her body is your base when you are sitting down?What does your body have to be able to do in order to stand up? Why? part 3:Why can not you choose up the money without moving your feet or bending her knees?What does your body have to be able to do in bespeak to choose up the money? Why? part 4:Why can’t you move your left foot off the floor?What does your body have to be able to do in bespeak to choose up your left foot? Why? component 5:What part of your body is her base if you room kneeling?Where is an primary school student’s centre of gravity?What wake up to the center of gravity once boys obtain older? when girls obtain older?Why will certainly an adult male not usually have the ability to succeed in this activity?

What come Do

General Procedure:

Invite a various volunteer to pertained to the front of the class to show each part.After every demonstration, invite the students to shot it for themselves.

Part 1: The impossible Leap

While standing, bend over and also hold her toes v your hands, maintaining your knees contempt bent.


Jump forward in this place while holding her toes.Try jumping backwards.

While bent over and holding ~ above to your toes, you can jump backwards from one end of the room come the other, but you won’t have the ability to do a solitary jump forward. When we jump, we first shift our center of heaviness in the direction we desire to jump, and also then we relocate our support base (i.e. Our feet) in the same direction to regain our balance. When you room holding onto your toes, jumping backwards is no a problem since you can use your heels to transition your weight. But to run forward, you would have to use her toes. Unfortunately, your fingers space in the way.

Part 2: The Super glue Chair

Sit in a straight-back armless chair, maintaining your back versus the earlier of the chair and also your feet flat on the floor.Fold your arms throughout your chest.Keeping her feet flat and your ago straight, stand up.

While sitting in a chair with your back against the chair and your feet ~ above the floor, your centre of gravity is at your waist, supported by the chair. When you try to stand up v your ago straight, you stop the centre of gravity from relocating to a position over your feet (your assistance base), together you would require to, to was standing up. For this reason you continue to be glued to your chair!

Part 3: Pick-Up Trick

Place an object on the floor around 50 centimeter from a wall. Document money works well. Call the college student they have the right to keep the $10 invoice if they succeed at this challenge (Hint: castle cannot).Stand v your back against the wall, feet together and also heels versus the wall.Try to choose up the thing on the floor without moving your feet or bending her knees.

When you stand straight against the wall, her centre of heaviness is over her feet. Once you bend forward, your centre of heaviness shifts forward. In bespeak to keep your balance, girlfriend must relocate your feet front or your bum backwards. This would certainly ensure the your centre of heaviness is right above your feet to keep stability. Since the rules of this an obstacle do not permit you to relocate your feet and also the wall surface is behind you, there is no way to transition your centre of gravity to preserve balance when trying to pick up the money. If you firmly insist on choose up the object, friend will fall flat on her face.

Part 4: leg Lift

Stand versus a wall with your ideal side dealing with the wall, then put your ideal foot and also cheek against the wall (you might need to move your best arm backwards).Lift her left foot turn off the floor.

In order to relocate your left leg while your right side is versus a wall, you require to shift your centre of gravity over your best foot. You cannot execute this without relocating the wall.

Part 5: Smartie Sniffer

Pair increase the students and give them every a Smartie.Partner 1: Kneel top top the floor through your knees together. Crouch down with your arms in front of her knees, elbows snug against your kneecaps.Partner 2: place the Smartie in ~ the tip of her partner’s outstretched fingers.Partner 1: as soon as the Smartie is in place, straighten increase so that you are kneeling upright. With her arms behind your back, skinny forward to touch your sleep to the Smartie.Swap duties with her partner.

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This exercise deserve to be offered to recognize the approximate location of your centre that gravity. If you can not touch the Smartie (candy) without falling over, your centre of gravity is high (above your ship button). Once your centre of gravity is high, it will certainly surpass your base (between the knees and also toes) as soon as you skinny over. If you flourished in poignant the Smartie, it method that you have a short centre of gravity. Even when you lean over, her centre of heaviness is still over your base.


Ask one adult male to demonstrate the "Smartie Sniffer" to highlight the outcomes of a greater centre the gravity. draw the human being in each component and display their centre of gravity and base the support.